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The Water Element and the Zodiac Signs

These are the main characteristics of the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

The water element reflects a very dynamic personality construct, strongly dependent on the degrees of warmth in its surroundings. The signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are formulated out of this element.

The main characteristics of water signs

The water element can simulate the air element, when excited, in its cloudy state, and can simulate the earth element in a more frigid environment, in its icy state. This reflects how dynamic and influenceable this element can be. It cannot simulate the fire element, and its presence or lack of can dictate the state it will take. As of their dynamic nature, water signs are more inclined to change their instinctual response, to fit some situation or goal.

They are also more inclined to question the fundamental nature of things. Water signs are quite deep in that way. This element is highly reflective, in all senses of that word. Water people are better able to relate, or to reflect others' sentiments. These individual tend to be constantly changing and evolving.

Woman next to the ocean
Water people are better able to relate, or to reflect others' sentiments | Getty Images

Water has to be constantly on the move, or else it is in danger of stagnation, which can breed all sorts of psychological diseases. As in water's electric conductivity and highly effective sound propagation, water signs may be more conductive of subtle psychic, extra-sensory perceptions.

As the water molecules strongly attract to, and bond with one another, so do these natives like to feel connected and part of a larger whole of a same emotional substance. This forms the basis of people with water signs wanting to feel part of a larger family. This also gives the water signs a penchant for religion, which is a kind of large family with associative rituals.

Moon in Cancer

People who are influenced by the Moon are protective and loving, but they struggle with deep anxiety. They have a very giving and sensitive personality. On another hand, Cancer natives are extremely linked to water. For them, loyalty is very important and they know how to listen and give very useful advice.

However, just like a crab, they walk backwards and that makes them really attached to the past which brings them a lot of nostalgia. On top of that, the Moon provides Cancer natives with an excellent memory.

Pluto in Scorpio

People who have Pluto as their regent planet are bold, but sometimes they are too aggressive. In combination with Pluto, the Scorpio natives gain an irresistible magnetism that they use to attract others  and even manipulate them. Due to Scorpio's strong personality, they do not receive critics very well and are often triggered by any form of criticism. 

Couple kissing under an umbrella
The Scorpio natives have an irresistible magnetism that they use to attract others | Getty Images

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune was the god of the oceans, and the sign Pisces is intrinsically connected with water. These natives are dreamers, they have an amazing imagination and an excellent intuition. Usually, they do not like to be the center of attention, they prefer to be discreet.

Their personality is not fully developed and they are unable to picture a clear image of themselves. However, this does not mean they do not have a gift to make friends. They will never tell your secrets, so you can totally trust them

Love and the water signs

When the natives of water signs are in love, they give everything in their power to make their partner happy, sometimes even neglecting their own wellbeing for the sake of taking care of their lover. This is because they get great satisfaction from being generous and loving, they will show their affection constantly with hugs and cuddles. 

These sings generate an immense attraction, and for this purpose they use their most powerful weapon: mystery. They tend to be very comfortable when it comes to sexuality.

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