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Venus in Aquarius: How it affects you life and personality

These natives love spending time with friends and they firmly believe in equality

Natives with Venus in Aquarius are true idealists who see beyond the self-imposed limits of the human heart and human world. Sometimes their visionary nature makes them feel isolated from everyone else. They find great comfort and a sense of connection when they spend time with friends and in group experiences.

Personality traits

These natives need to feel appreciated as well-intentioned, altruistic souls, who are friends to all mankind, and as unique individuals who are free to discover new ways to create partnerships. They seek out relationships with other original thinkers and want to discover their own unique niche and where they fit in.

Intimacy is always a great idea, but they often need space to breathe on their own; to hear their own thoughts and not be tied down by tradition and routine. The right partner for these natives is a friend who respects their mind, shares their principles and believes that love is about freedom, friendship and helping the rest of humanity.

Women born with Venus in Aquarius

These women are very smart and always want to investigate further on any topic. Their morals are revolutionary, and they are in favor of innovative ideas, especially those that no one else understands. They have strong convictions, which tend to be unconventional and against what it is socially expected of them.

Mother and son
These natives believe that there are different kinds of love | Getty Images

This open-minded attitude makes them interested in various subjects and spend a lot of time studying and investigating about them. They can get angry when those around them make ignorant assumptions or when they have racist or elitist prejudices. They firmly believe in equality and actively fight to make the world a better place.

When it comes to technology, they really enjoy using it and discovering new things about it, they consider that each new invention is a sign of hope and a great demonstration that humanity is progressing. 

Their preference is to work with other people rather than spending all day on their own. However, if someone does not respect their ideas and principles, they will quickly put an end to that relationship. Even so, they believe that there are different kinds of love and that people can be loved regardless of what their past relationship was. 

Independent partners

Women with Venus in Aquarius are used to rejecting romantic candidates. These natives value their freedom immensely and will not let anyone impose on them their oppressive ideas of what a relationship should look like. They want to get read of the rules of conventional relationships and introduce ground-breaking concepts.

Woman smiling with a grey background
Women with Venus in Aquarius are used to rejecting romantic candidates | Getty Images

Therefore, their ideal partner has to be someone who is understanding and has a respectful attitude. Obviously, it would be better if they shared their desires to change the world, starting with the type of relationship they want to have. They want to maintain a good relationship with their exes, and that can be hard for their current lover.

In the meantime, they are open to occasionally having one-night stands, but they will probably not be able to imagine a future with their lovers. During these periods, they will struggle to be impressed by anyone, and they will not take things seriously. On the contrary, they do surprise everyone they meet and then leave their lovers heart-broken when they express indifference.

The only thing that can make them sacrifice their independence is true love. They want someone who is already a functional person on their own, with their own goals and thoughts, someone who is able to make their own plans and spend time alone.