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Taurus: Main characteristics and compatibility

Discover which are the main personality traits and the compatibility of Taurus natives

Taurus is the more practical and constructive sign within the zodiac. The ruler of this sign is Venus, on her earthy side. His natural house is the second house. Taurus persons tend to be hedonistic, cool customers. They live primarily through the pleasures of their senses.

Main characteristics

This is the more solid and pragmatic sign in the zodiac. It brings a lot of practicality and earthly sensibility. These natives are very utilitarian and seek real, useful results for their efforts. These people may be seen as lazy by some, but that is because they are strongly motivated by reward, and the lack of such prize for their efforts tends to drain their energy.

This sign is not psychologically equipped to deal with conflict and suffering, which reveal its more neurotic, sometimes brutal side. These natives do not take well threats or disrespect, and can be quite resentful. Nevertheless, this is much more a sign of love and pleasure.

Taurus can be greatly moved by physical beauty. In fact, some Taurus people find themselves delving in fields of esthetic or cosmetics. Little acknowledged trait of Taurus is its rebellious nature, which is often considered as stubbornness. Its rebelliousness is actually quite refined in nature, certainly when compared to Aquarius' no holds barred. In accordance, these natives can be extremely willful when they do not feel appreciated or respected.

They really hate discomfort, and can be quite preoccupied with avoiding it. People with this sign are usually subscribers to "slowly but surely". These natives prefer to hold back than to risk themselves. Although they are quite aware of the wickedness inherent within their natural melancholy, basic constructive drives within this sign usually make them go with the greater good.

Woman doing her skincare routine
Taurus people find themselves delving in fields of esthetic or cosmetics | Getty Images

Even in the case they do go down the wrong path, it will be more systematically conductive than just spite, and it should be rewarding aplenty. That said, naturally they are more inclined to fall into depression than act negatively. They have a great longing to something special, exciting. This is the grounds for the great possessiveness within this sign, as anything that's considered special to them is held dear, clasped indeed.

Compared to Scorpio

There is a natural, dissociative 180-degree angle between these signs. Unlike Scorpio, Taurus has very clear red lines, and Scorpio's emotional messiness is not compatible with Taurus' orderly and constructive fashion. Scorpio's tendency to throw everything in the air on an emotional whim, is also incompatible with Taurus' calmer, preservative nature.

Taurus natives tend to feel disrespected by Scorpios, as Scorpios fail to consider Taurus' more refined nature. Scorpio's ways can also be somewhat offensive to Taurus' more refined senses. The result is often an explosion between those signs. Taurus natives despise being undermined by Scorpios. Scorpio is perhaps the most equipped sign to unleash the emotional side of Taurus, which is highly neurotic and probably darker than their own.

Compared to Leo

There is a natural, frictional 90-degree angle between these signs. Leo's easy, lightheaded approach can clash with Taurus' conservative, mindful nature. Although Leo's exciting ways can be quite attractive to Taurus natives, its tendency for "grand living" can be somewhat disconcerting.

They might dislike Leo's unruly and proud mannerism. In romance, Leos have a more social nature that may clash with Taurus' possessive nature, bringing about much stress into the relationship.

Couple having wine
Leos have a more social nature that may clash with Taurus' possessive nature | Getty Images

Compared to Aquarius

There is a natural, frictional 90-degree angle between these signs. Interestingly, Aquarius is the more sentimental in this relationship. Aquarius natives do not like to feel diminished in any way, but Taurus natives lack appreciation for anything that is not well grounded in earthly thinking.

That considered, Taurus may find some exhilaration in this relationship as Aquarius brings something fresh and exciting to Taurus' more bland, dreary life. Some problems may arise with Aquarius' less refined nature, and it may become too destabilizing for Taurus' basic, conservative nature.

Compared to Virgo

Taurus shares similar qualities with Virgo, which makes them work well together. Taurus natives appreciate Virgo's stable and rather predictable ways, and they often associate with them.

They can sometimes feel a bit intellectually inferior to Virgo's more dazzling abilities. Granted, Taurus natives do not really like to complicate themselves with intellectual processes that do not lead to good, perceivable, real-world implications. This may sometimes mark them as "slow" by some.

Taurus' mentality tends to simplify things, really "bring them down to earth", and so sometimes makes things much more workable. Taurus natives tend to be more self-interested than Virgos, and can become quite lazy if there is not any incentive offered.

Girl laying down
These natives can become quite lazy | Getty Images

Compared to Gemini

These signs are adjacent to each other. Although there are many Tauruses with planets in Gemini, a strong personality may well clash with a strong Gemini personality because they have very different mentalities. Gemini has more of a childish and less reliable demeanor, while Taurus is more grounded in the realities of life.

Taurus natives may well find amusement in Gemini's ways, but they may lack some respect for them on the basis of their ungrounded nature. Geminis may be considered silly by Taurus natives, and may find this to be annoying sometimes. Nevertheless, the fact that Tauruses usually do not feel threatened by Geminis makes it for a workable mix. 

Generally, Taurus natives are more pay attention to things, and have a stronger memory in the things that are important, while Geminis are much more gifted with languages and abstract thought. Geminis are colder, more self-interested and calculated. Tauruses take more things into consideration, but may suffer from laziness.