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Read your Annual Horoscope for 2022

Your Annual Horoscope for 2022 according to your Zodiac Sign on Love, Money and Health


Aries Logo


(21 March - 19 April)

Aries, your Horoscope shows that, when it comes to love, your year will be filled up with high hopes and good resolutions. This 2021 has taught you to love the small things, because those are the ones that set a difference and warm up your heart.

As far as work goes, your Prediction shows that you’ll miss some work situations you might have lived in the past, at least for a while. If you wish for a situation to happen, fight hard like only you can do, and don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

In terms of health, it’s good to set resolutions to reach every goal in your book. But your year should focus on what’s achievable and reachable, rather than dreamy, impossible goals.

  • Aries, read here the Horoscope for you for 2022

Taurus Logo


(20 April - 20 May)

If you’re on a steady relationship, over 2022 you can rest assured, because it’ll be a pretty balanced year for your heart. There’ll obviously be fights and arguments along the way, but that happens to every couple. However, there’ll be a positive balance. Don’t forget that emotional responsability, and listening and keeping in mind the other person, are subjects where you should always make sure you’re up to date.

Professionally speaking, you’ll have to slow down in several stages through the year. Don’t disregard taking up training to update your knowledge or bring in new ways to do your job, perform around work… That’s always a bonus on improvement and being more appreciated.

Finally, your overwhelming state and stress will come along with you, more often than you’d like. Recurring concerns will be the norm in your head. That’s why your Horoscope encourages you to reflect and find alternatives to how you handle difficulties and issues.

  • Taurus, read here the Horoscope for you for 2022

Gemini Logo


(21 May - 20 June)

Gemini, in terms of your heart, your Horoscope says there’ll be quite a ruckus, especially halfway through the year. That’s why you’ll have to stay wide awake with an open mind, because it’ll favor the appearance of things that should come along in an orderly way, not in a mess of chaos. Sometimes the Universe also needs our help to bring what it’s got in store for us.

About work, your dreams will come true, maybe not all the way, but definitely with some stability. However, they’ll take long to do so, because you need to go through some issues before they come true. Still, your Prediction shows clear improvement signs from halfway through the year onwards. Get ready to welcome what’s coming, and always try to get a real good lesson out of everything.

Lastly, this 2022 you’ve got to think more about yourself and your well-being. You usually put others before yourself in terms of care and attention, and your Horoscope will send you signs to change that mindset and start being more concerned about your body and anything related to it.

  • Gemini, read here the Horoscope for you for 2022

Cancer Logo


(21 June - 22 July)

Cancer, when it comes to love, this 2022 will test you a lot. This will be a year for you to prove yourself aplenty, and where you’ll have to step out of the box more than you’d sometimes want to. However, you must keep in mind that that will help you learn greatly. You’ll learn to appreciate what you’ve got in life, and to fight for what you truly need. However, you should always make a serious effort to let go any toxic individuals.

Your Annual Horoscope shows that, around work, you’ll have to face some challenges, so it’d be highly recommendable that you spend time to train yourself and refresh your professional knowledge. Have you considered taking up new studies? Now’s the time! But don’t hop on the first train you see; you should think thoroughly about your choices, what you want to study, and your best choices short and long-term. It’s quite a classic in New Year’s resolutions, but starting up on a new sport will almost represent your salvation, Cancer.

You’ll feel that there’s times when you’re seriously lacking energy or stamina, and what will bring those back will be sport. You’ll have to stay alert and vigilant, and not cancel or put off any medical appointments, because prevention is always better than the cure. Engrave that into your mind!

  • Cancer, read here the Horoscope for you for 2022

Leo Logo


(23 July - 23 August)

Leo, we hope you like surprises because 2022 will be full of them. Of course, you'll have to be patient, as it seems that at the beginning of the year, you'll go through a rough patch when it comes to your heart matters. However, your resilience and knowing how to overcome problems will help you cope with bad news. You'll also have a chance to discover what you want in your life and to get rid of those things or attitudes that don't benefit you. You'll learn to love and respect yourself.

At work, you might feel that you're a little lost or even unmotivated. However, you have to know that such thoughts are a reflection of your soul wanting to start new projects or looking for constant improvement. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to know what you really want, where you should go or what is the way towards your dreams. May that step backward help you regain the strength you need go for it!

As far as your health is concerned, Leo, the stars have good news. They'll lead you to changes that will improve and increase your energy levels and creativity. It seems that you'll retake a hobby or a sport, which will help you dispel frustration, channel all your bad vibes, and give you an incredible spiritual satisfaction and a desire to eat the world, which is so typical of the king of the jungle.

  • Leo, read here the Horoscope for you for 2022

Virgo Logo


(24 August - 22 September)

Virgo, your 2022 couldn’t be better when it comes to the affairs of the heart! The stars will be on your side for much of the year. They’ll help you open up more to others and discover – or rediscover – your emotions, interests, and what moves you in general. It will also be a fantastic year to improve your social skills. You’ll control your shyness and will challenge yourself to face situations you wouldn0t normally dare to face.

Virgo, your Yearly Prediction for work brings a desire to venture into new challenges. You’ll seek to develop yourself personally and professionally. The typical 9 to 5 will feel monotonous and unfulfilling to you. You want your job to bring you stability but also a sense of fulfilment and personal satisfaction.

