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Solar and Lunar Returns: Discovering these Astrological Phenomena

A solar return is a technique used to predict how the next year will go based on the Sun's position

After having been forgotten for many years, the astrological technique of solar returns was dusted off and put at the service of a new methodology by the French astrologist Alexandre Volguine. It was 1983 and his book "The technique of solar returns" enrichened the resources used for astrological predictions for the next full year.

Although at first it can seem somewhat complex, in this article we aim to discover what solar returns are and also what their counterpart, lunar returns, are. We will also discover how to use our newfound knowledge to enrich our personal lives, and what synastry is.

What are solar returns?

The astrologist who updated and brought solar returns into fashion, Alexandre Volguine, gave this phenomenon centre stage because, according to him, it's one of the oldest predictive techniques which also happens to have a high scientific certainty: "It belongs with the most reliable notions of this scientific field, it is also one of the oldest and one of the most accurate".

A solar return consists simply of looking at the moment when a person was born and analysing the Sun's position at the moment of birth. We base that measurement on the Sun's relation to the planets in order to predict an entire year. The important bit of this method is discovering the exact moment when the Sun, which moves in a circular motion, returns to the position it was in when that person came into this world.

In order to tackle the mysterious subject of solar returns, it is necessary to calculate the position of the Sun, the King Star. As Volguine states: The interpretation of solar returns must always commence with an analysis of the relationships between the two domifications, the birth house and the annual house, as they play a great role in this system.

Due to this, if the rising of the annual return contradicts with the rising radical (natal), it will be a bad year. If both rising returns seem to agree with each other, a happy and good year will be predicted. But let us see how the Sun affects each house, so we can see how the solar return methodology works.

1. The Sun in the 1st House

When the Sun is found to be in House 1 during the year of a solar return, everything will flow very well for the person in question. This tells us that it will be a year full of optimism, vitality, physical vigour, a good mood and an abundance of work. But unlike the 10th house, this has to be accompanied by a lot of effort and consistent work.

2. The Sun in the 2nd House

In this case, the King Star finds itself in the house of wealth and this is a very good sign, because it symbolizes abundance and prosperity. It announces, with a stable job, a possible raise, a promotion, and is propitious for risky investments, trades and business in general.

3. The Sun in the 3rd House

When the Sun is in this house it strengthens communication, and an enjoyable period for relationships with other people opens up. It also fortifies the bond between siblings. Lastly, it is also a period of clear minds and increased intellectual abilities, which can encourage us to take up studying once again or to intensify it.

4. The Sun in the 4th House

It's time to retreat back home, decorate the house, strengthen the bonds between close relatives, but it could also mean a change of house or the sale of a property. It's the perfect moment to do business with any assets, secure a transaction or take the first step towards change. 

5. The Sun in the 5th House

The rising return in the 5th House symbolizes parties, pleasure and relationships. It's a year for meeting people, with the possibility of opening new doors towards passion and love. It also boosts fertility and sex. If there are kids in the picture, a strengthening of the bond between you and them will be apparent.

6. The Sun in the 6th House

When the Sun is found in the 6th House, it is usually a bad sign for our health, with a worsening which could bring us more serious problems, and is usually foretells domestic accidents. However, it can also be an open door towards getting a highly desired job, and the beginning of a tiring yet successful career towards prosperity.

7. The Sun in the 7th House

When the Sun is in the 7th House, it is in the region of couples and partners, so it is a good time to associate yourself or start a collective project. It is also an important sign for couples to strengthen their bonds and take the next step, such as living together, or marriage, or extending the family. Lastly, it's a very good moment for trials or any legal issues.

8. The Sun in the 8th House

When the Sun is in the 8th House, we are driven towards change, both physical and in our personal beliefs and values. At this point, it can feel as if the entire world is moving beneath us, we enter a period of introspection, we can become irritable, aggressive, unsociable, and we head towards a renovation of self which can come from exploring the esoteric and the mysterious.

