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The Sixth House of Astrology

The sixth house symbolizes work, health and the way we take care of others

The sixth house is the house of skillful routine and daily stability. It is the natural house of the sign of Virgo and planet Mercury on its earthy side.

Worldly focus and qualities

This is where the natives realize that being an adult also means being responsible and constantly on guard. After all, even the human body needs to be cared for. Things are done for the pleasure of doing them, rather than necessarily for the purpose of building something big. That fact actually makes it easy to find success naturally.

In comparison with the tenth house, they show less of a class mentality and superiority feel. They also have less aversion for doing the skilled hard work. The good natural skills of the people of the sixth house can do much to aid the tenth house goals. This house is not as managerial by nature, and take the pleasure in their work rather than trying to convince others to do it. Surprisingly, they show less interested in the glittering public life.


Some people consider their professional careers a priority, but others simply think work is just a way to earn money. In either case, the natives of this house think that work sets the structure of their routine and their life. If combined with a strong Aries, it can suggest that these people prefer to work on their own.

On the contrary, when combined with a strong Leo it can mean that these people show interest for professions that gives them authority to some degree, for example: jury, teacher, layer, etc.

Two man working late at the office
The natives of this house think that work sets the structure of their routine and their life | Getty Images

Natives of the sign Cancer tend to be very well considered by their coworkers. They invest a lot of energy and time in making everyone happy at work, and they will manage to avoid conflicts. They generally make great supervisors. On the other hand, natives of the sign Leo can be irresponsible and have a hard time focusing.

As for Capricorns, they value hard work and respect people who share their principles. They tend to be very aware of their responsabilities, and they always make sure to take care of them. When it comes to the combination of the sixth house with Pisces, these people do not make a great effort to integrate at work, but they find the way to be in good terms with their coworkers, most of the time.

Acts of service 

The sixth house reflects how we take care of others, especially those who depend on us, like our family and our pets. These natives show their feeling for their loved ones openly. When it comes to pets, they get them checked constantly at the veterinary, they show them lots of tricks, and they talk to them as if they were humans. One of the things they value most in life is having quality time with their closest friends.

Girl with her dog in the middle of the street
The sixth house reflects how we take care of others, especially those who depend on us, like our family and our pets | Getty Images

Furthermore, there is a willing hand in taking care of the daily sustenance of the chores of living, and doing it in the best way. Everything they do has a touch of practical skill. People of the sixth house with strong Virgo are always willing to help others and will go out of their way to keep everyone happy.


This aspect is closely related to work. When people from this house are not occupied professionally, it affects their health negatively. It not only makes them lose purpose and their personal value, but it takes away their income and source of livelihood.

Natives with the sign Aries tend to be very motivated to take care of their body and mind. However, the combination of the sixth house with a strong Sagittarius can lead to unhealthy habits (smoking, drinking, eating processed and sugary food).

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