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Sun square Moon: How it influences your personality

Learn more about the square aspect and how it affects your life and personality

The Sun in a 90-degree angle to the Moon reflects affectional issues and an inner agitation which acts as a dynamic force.

The Sun and the Moon in astrology

Aspects of the Sun and the Moon refer to personal ambitions and sensitivity to other people. The Sun strives for a conscious expression of individuality, while the Moon seeks to bond and merge into groups and relationships. As such, this relationship provides an indication of how well a person can present their talents to the world, knowing how to satisfy expectations and elicit approval and recognition.

In general, the Moon thrives on acceptance and is related to helpfulness, loyalties and relationships, and socializing. It enjoys companionship and conversation and is most fulfilled when the bonds between people are healthy, vibrant and heart-felt.

The Sun, on the other hand, is more interested in the satisfaction and fulfillment found in expressing personal ambitions and creative endeavors. It is focused on inner drives and self actualization, and much less concerned with addressing the needs and concerns of others.

The Sun and the Moon
Aspects of the Sun and the Moon refer to personal ambitions and sensitivity to other people | Getty Images

The square aspect

In the case of this square aspect, these natives' childhood did not include appropriate role models, resulting in confusion and negative attitudes about being wanted or valued in the family or community. For whatever reason, the environment experienced in their early years was unacceptable and incompatible with their basic nature. As a result, they had to learn to find fulfillment and balance without much support or encouragement.

To expect a small child to be able to provide the direction, support and guidance usually associated with a mother and father without ever experiencing their support is unrealistic. These natives have to deal with a lifelong struggle to build a healthy and meaningful self-image for themselves.

This type of person cannot afford to fall back on unconscious habits and empty gratifications to find happiness. Circumstances will force them to either overcome their own egos, aligning themselves with their own true potential, or fall into a state of self-pity, resentment and bitterness.

It is by allowing the emotions to rise to the surface and learning self-acceptance and compassion, that the necessary insight as to how to best express self-worth becomes apparent. The square demands clarity and conscious attention. It is not enough to make any token response to answering these basic needs, for this was exactly what happened during the early life of these natives.

Little girl drawing
These natives' childhood did not include appropriate role models | Getty Images

When committed and aligned, the isolated and lonely individual has the option of using the power of the square to become what they truly want to be. As with most squares, it represents the challenge of manifesting one's energies in a highly personalized and meaningful way.

This aspect tends to add a protective and caring side to the personality. These natives may be passionate about helping and protecting other people. There is often a conservative touch to their personality. They tend to be strongly loyal to their roots, often quite patriotic.