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Virgo: Main characteristics and compatibility

Discover which are the main personality traits and the compatibility of Virgo natives

Virgo is the stricter sign within the zodiac. The ruler of this sign is Mercury, on its earthy side. Its natural house is the sixth house. Virgo is based on the earth element.

Main characteristics

These natives tend to be sharp, responsible individuals, usually quite willing to give a helping hand. This sign is always in control. These natives have an eye for details, and usually value stability, rationality and logic. They have a calm and collected demeanor, making others feel that they can depend on them.

Best of all, they can usually do these things without being boring. These people can be rather intellectually sophisticated, especially when both the Sun and Mercury are in this sign, although Mars can make the natives more technically oriented, or if Neptune is strong it can make them somewhat more inclined to fancy. Even then, they are still interesting to talk to. Whatever the case may be, they do like to know stuff, and often share their knowledge with others.

This sign has a great technical sense, and everything worth doing here, is worth doing perfectly. They usually do not do things half-heartedly, they can be considered passionate. There is a strong critical approach here, and a certain tendency for skepticism. Normally, they have a professional demeanor and a quick wit, a cool and stylish appearance.

Girl with glasses looking at her phone
These people can be rather intellectually sophisticated | Getty Images

This sign has a way of combining a petty and worrying disposition with a more genial and benevolent character, ever ready to lend a helping hand. This sign can become quite resentful when it feels it is not shown proper respect. Its unemotional appearance and strongly logical demeanor may be a bit disconcerting to some. In its approach, Virgo can sometimes make people feel inferior. Nevertheless, Virgo tends to be rather humble at its core.

These natives prefer truthfulness and usually says what's on their mind, unless it is in a deep resentful mode. They love to be right and deeply dislike mistakes, always wanting to fix things. Usually, they are dignified and respectful, but sometimes seem a bit stuck-up.

Furthermore, they love to be active and do things, where other signs may be more lazy. They usually cannot stay passive for long. They need to do something with value, or they will go nuts. Not only that, but they have a bit of the child in them, although it is difficult to say that they are childish, as they are mostly responsible and calculated. They are usually quite approachable as well.

Virgo's apparent unsentimental and somewhat reserved character can sometimes make more sentimental people feel it is not "open" enough. Virgo people are usually rather tidy and well-groomed, even so in more pathological charts they may become too obsessed about cleanliness and order.

Work meeting
These natives are dignified and respectful, but sometimes seem a bit stuck-up | Getty Images

Compared to Pisces

There is a natural, dissociative 180-degree angle between these signs. Unlike Pisces, Virgo is much more "down to earth". Pisces unregulated ways, and escapist tendencies, are usually more of a turn-off for Virgo. Still, Virgo is somewhat attracted to Pisces enchanting, puzzling ways.

Compared to Gemini

There is a natural, frictional 90-degree angle between these signs. However, they share the same ruling planet: Mercury. Although these natives tend to like each other's intellectual qualities, they differ in that Virgos are more logical, orderly and predictable, while Geminis are more excitable, volatile and socially active.

For this reason, Virgos can be a bit anxious about relying on Geminis. Nevertheless, these signs often attract each other, and this association can work if Geminis are truly on-board. They can make for an exciting relationship.

Compared to Leo

These signs are adjacent to each other. Leos tend to invigorate Virgos, and Virgos appreciate Leos not giving them too much of a hard time about their naturally reserved nature. Virgos also give much attention to Leos, as they usually give much attention to anything in their life. In addition, they may be a bit insecure by Leo's social attitudes. This association works best when there are some Leo planets in Virgo's chart and some Virgo planets in Leo's chart.