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Sun trine Moon: How it influences your personality

Find out how it affects your life to have the Sun in a 120-degree trine angle to the Moon in the birth chart

The Sun in a 120-degree trine angle to the Moon reflects an inner emotional self-acceptance, which acts as a soothing mechanism in the individual.

This aspect renders the individual more wholesome. However, as much as they are willing to accept the good things in the personality, they may be eager to accept negative tendencies in them as well, especially when there are negative indications.

Main characteristics

The trine between the Sun and the Moon indicates a positive working together of conscious will and social skills. Early life experiences, parental relationships and childhood social conditioning were generally positive and produced a healthy and well-balanced foundation for the personality.

There is a genuine positive regard for the values of the family or community, and these individuals are not bothered by excessive self-doubt or questioning of their worthiness or acceptance in the group.

They are generally very successful in forming meaningful relationships and are attractive to the opposite sex. Their innate confidence plays a large part in this, and people often regard them as has having a winning attitude about life. They present themselves well and reflect the image of what most people would regard as a well-adjusted, healthy and attractive member of the family or community.

Man in a suit
These natives reflect the image of a well-adjusted, healthy and attractive member of the community | Getty Images

In more advanced types, this trait can take the form of being a spokesperson or representative of the larger group or community, since these people naturally reflect the values and perceptions instilled in them. They can become masters at presenting the spirit of their times and place and can be regarded as role models in their communities.

The danger in all of this is that without attention to both positive and negative aspects of themselves and their social worlds, superficiality can undermine their whole world. This is the classic case of the manager who wishes to hear only good news while ignoring urgent issues they should be attending to.

Still, the easy alignment of natural drives and emotional expression should not be underestimated. The trine delivers talent, a sense of fun and creativity and a joyous and generous spirit. People who embody these qualities are usually held in high regard by their peers, if only to instill a sense of confidence and belief in the common values they espouse.