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The Second House of Astrology

The second house symbolizes our material possesions and finances

The second house is the house of simple material pleasures and hoarding. It is the natural house of the sign of Taurus and the planet Venus, on her earthy side.

The second house of Astrology takes into account the natives' income, financial responsibilities and possessions. Both gains and losses seem to be united in this section of the birth chart,  making people wish for financial safety and more confidence in their money-making methods.

Worldly focus and qualities

The world of the senses is important in this house, and there is an increased concern with comfort and refined pleasures. The financial situation is quite important, as it dictates the level of comfort in this house, and much attention is given to it. There is often some sort of physical skill that this house enjoys nurturing, especially when Venus is strong.

Pleasures of the Senses

This house shows our attitude towards physical pleasures. It tends to be more sensual than other houses, refining the senses. This can be considered the house of the good life. People tend to be more appreciative of sensory stimulation as in a good meal, a walk in the park, music, the arts, beauty, or even the simple restful pleasure of sleep.

Practical values

This house reflects our most basic values, what principles we appreciate and seek to uphold. People of this house tend to have strong values, and may seek to advance them more actively.

This may especially be appealing in an energetic chart with strong Neptune and Pisces influences. Strong Pluto influences may have corrupting effects, and may uphold personal pleasure above what may be considered right.

Woman in a field
People of this house tend to have strong values | Getty Images


This house is «the purse» of the natal chart, and it often deals with money matters. It reflects the native's attitude toward money and expenditure. For example, strong Capricorns may deal with savings programs, while strong Leos may be more interested with expending their money on luxury.

Resources in possession

This house represents our earthly possessions and physical resources. People of this house seek to grow and better their possessions. This is a more resourceful house, where the person is able to use his resources to get goals accomplished.

Sometimes these resources may be more in body, or even mind. They may seek to monetize on this basis. For example, this house is common for models because they are willing to monetize on their looks.

In return charts, a special focus on this house can reflect a period of monetization efforts or the inauguration of new resources. An inauguration or monetization effort can be successful, or not so successful, depending on the aspects the planets make in and from this house.

A woman meditating at home
This house represents our earthly possessions and physical resources | Canva: Baseimage

Matter and material

This house can deal with hard matter or substances in some way. It may be in a productive context, in an artistic context or any real world implementation. The type of material can vary, when for example with Uranus material may be more exotic in nature (e.g. nuclear), or with Pluto perhaps more dangerous or "dirty" (e.g. drugs, oil), or alternatively, other products of the deep earth, such as diamonds, etc. Some natives of this house work with jewelry.


Many second house people like to be in touch with nature, perhaps working with it, when there are additional indications for love of nature. In such case it can find expression through gardening, horticulture, even farming.

Taurus influences tend to support this direction, while Pluto influences may seek to exploit nature with no significant respect, although depending on the chart there may be a flip on that. They often like animals

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