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Venus in Cancer: How it affects your life and personality

The natives with Venus in Cancer are loving and always open to sharing their emotions

Natives with Venus in Cancer place a lot of importance on closeness and warmth, on pretty-picture relationships and other sentimental things. They are honest, intuitive and very generous. They desire warmth and caring relationships. The influence of the planet Venus brings love for the small comforts, home life and all that is related to it, and family and family-like relationships.

Trust is important in these relationships, and these individuals may be rather clingy towards things and people they consider "theirs". In romantic relationships they tend to be rather possessive, and it may be somewhat stifling. When they are annoyed, maybe because they feel threatened by their loved one, they can reveal a more brutal side. That said, they tend to be fiercely protective of the things and of the people they love.

These individuals often long for something special, something magical and exciting, but may settle for more traditional patterns out of a feeling of propriety or the way things are supposed to be. They usually like traditional things, and they are often fascinated by different cultures.

Generous and kind beings

Natives with Venus in Cancer are very caring and kind to those they consider worthy of their affection, and usually they treat their friends like they are family. They have a generous and loving nature, which allows them to offer the world to those who are more special to them

Happy family
Natives with Venus in Cancer are very generous and kind to those they consider worthy of their affection | Getty Images

They know methods to approach others to help them with whatever they can. However, they need a sense of comfort that often gets in the way of their happy ending. Usually, they protect well against possible disappointments by lowering their expectations and taking things calmly, without rushing.

The natives born under the sign of Venus in Cancer have very diverse traits, some may think they have a childish personality, but they have a very mature control of their emotions. Their fashion style is very personal and important to them, full of bright colors, glamorous and elegant shoes and expensive jewelry.

Love and relationships

Native people with Venus in Cancer are the natural caregivers of the zodiac, always so kind and loving, making everything in their power to fulfill the desires of their loved ones and bringing joy everywhere they go.

They love to cuddle with their partner and they offer them their heart on a platter. They excel at compassion and affection. Not only that, but they want to have a relationship based on real and honest love, one where both partners can spiritually nourish each other, where growth and change are always happening. Their dream is to create a family, have children and live a happy life with their other half.

Couple cuddling
These natives love to cuddle with their partner | Getty Images

In most cases, they would want to find a partner with the same protective tendencies, someone who finds comfort in the sense of belonging that appears when you are in a relationship. 

They want to express their love as much as possible, to have their feelings appreciated, and to develop a bond with their partner until they reach a spiritual level that most people never get to experience. 

Although, from time to time, they think about their past relationships, when their current one goes through a period of emotional stress, they are also very reluctant to leave a relationship and they make everything that is on their hands to fix whatever issues they may have.

They can become possessive over time, and their partner will have to test their love and affection twice as hard. Likewise, they will never think of having a one-night stand, and instead they will focus on finding their perfect match, a lasting relationship that can prosper and bloom.