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Venus in the 12th House

Discover how people with Venus in the 12th house act when they are in love

Like Venus in Pisces,  people with Venus in the 12th house tend to be dreamy romantics. They have difficulties to sense what they really want, as it tends to be intertwined with all sorts of impractical ideals and fantasies. They may desire and purchase to excess in order to fulfill elusive needs, although nothing they would buy would really comfort them. Always something seems to be amiss.

Love and relationships

An ideal partner for the individuals with Venus in the 12th house would be someone who can offer stability to the relationship, usually needing someone who is giving and who will sacrifice for them. Their partner needs to offer some form of stability to them. Although their emotional rollercoaster may be concealed, they absorb their partner's difficulties as their own.

Sex is not a requirement for them to become imprinted with someone. If this is within a fixed sign, this may make things worse, as the fixation will be constant, as a portion of their full-blown consciousness at all times. If Venus is afflicted, it may be impossible for them to resist the temptation to call, text, email, or make contact, coming off obsessive.

Couple kissing in front of the sunset
An ideal partner for people with Venus in the 12th house is someone who can offer them stability | Getty Images

The ups and downs of courtship may be extremely painful for people of this placement. The downs are difficult, because they already do not feel like they are worthy of finding true love. They may feel that everyone deserves love and has a "fated" partner but themselves.

In a relationship, they may blur what are their needs with the needs of their partner. People may take advantage of their hypnotic compassion. Sacrifice is often a key word in the relationships they have. Unless the chart is particularly strong, they may feel like they must give up something in order to prove their love: a friend, their home, or something they find important.

Strong feelings

When a relationship is moving in the positive direction, it may cause just as much unneeded stress on them. They may have such a rush of emotion that it literally makes them sick from the amount of joy they begin to have. These up and downs may cause them to eat obsessively, or to avoid eating altogether.

Because there is a lack of boundaries when it comes to relating to other people, when someone really interests them, they are immediately addicted. They live and breathe for the person they are interested in.

Couple hanging out together and waatching a beautiful sunset
When someone interests them, they are immediately addicted | Getty Images

They do not tend to have relationships that they consider equal. They either end up with relationships where they are doing everything to support someone who is in a horrible situation in their lives, or they are the ones who must consistently be proven worthy to be kept by the partner. In a more "disconnected" chart, they may be completely uninterested and remote in the relationship.

There is a tendency to want to be imprisoned by a relationship, preferring someone who is possessive and that shows that they are jealous constantly, even if there is no real reason to be. When afflicted, they actually need to see some proof of jealousy, instead of just reading it in the partner's behavior. In strong charts, this may make them flirtatious with other people with the goal of eliciting a reaction from their partner.

Similarly, it may be difficult for them to be open with their feelings, not wanting their partner to know just how badly they yearn, for fear of rejection, or of feeling like they will be looked down upon.

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