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The Third House of Astrology

The Third House represents communication and learning through education

The Third House in  Astrology  is the house of simple communication and experience. It is the natural house of the sign Gemini and the planet Mercury, on its airy side.

Worldly focus and qualities

Natives of the third house are interested in communication and have an inquisitive nature. On top of that, they have an open quality and a good sense of humor. These natives show great curiosity, but they may be lacking in follow-through. These people can be restlessness, and they have some desire to engage in social interactions and discourse. Usually, they seek some degree of mental stimulus as well.

It is an experience seeking house, and as such this house can be a bit «wishy-washy» and unfocused, unless there is some ambitious element in the chart. That being said, a strong Mars can really push things on, especially if it has intellectual tones to it. In the worst case, under problematic planetary combinations, the natives of the third house can degrade to a life that is one big party, with no semblance of regulation or real responsibility.

This house often deals with occasional social interaction, open social contacts that are not so much defined as actual committed friendships. These natives tend to get communication going in their surroundings, and as such often collect many interesting tidbits of information. It is only befitting, then, that this house is associated with all local news.

People dancing and enjoying a party
The natives of the Third House can degrade to a life that is one big party | Getty Images


This house often deals with education (especially more basic education or a systematic one), knowledge and problem-solving. In contrast, the ninth house deals with more sophisticated or philosophical education. Even so, Jupiter influences can open this house up a bit more to sophisticated fields.

Trade in commodities

The third house is the house of the merchant and dealer, these people deal with commodities that they do not produce themselves. For example, there are many marketplace sellers who are natives of this house. This can be the case with individuals with a serious Saturn influence and with a focussed Mars setup, especially with social signs, as success in this domain often depends on the right social contacts and assertiveness in social settings.

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