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The Seventh House of Astrology

The seventh house represents our relationships and interactions with other people

The seventh house is the house of interpersonal dynamics and the ability of dealing with other people. It is the natural house of the sign of Libra and of the planet Venus on its airy side. This house defines the commitment we have with the people in our lives and the way we see society. 

Worldly focus and qualities

Being the furthest place from the personal ascendant, natives of this house have some issues of self-definition. This is a very complex house, which evokes an entire system of mirrors projected upon others and reflecting back. They reflect everything that we do not want to admit that we are, and everything that we do not want others to be.

At close inspection, it seems that the residents of the seventh house might not possess a whole independent personality and are missing something fundamental they are looking for within their fellowmen. They usually do not get the proper guidance they need early on, making for a personality that is quite influenced by its close associations.

One might assert that the residents are defining themselves one way or another via the significant others. They will reveal themselves through other people's behavior toward them, and often they will look for spiritual teachers that will guide and lead them.

Woman looking at herself in the mirror
The natives of the seventh house might not possess a whole independent personality | Getty Images

Sometimes, they will adopt characteristics that are attributed to significant others. Consequently, it will be important for them to find steady partners who will embody this role. Without an available “mirror” a seventh house resident will suffer with a dreadful emptiness. They tend to be very susceptible to the general social ambiance around them.

Correspondingly, there is an emphasis on other's deeds and generally on the dynamic interaction between people. Therefore, the seventh house natives might be most influenced, for example, of a certain issue going on between two persons even though it does not concern them. It is recommended to the residents of the seventh house to deal with matters when these are related to working with others one way or the other.

The natives of the seventh house are usually recognized via their pronounced open nature. Unlike the eleventh house, this house is more personally oriented in its social life.

Relationships with other people

Generally, the seventh house reflects our overhead attitude towards others and suggests what it is we are seeking within close social relationship or romantic partners. Thus, traditionally, this house is related to the principal partner of the chart owner. Analizing the seventh house can reveal important details about our closest relationships like marriages, but also enemies.

Couple watching the sunset
The seventh house suggests what we are looking for in a romantic partner | Getty Images

Usually, it is important to the natives of this house to establish social relations and partnership around them. However, negative planetary contacts here may have them associate with negative individuals, or come to act more roughly with other people, especially with the squares.

Often residents of this house find themselves dealing with the issues of other persons. They are more open to other people's personal worlds and are curious and willing to work together, or sometimes actively oppose (usually in alliance with others).

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The seventh house is especially common within circles of psychologists and astrologers, as well as in any other capacity of consultancy. They consider the relationship we have with themselves the most important one and will work actively to improve it. This can intensify with a combination of a strong, knowledgeable Mercury and other social indications, such as prominent air signs or a sociable Venus influence.