As for your health, you should stay alert to certain aches and pains. However, consistency and care for your wellbeing will help you a lot. There’ll be nothing to worry about. Just bear in mind that stress and anxiety can also cause illness. Don't let them win any battles!

  • Virgo, read here the Horoscope for you for 2022

Libra Logo


(23 September - 22 October)

Libra, your Prediction for the year 2022 foresees harmony in your life. It won't be a bed of roses, as some moments will be a little bitter. However, you must remember that it's better to end a relationship and suffer for love that did you no good than get stuck in it and feel ignored or unloved. Don't worry; the stars show a clear tendency towards balance and butterflies in your stomach at the end of the year.

Although you'll have to face some obstacles in love, the stars will bless you with quite stable and fruitful finances. Your economy will improve or, at least, become more stable. Of course, you must remember that saving is always essential. Your hard work will be rewarded, as you really deserve it!

Finally, your defenses will need some extra help. Therefore, food, sport and a healthy lifestyle will be more than necessary to achieve good health and, why deny it, a killer body!

  • Libra, read here the Horoscope for you for 2022

Scorpio Logo


(23 October - 21 November)

Scorpio, the year 2022 will bring changes in your love life. It doesn't necessarily have to be your partner; you may simply want to change the dynamics in your relationship. Don't give in when it comes to what matters the most to you. Remember that you have to be your own priority in all aspects of your life.

Your routine at work will make you feel extremely bored and you'll feel the need to change the dynamics of your career. Your Horoscope recommends you think twice before you put an end to things as you have certain room for maneuver regarding your professional future.

Your health will be quite stable, but your Horoscope points out that the real work you'll have to do next year will be related to your self-confidence and pride.

  • Scorpio, read here the Horoscope for you for 2022

Sagittarius Logo


(22 November - 21 December)

Your year will be happy above all, Sagittarius. Your love life will be full of good times and memories. Whether you’re single or taken, you’ll learn that self-love is the most important love and the one that fills the heart the most. You’ll learn to be well with yourself and enjoy your company. Having someone by your side is always nice but not essential. If you’re in a stable relationship, 2022 will be full of unforgettable moments. If you were considering investing, you’d better wait until the second half of the year. Wait for the most favourable months for this matter.

At work, there will be certain ups and downs. They will all be related to a substantial improvement in your conditions so the less pleasant moments will also be worthwhile!

Finally, your health will be good but you’ll feel less energy. So much frenzy in your life takes its toll – especially as you get older. Try to enjoy the simple things – they’re full of charm and magic too.

  • Sagittarius, read here the Horoscope for you for 2022

Capricorn Logo


(22 December - 19 January)

Capricorn, your Annual Horoscope knows that you believe in yourself. You’re happy with the choices you make in your love life. You won’t have any doubts anymore. What’s more, you’ll be determined to find out what you want, how you want it, and in what way. This will reinforce the image others have of you. They’ll see you as a confident, mature person – and these traits are incredibly attractive!

Your Prediction for your finances and career is pretty good too. Do you have a fairy godmother granting you wishes? Everything you wish for will come true – realistically, of course. Your Prediction shows that you’ll learn to communicate with the Universe. You’ll know how to ask for things or create favourable situations for your professional development. Your hard work and effort will bring the results you want to see. You deserve it, Capricorn!

You’re really demanding with yourself and that can take its toll sometimes. You tend to be very critical but you need to give you a break. Try to be kinder to yourself and accept that we all can fail every now and then. When you make your wish list for this 2022, find the right words to encourage yourself a lot more. You have the power to be the person who believes in you the most.

  • Capricorn, read here the Horoscope for you for 2022

Aquarius Logo


(20 January - 19 February)

Your Horoscope for the next year regarding love foresees successful moments, especially in the first part of the year. If you've been looking for your better half, the stars show a great probability that he or she will appear in your life and fill your heart with joy as never before. However, it's also true that towards the middle of the year, things may get a little rough, both for singles and for those who have a partner. For this reason, you'll have to gather all your courage and, above all, be very patient.

In terms of your economy, it seems that your finances won't be at their best in the first months of the year. However, even if you have to tighten your belt for a few months, things will get better towards the midyear. Therefore, watch your expenses and anticipate the bad times by saving more than usual.

As for your health, some of your organs may make you suffer. It's likely to be the manifestation of stress or anxiety. Therefore, when you feel that your body speaks to you leading you to insomnia, stomachache, sore eyes, etc., look for the root cause of your discomfort.

  • Aquarius, read here the Horoscope for you for 2022

Pisces Logo


(20 February - 20 March)

Pisces, this will be a very positive year in terms of communication. Your relationship with your loved ones will open up. This means that certain subjects which used to be a taboo will come to light. It seems that many single natives will prefer to continue with their freedom. You’ll finally understand that self-love is just as necessary and important – and brings just as much joy – as love with your partner.

At work, you can expect a year with plenty of novelty. This will come from the search for creativity and continuous improvement. You’ll find new ways of dealing with tasks and your day to day life at work. If you’re unemployed, this will also affect you. You won’t stay there doing nothing. You’ll make your curriculum stand out from the rest by finding new and more creative ways to specialise.

As for your health Prediction, you need to find a balance between your professional and personal life. Many times you don’t know where one ends and the other begins. Try to enjoy more moments of solitude and find ways to manage both worlds. It will save you a lot of trouble, Pisces.

  • Pisces, read here the Horoscope for you for 2022