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Uranus in Taurus: Changes Coming After a Seven-Year Wait

All about the arrival of love, balance and completion

Uranus in Taurus: Changes Coming After a Seven-Year Wait | iSTOCK

On May 15, 2018, the change of sign in planet Uranus came true, from Aries into Taurus. After a transition period of the planet becoming retrograde, on March 6, 2019, the entrance of a new stage comes into play. It's a stage marked by Uranus' changes, revolution and transformation in the calm grounds of Taurus.

Uranus, the planet of big changes

It's not a casual event that man discovered Uranus in 1781, on the verge of the great change and revolution that turned the world upside down and opened up a pathway into the new world that we know and love today.

Uranus is the planet of change, revolution and transformation. In its most harmonious way it eases transition into progress and evolution, making room for generosity, altruism and freedom. In its most extreme form it leads into radicalism and rebellion. The sudden changes that Uranus brings cause surprise and excitement.

Astrology-wise, Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, offering a dynamic flair with impulse, movement, creation and destruction. As far as individual personalities are concerned, that comes out as originality, an independent spirit, imagination, a thirst for freedom, a rebellious and non-conforming soul, brutality and nervousness.

Uranus takes 84 years to make a full circle around the sun, and 17 hours to rotate in its own axis. It's the Solar System's third biggest planet, and a gaseous body made of hydrogen and helium which takes its name from the Greek mythical entity of Heaven (Uranus), husband to Gea (Earth) and responsible for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

How long will Uranus be in each sign?

Along with Neptune and Pluto, Uranus is part of the so-called transpersonal stars, which have a slow transition and long-term stay in each sign. Practically speaking, this means that they leave a deep imprint in the changes they make, so their influence eventually sets a generational pattern over time.

And yet, Uranus is the quickest of the three, because while Neptune remains about 14 years in each sign, and Pluto settles down for about 20 years per sign, Uranus remains in each sign for 7 years. The full zodiac cycle, in the case of Uranus, takes 84 years in total, while Pluto stands at 248 years, and Neptune at 165.

After 84 years, Uranus came back to Taurus on May 15, 2018, moving away from the warlike and impetuous Aries into the calm and thought-prone Taurus. With such a stir, there's a transition time where the elements contradict each other and then bring about changes, which will be effective from the month of March onwards.

Uranus in Taurus: what to expect from this astrological era

Uranus' planetary transition comes out as an exciting change, because the planet of change and revolution flees from the grounds of Aries, the sign of action, to come into the kingdom of Taurus, the sign of quietness. 

Uranus is an astrological force that takes us out from comfort zone to explore our own boundaries and grounds. Sort of an explosion which, following Aries' desires, has promoted the outburst of social movements and individual actions in the fields of action and intensity throughout the course of 7 years.

On Taurus, an earthy sign and representative of work and fruition, Uranus opens up new expectations for its natives, especially as far as work is concerned, leading into satisfaction and completion. As a break-up element, Uranus has come to break the fears of those who are insecure, and to force decision-making to be successful.

Under a more general scope, Uranus in Taurus predicts the arrival of a more harmonious time where society becomes more aware and leans into generosity and collaboration. Gone are the tendency to create conflict and the emergency of selfishness, and a dark pessimism shrouded in fatality rips to shreds to that a sense of calmness-born optimism blooms into life.

How to face the changes of Uranus in Taurus?

The transformation promoted by Uranus' transition means the opening of brand new chances for personal evolution and growth. Here's some tips to use the potential of this new astrological era to the fullest.

1. Set your fears aside and explore new pathways

As an earthy sign, Taurus is linked to seriousness and effort at work, the storage of riches and the use of logic and rationality. The arrival of Uranus involves breaking up with excessive stiffness and conservation, and promotes the opening of new pathways into adventure and speculation.

The time has come to be brave, to dare to explore new pathways which might be risky but also hold a potential for ultimate success. Thinking big is an essential condition to achieve great things.

2. Shape your dreams

There's no challenge you can't win, or barrier that you can't overcome no matter how tall it looks. The new astrological age invites you to believe in your dreams, and offers you a material foundation to make them come true. There's no longer an excuse, and through making your self-esteem grow and appreciating the elements around you, you'll be able to overcome any obstacle.

It'll be a wonderful time where you'll find a new side of yourself you didn't know. But you need to embrace change, and to evolve according to the demands of this new stage. Face challenges with an open, positive mindset.

3. Expand your generosity with others

Aside from being the planet of revolution, Uranus is a representative for generosity and altruism. You'll feel more prone to looking around and understanding we're not alone. In this new age, selfishness brings nothing but blockages and insecurities, while collaboration and teamwork bring constant rewards.

Generosity and sympathy bloom inside you much more intensely, and it's time to be more concerned with your loved ones. Other people's problems become your concerns, and their joy becomes your bliss.

4. Reap the fruits of effort

Taurus is a hard-working sign but able to enjoy achievements as well. As a representative for pleasure, Taurus uses Uranus' dynamic vibe to promote fun and relaxation.  A stage of devoted work and effort has begun to turn into fun and benefit enjoyment.

The new astrological era of Uranus in Taurus encourages you to gather the fruits of what you've sowed, to be less hard on yourself and to let you enjoy that little comfort zone where you have fun with everything you've achieved through your efforts.

5. Open up to love and balance

After a stage of conflict and action, Uranus in Taurus brings harmony, balance, peace and love. It's an interesting period where human relationships are more intense, and you shouldn't stay away from it. It's the perfect time to make more friends and look for the magical miracle of love.

Don't oppose to the universe's harmonious evolution, adapt into change and use anything that comes to you. Open up to love and balance, and experience inner growth to fill your life with anything that helps you reach bliss.