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These hobbies harmonize with your Zodiac sign

What hobbies best fit your personality? Discover it here!

Playing computer games, spending time with gardening or sports activities: the division of hobbies ranges from A to Z. But which hobbies are typical for the respective zodiac sign and is there a certain tendency? The Scorpio, for example, is theoretically enthusiastic about casino games, even though this might not be true for everyone.

Nevertheless, many people believe in horoscopes and attach great importance to the individual characteristics of the zodiac signs. Basically, however, it can be clearly assumed that all social classes and zodiac signs like to try their luck in an online casino. The appeal of the winnings is great and the temptation is alluring.

Aries - 21 March to 20 April

This star sign Aries is literally bursting with energy. Important character traits are openness, dynamism and adventurousness. Basically, Aries like sports as a hobby. Long hiking trips and motorcycle tours are also popular hobbies among Aries. However, Aries are also open to computer games and, of course, occasionally gamble in online casinos. Because of their enjoyment of sports, Aries also love online bookmakers.

Taurus - 21 April to 20 May

Taurus-born have a quite creative and artistic vein at their disposal. Therefore, hobbies such as painting and generally artistic activities (such as pottery) are homemade. On the one hand, Taurus love the pure nature, on the other hand, Taurus also like to stay in their own four walls. Above all the rather balanced and frugal nature provide for high popularity in the circle of friends. Camping, hiking tours and creative hobbies are typical for the zodiac sign Taurus.

Gemini - 21 May to 21 June

Because Gemini are quite curious and open-minded, they like variety. Here, the hobbies of sports and "thinking sports" fit perfectly. Fancy a round of chess? With a Gemini as an opponent an interesting undertaking. In addition, twins are very inquisitive, which is why they also like to learn new foreign languages. The strategic way of thinking of the Gemini not infrequently provides for great profits in casinos or at roulette.

Cancer - 22 June to 22 July

It is well known that Cancerians are extremely sensitive and gentle nature. At the same time, however, they are persistent and determined. Reading a book or passionately pursuing gardening are among the hobbies of Cancerians. In addition, the rather social vein of Cancer-born ensures that they like to integrate themselves in charitable projects. In addition, Cancerians like to collect various collectibles such as stamps and the like.

Leo - 23 July to 23 August

Sport is not really one of the hobbies of the Leo zodiac sign. Although the Leo is passionate, rather extroverted and enthusiastic, but these character traits rather excel in creativity. Regarding hobbies, Leo likes to make music and prefers dancing and cooking. Leo-born people are most likely creative artists.

Virgo - 24 August to 23 September

Virgos in the zodiac sign are very intelligent natures. Certainly, many gamblers also exist among Virgos, because they often solve brain games and puzzles. In addition, reading, billiards and puzzles are among the popular hobbies of Virgos. Basically, the hobbies of Virgos are oriented towards more "thinking" activities, although sports are not necessarily one of them.

Libra - 24 September to 23 October

Among the hobbies of the zodiac sign Libra are such as cooking, cinema and theater, also hiking in the great outdoors is among their favorites. More domestically inclined, Libra-born contemporaries like family evenings with good food. Basically, the character traits of the zodiac sign Libra are enthusiasm, accuracy and athleticism.

Scorpio - 24 October to 22 November

Scorpios are gamblers through and through. The very fact that they like strategy games and learn many things in life faster than other zodiac signs predestines Scorpios for slots with high odds. Literature is also one of Scorpios’ hobbies. Besides that, many born under this zodiac sign are also proficient in numerous instruments. Intelligence and strategic thinking distinguishes Scorpios.

Sagittarius - 23 November to 21 December

Team sports in particular are among the hobbies of Sagittarius. They’re born footballers, so to speak - or players of various other sports. The zodiac sign Sagittarius may also prefer online bookmakers and place sports bets, which is not uncommon among sports fans. But Sagittarius-born fellow men are also fond of board games. In addition, the star sign Sagittarius is often very active in social networks.

Capricorn - 20 December to 20 January

Capricorns prefer to be among themselves. Especially housework and gardening relax the reclusive Capricorns in the zodiac sign. In addition, they are characterized by iron discipline and a high degree of ambition. Painting and other creative hobbies also please Capricorns excellently. However, this zodiac sign also performs its hobbies alone without any problems.

Aquarius - 21 January to 19 February 

In some circumstances, Aquarians also like to gamble slots in online casinos. Due to intelligence, by ingenuity and preference for rather tricky, more precisely difficult hobbies. Chess and computer games are just as much a part of it as cooking and learning instruments or making music. Furthermore, Aquarians are clear "individualists".

Pisces - 20 February to 20 March 

Rather sensitive, dreamy and empathetic are most Pisces particularly good listeners. All hobbies related to cooking as well as excursions in nature are very popular with Pisces-born people. In addition, these zodiac sign loves music and also adores to create music. Conjuring up delicious dishes with relaxing music and ending the day with a walk in nature are typical characteristics of the Pisces zodiac sign.

According to studies, these zodiac signs go well together

Of course, it always depends on the partnership and the special character traits of people, to what extent a couple fits well together. But there are interesting approaches of astrologers, which at least in theory reveal the alleged best combinations:

- Pisces (woman) and Capricorn (man)

- Aries (woman) and Libra (man)

- Taurus (woman) and Gemini (man)

- Scorpio (woman) and Pisces (man)

- Capricorn (woman) and Aries (man) 

Of course, these combinations do not have to be a guarantee for a harmonious relationship, but apparently the character traits fit well together. By the way, many astrologers and zodiac researchers report that Cancers are particularly unpredictable in nature. Nevertheless, the zodiac signs can only be evaluated to a limited extent, because it already depends on many other things than the matching zodiac sign. Relationships are indeed a matter of luck, because it always depends on whether the character traits of couples tolerate each other.

This is exactly how the hobbies of zodiac signs are defined

There certainly may even be similarities but probably the hobbies of the respective zodiac signs are quite different. More important than horoscopes and alleged hobbies of the zodiac signs, are individual character traits, a positive charisma and empathy for other people.

Only then a "good character" is formed and which hobbies emerge is mostly a matter of luck. Hobbies are often formed in early childhood and depend on the circle of friends in which acquaintances people move. So zodiac signs are only a small indication of potential hobbies.