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Venus in Sagittarius: How it affects your life and personality

These natives were born to surprise people with their enthusiastic attitude and diverse style

Venus in Sagittarius qualities are personal freedom, love of adventures and new exciting experiences. The natives with this combination will often shy away from any constricting situations. 

They love to expand their horizons, go on excursions and voyages, so they change the scenery now and then. They have a big interest in different cultures and a desire to explore far-away, exotic places.

Not only that, but they usually do not like to feel suffocated with love, and do not appreciate it when people are excessively attached to them. They like to keep a good degree of personal freedom in their romantic relationships.

Personality traits

These natives are able to scandalize even the most open-minded people. They have a no-raking personality that is deeply influenced by their desire to raise their adrenaline, surprise and entertain others, and their own satisfaction. They rarely take anything seriously, and their main goal in life is to have fun.

Woman holding her glasses
These natives love to surprise and entertain others | Getty Images

Those born with Venus in Sagittarius have an impulsive nature and they make sure to always the life of the party. They are happiest when they are able to travel far away and feel completely free. Likewise, they will probably travel alone more than once, and they will enjoy meeting new people in completely unknown environments.

That does not mean that they do not like to travel with friends, one of their favorite things to do is getting away for the weekend and renting and apartment in a modern city.

Sometimes, they can be naive and set goals that are far too out of their reach. However, they have enough will power to exercise every day because it helps them to start the day in an enthusiastic and cheerful mood. But not everything is so great, if someone ruins their fun they will make you pay for it, and they will never forgive you.

These people are unpredictable even with their style, they make brave fashion choices and usually end up looking very unusual. The key is diversity: one day they might be wearing a shirt with a flower pattern and the next they will wear an all-black outfit. They experiment with different looks and are constantly dying their hair a bunch of different colors.

Business look with a purse
Natives with Venus in Sagittarius like to experiment with different looks | Getty Images

Love life

Most people with this combination will be alone for an extended period in their lives. The main reason is that they struggle to find someone who shares their ideals and principles. They believe that a relationship should be based on adventure and freedom, rather than possession and routine. For them, the best relationships are those that grow and change overtime. Therefore, they would hate to feel stuck or bored with their partner. 

These natives will go from one relationship to another, experimenting and discovering new lessons with each of them, until they find the one they have been looking for. They need someone as spontaneous and curious as they are, who pays attention to what they say and allows them to do all they want.

When they finally find their other half, they will feel a range of emotions that they have never felt before, desperation and obsession being one of them. They will not sacrifice their freedom under any circumstance, but when they get to know true love, they will have to start adapting and changing some of their habits.

These changes will happen very slowly and have to be executed slowly, or they will get scared and run away. Nonetheless, eventually they will compromise and suddenly their mission in life will be to make their partner happy. They become capable of doing anything to protect their future together.