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Scorpio: Main characteristics and compatibility

Find out which are the main personality traits and the compatibility of Scorpio natives

Scorpio is the most intensive, obsessive and turbulent sign in the zodiac. The modern ruler of this sign is Pluto, although the traditional ruler was Mars. Its natural house is the eighth house.

Main characteristics

Scorpio is a sign of extreme emotions, but is also highly private and secretive. It reflects a personality with strong obsessive elements, causing natives to experience difficulties to control their emotions. This also brings a whimsical element into it. A good astrological chart can help assuage these issues.

Scorpio persons tend to be retreating, pensive individuals. However, they are usually quite self-confident, with plenty of personal power. Fear levels are low, which allows them to deal with great adversity and danger in the challenges of their lives. It tends to have a certain conservative element to it, especially with strong Saturn influences. Scorpio tends to be dominant in many situations.

These natives are rather sure of themselves, sometimes a bit too much so. This may be problematic, being a water sign, these people's perception is influenced by emotions and thus may not be the best source for objectivity. Nevertheless, they will be pushed to question themselves deeply when things do "blow up in their face".

Although ambition is a trait often attributed to Capricorn, Scorpio is really the most ambitious sign in the zodiac, but this often gets lost in idle conflicts and lack of good vibes. A strong chart can push this through, although they may well overdo it.

Business woman looking trough a window
Scorpio is really the most ambitious sign in the zodiac | Getty Images

Scorpio natives have a certain tendency to be disorderly in things that they are not particularly interested in. Some Scorpio natives can be quite thick-headed and almost hopelessly impossible to instruct in things that they are not already preoccupied with.

Scorpio tends to have a certain spiritual side to it, but it may sometimes be repressed. Generally, these natives like mysteries. However, in a more presumptuous astrological chart, they may be skeptical about many things. The incredible emotional depths of this sign give it a darker tone, often bringing about deep turbulences which are not always directly observable on its surface.


There is much privacy in this sign and a tendency for withdrawal. Considering the strong emotions of this sign, this is a technique it uses for self-protection. Activities also tend to be more clandestine, oftentimes with a manipulative element to it, as this sign's desires and drives are very strong, and these individuals have a hard time saying no to them.

The control of these elements is the main issue which this sign has to face so that it can grow emotionally and spiritually. As a result of this lack of communication, problems may arise from assuming things about other people, instead of openly inquiring about them.
Strong Uranus influences can rebalance this by adding more boldness and wildness to the personality. A Sagittarius Mercury can also open the person a bit more.


There is usually much sexual content in this sign, sexuality is usually quite important here. However, some of these natives may find themselves in poor, faded relationships which do not fulfill their needs, as they really do not like to break personal associations. They create very strong emotional bonds which are very hard to undo.

Couple kissing in bed
These natives create very strong emotional bonds which are very hard to undo | Getty Images

Even considering this sexual side, Scorpio natives are not very promiscuous and tend to be rather loyal, although it is not unheard of some Scorpios using their sexuality as a form of revenge. Some planetary influences can put a damper on the sexual side of Scorpio, especially the Sun being in conjunction with repressive Saturn, or some faithful Jupiter arrangements.


This sign may have some tendency for being heavy-handed and manipulative, a result of a naturally overbearing personality, strong desires and obsessive mentality. There is a certain tendency to do things in a rather controversial manner, as it tends to be poor in diplomacy, unless Venus is strong in the chart. In its essence, it can be somewhat rowdy and crude, but is often influenced by strong social pressures to moderate its outer demeanor.

It tends to be demanding, sometimes even annoyingly so. Some may find them somewhat tough to love, as there is a certain roughness in the Scorpio character. Similarly, they can be poor in awareness of the hurt they cause some people, and be baffled when someone treats them badly, seemingly out of the blue. Part of this is caused by issues of ineffective communication.

Nevertheless, Scorpios can be amazingly protective of their close ones and be ready to go to extreme lengths for them. They may make great sacrifices for their family and friends, and in a good chart are even capable of acts of great selflessness. A prominent Venus can do much to alleviate many of the negative influences. A strong Neptune influence can also soften the character a bit.

Compared to Taurus

There is a natural, high-strung 180-degree angle between these signs. Unlike Taurus, Scorpio has much less personal barriers and is more willing to share. Unfortunately, it is unable to comprehend the idea of personality barriers and as such often tramples over Taurus red lines. Scorpio is less attached to material things than Taurus is, and has a tendency to mishandle and lose them.

Woman looking at clothes
Scorpio is less attached to material things than Taurus | Getty Images

Compared to Sagittarius

These signs are adjacent to each other. Although this association can be quite exciting, at least in the beginning, Sagittarius tends to be too footloose for Scorpio, which may well be of concern to the more clingy Scorpios. Scorpio natives do not like to feel as if their close associations may disappear in a moment's notice because they invest a lot of emotion in their bonds with people.

On the other hand, people with Sagittarius tend to be more impulsive and adventurous, and may elect to embark on a new expedition without much of a proper notice. As a result, this association may be quite worrisome to a Scorpio, and often somewhat suffocating for a Sagittarius, who may become resentful of this. However, the longer it holds up, the less likely it is for Scorpios to give it up.

Compared to Leo

There is a natural, frictional 90-degree angle between these signs. This association can be quite exciting and fun for these signs, at least at the beginning, and they may well share some ambitions together. Difficulties often arise from Leo natives being more open and socially active, which can make Scorpios somewhat anxious and perhaps jealous of the attention Leos may give to others.

The demanding nature and "heaviness" of this association may frustrate easygoing Leos and make them break with their loyalties. Such an occurrence may well exacerbate the situation. Both signs can be stubborn in their ways, and may clash on this basis as well.