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Venus in Scorpio: How it affects your life and personality

The natives with Venus in Scorpio are completely invested in their relationships and can sometimes be too intense

Natives with Venus in Scorpio place a lot of importance on their privacy and crave intense experiences of any kind. They often have less sensitivity for suffering because their personality has some sort of masochistic quality. In dramatic circumstances or in an unfortunate chart, they can struggle to find anything, often delving in some kind of extreme sport to try to feel something.

They can be quite fanatical and clingy in their relationships, and should find mates which can withstand such mentality. These natives have a tendency to be attracted to people who have some kind of mystique to them. They usually dislike boring people.

These people crave power, especially with Pluto contacts, and certainly they do not like to have it taken away from them, so they may be quite rebellious at times with their loved ones. This combination makes the natives less sensitive about being seen in a negative light, they can accept criticism, but they never allow other people's opinions to become their truth.

Intense and passionate

People with Venus in Scorpio are intense and passionate. They like to fully commit to a relationship, and they will only accept the same in return or nothing at all. They can be very obsessive when they like someone, they become absolutely possessed by the idea of being with their crush and will imagine all sort of scenarios where they end up together.

Couple spending time together at the beach
People with Venus in Scorpio can be very obsessive when they like someone | Getty Images

People who have been lucky enough to seduce one of these natives will either find them very attractive, or they will feel totally overwhelmed by their intensity. Natives with Venus in Scorpio need to find someone just as crazy as they are, who will show them loyalty, and who they are able to dominate and control. 

However, these natives need to keep some things secret. They will not tell their partner about everything, so it is important to respect that and give them some space. From the outside, people may think that they are toxic partners, too controlling and dependent, but if they find the right person they will love them for life.

Women with Venus in Scorpio

Women with Venus in Scorpio take love very seriously, and they can be really intense when they are in a relationship. These women are attracted by the dangerous type, and sometimes they get involved with people who are already in a relationship with someone else. They just are not able to resist the temptation and find this situation irresistible.

Nonetheless, they do not fall in love easily and are really fearful of getting hurt. They will break up the relationship if they do not feel connected with their partner through their mind, spirit and body. If they feel this connection, all the fears will disappear, and they will love their partner forever.

Couple holding each other and smiling
Women with Venus in Scorpio will break up the relationship if they do not feel connected with their partner | Getty Images

Men with Venus in Scorpio

Men with Venus in Scorpio are very passionate, but they take a long time deciding who deserves that passion. They are very attracted to people who are mystic and dark. They have problems differentiating love from just sex, so they never bring anyone home or invite them to meet their parents. Not only that, but they can be reserved, and usually they find it difficult to express their feelings willingly. 

When they are in love, they treat their partner with generosity and kindness, but they always find a way to keep things interesting, especially in bed, so the flame of love keeps burning.