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The Tenth House of Astrology

The tenth house shows how people act in public, their authority and the affairs of their career

The tenth house is the house of public living and management. It is the natural house of the sign Capricorn and the planet Saturn. It is a naturally goal-oriented house, seeks to build itself and to partake in management of social structures. Furthermore, it also seeks a high social status, there is a desire to build itself in the public eye. There is a serious, responsible quality to this house. Many businesspersons are natives of this house.

Worldly focus and qualities

The tenth house reveals how these natives deal with career issues, as well as the obstacles they face in professional life and how they get along with their opposite sex father or mother.

People sometimes wonder who they are, but they forget to look at themselves through the eyes of others. Everyone is different in public than when they’re at home. Many will wonder how the public sees them, how popular they really are, and whether other people find them mysterious or too reserved.

The tenth house reveals the natives' true personality and what they expect from the whole world or from the interactions they have with their audience. Therefore, the tenth house shows how the natives are perceived by their neighbors and colleagues. In conclusion, the public image is revealed in this house. It is the pure expression of the way the world sees people. Obviously, this may be different, according to how famous and widely appreciated they have become. 

Girl in the street with a camera
The tenth house reveals the natives' true personality and what they expect from the whole world | Getty Images

Career and power

Work and career are very important for people’s social status. The planets and signs of the tenth house suggest how interested the natives are in their social status and what they are willing to do to develop their careers. It may seem unfair, but those who have a successful professional life are more appreciated than those who never progress at work.

The influence of the tenth house is very important, but not more important than social status and power management. Usually, those with better careers have far more responsibilities than others, especially more than people who are not focused on their professional lives.

Also known as a social status house, the tenth house seems to be very concerned with career, social status, and appearances. This is the house of authority and status, it pretty much indicates what roles the natives are going to have in their communities. In addition, the tenth house focuses on promotion, fame, business and social acceptance.

Vocation is very important in this house because it determines how much the natives want to achieve. Those who want to have an impact on the world and feel that they have fought for a cause should focus on this house and find out what their ambitions are.

Beautiful business woman outdoors
Vocation is very important in this house because it determines how much the natives want to achieve | Getty Images


The dynamics of this house are about how individuals are going to fulfill their destiny and become an authority, one way or another. Those with their sun sign here are very ambitious and eager to become leaders. In other words, the tenth house represents power and authority, not to mention how mundane it can be and how much it can influence a native’s legacy.

In this house, the issues of profession, motivation and ambition come together and make people practical enough to respect the authority and do their job. This does not mean that those who have a strong tenth house cannot be leaders, actually they really seem to be talented for this responsibility.

Everything is about the impact on society, acquired by actions and creations. For example, for teachers, it could represent all the theories that these professionals have used to shape young minds.

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