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Venus in Virgo: How it affects your life and personality

Find out what are the main personality traits and the fashion style of the natives with Venus in Virgo

Virgo is a difficult location for Venus, which makes these nativesdemanding and petty with the things and the people they like. Their tastes are conservative and tame. However, there is a bit of roughness around the edges, and they may have brutal fights as they have a touch of darkness and rebellion in them.

Personality traits

Natives with Venus in Virgo are difficult to seduce, and do not like foolish behavior. These people tend to like sophisticated and intellectual people, especially ones that have a certain mystery to them. Likewise, they like "cool" people.

They can be very cold with their loved ones, often demanding responsibility and accountability. They are difficult to please, as they are very specific, perfectionist and critical in what they like. Not only that, but they tend to obsess over order and cleanliness.

Generally, they are not big fans of taking risks. These natives tend to dislike disrespectful people, but do appreciate smart, critical qualities in partners. They prefer strong, mature lovers who know how to break the ice with them. Usually, they are loyal to their loved ones, but maybe a bit clingy. They like exactitude and quality. They are skilled and dedicated to their hobbies.

Couple on a date drinking wine
These natives prefer mature lovers who know how to break the ice | Getty Images

Women with Venus in Virgo

These women are determined to improve themselves, they detect their flaws and work towards changing them in a positive and accepting way. 
Not only that, but they are also very meticulous and they pay attention to little details. This makes them very humble because they understand that everyone has a negative trait or a flaw to fight against.

From time to time, she should stop overanalyzing everything and look at the overall picture. Besides this, their true concern in life is to be liked by others. All these women want at the end of the day is to feel loved and appreciated. To do so, they need to control their feelings and stop complaining about every little thing.

Fashion style

Women with Venus in Virgo choose their outfits with a lot of care, they like to dress with high quality and expensive clothes and accessories. They love to be feminine and purchase designer products. These women have a classic style which gives them an elegant and clean look.

Normally, they do not wear revealing clothes or bright colors, they rather have a closet full of neutrals. Their aim is to look as refined as possible, to give out a sense of confidence and respect.

Woman working in fashion
These women have a classic style which gives them an elegant and clean look | Getty Images

Selective with love

These natives are very selective when it comes to choosing a partner, and it takes them a lot of time to commit. They look for someone with a great personality, who can offer them security. They analyze every little detail because they are not willing to waste their time with someone who does not deserve them. 

Before committing, they will make a note of every flaw and every thing that needs correction. Again, they are perfectionists and that will bring a lot of issues for their partner, who will have a hard time trying to find a way to please them. They need to be comforted by someone who is able to see the bigger picture and who helps them focus on their social connections. 

However, is this same obsession for detail what makes them excellent girlfriends. Women with Venus in Virgo are loving, and compassionate, they make sure to remember everything their partner likes and desires with the purpose of using it later to plan perfect dates.