9. The Sun in the 9th House

The rising star in the 9th House symbolizes the beginning of new journeys and explorations. People who fall into this category usually become more philosophical, and begin to live their lives based on their spiritual needs instead of their physical ones. It also activates our studious side, meaning we will be ready and eager to learn more.

10. The Sun in the 10th House

The Sun is in the House of work and economy, which indicates that it will be a good year workwise. If we have a job, we could become successful, if we play games, we will have luck on our side, if we are in a precarious situation or unemployed we will find a job and be able to get out of the hard times. Anyone who is ill should recover easily.

11. The Sun in the 11th House

The Sun is found in the House or guardians, teachers and friendship, making it likely for a friend to find us a job, or for a boss to help us, of for a teacher to guide us down the right path. It's a favourable year for group projects and harmonious coordination with bosses. We could even take on a leadership role in the group or association.

12. The Sun in the 12th House

A very bad year for anyone who respects work, as things will not happen as we'd want them to. Although it is a good time to have an operation, because recovery rhythms are accelerated. However, we will find ourselves in a depressing and pessimistic stage, we will feel lonely and won't want to work, socialize, etc. 

Personal Use of Solar Returns

In order to analyse how a closed period of time will be for an individual, there are some basic rules which allow us to understand the solar return system. We have listed them in 10 steps:

  • Check the overlapping of the Annual House and the Birth House.
  • Check which house contains the Sun: wishes and expectations.
  • Observe the majority of the planets by sign and house: place where we will mobilize.
  • Analyse the global situation, including ancestors and regencies.
  • Determine the position of the Northern - Southern hemispheres, Objective - Subjective.
  • Check the repetition of natal aspects for the improvement and usage.
  • Analyse and predict new bearings.
  • The movements in the Solar System give us complementary information.
  • The interjection of signs and planets can be studied in a much more intricate manner.
  • We must also study the retrogression of the planets to take into account impediments, delays, obstacles, etc...

Once all of this is done, we will know exactly what expectations and difficulties await us until the year is up. When the Sun positions itself in someone's Birth House, it is the start of a new solar return and is the ideal time to analyse these predictions.

Synastry, card compatibility

Another astrological technique as old as it is efficient is synastry, in which we compare two or more of the astral charts to see how compatible the signs or the people are. Its main use is for romantic relationships: synastry is normally used to see how compatible a couple are, the strengths and their weaknesses.

The easiest way to perform synastry is by simply putting two astral charts next to each other and contrasting the particularities of the planet's positioning, and their position in relation to the other person's houses. By comparing the positioning between the houses, it will show more or less compatibility between the people in question.

Once again, the Sun's positioning is fundamental in synastry because it indicates how the solar sign affects the partner. The harmonious characteristics allow the Sun to stimulate the partner's, while the opposite indicates a blockage of this same stimulation and is usually a warning of conflictive relationships. 

Lunar Returns

Although some astrologists never took into consideration the Moon's positioning, Volguine himself highlighted its relevance, especially what position it was in when we were born. That's why the concept of lunar returns has been studied alongside the modern development of solar returns, both of which have the same function and follow the same structure and methodology.

However, lunar cycles are much shorter, as it returns to its original position after 28 or 29 days, so we have approximately 1 lunar cycle in a year. Furthermore, lunar returns  tend to be orientated towards feelings and day to day predictions.

Our emotional energy depends greatly on what House the Moon is in, but the consequences tend to have a much shorter timeframe, unlike solar returns. Grand predictions shouldn't be made from lunar returns, but it can be very guiding and sometimes essential for some signs in certain occasions.

For example, if Pluto is found together with the Moon, this symbolizes a period of suffering followed by a sudden and important transformation; when it is found with Neptune, it increases our subjective perceptions of our own existence, boosting feeling such as euphoria and grand illusions; when it is with Saturn, the consequences are negative, symbolizing physical problems or accidents; or if it is with Uranus, it means we are entering a phase of grand changes.