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Love Horoscope for Today, April 12th, 2023

How will each zodiac sign fare in Love today? Discover the Daily Love Prediction for the 12 Signs, both singles and couples

You can now read the Love Horoscope prediction for the 12 zodiac signs for April 12. Find out how your love life will develop in the coming days and to improve your relationship.   

Aries Banner


March 21st - April 19th

In a relationship. The time has come to move forward and not settle for the current stability: it's time to look for more. You've been thinking about leaving your partner for many months, and the truth is that if you wanted to stay with them, the idea wouldn't cross your mind so often.

Single. Today, you may have an unexpected encounter with someone from the past, Aries. This encounter could give you a chance to reflect on how much you've grown and matured over the years.

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April 20th - May 20th

In a relationship. Taurus, set your insecurities aside and start seeing things as they really are. Your jealousy is making you see things that aren't real, and the truth is that there's no reason to worry.

Single. Try to lead a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally. To do this, you need to stay away from anything that makes you feel bad and start meeting people who bring you good energies.

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Geminis Banner


May 21st - June 20th

In a relationship. You've only been together for a short time, but you've noticed that your relationship is growing stronger very quickly. Everything flows so naturally that you're delighted to have your partner in your life.

Single. Why don't you start looking for love again, Gemini? Leave fear behind for once. Today's a good day to grow your social circle and show off that charming personality that breaks so many hearts.

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Cancer Banner


June 21st - July 22nd

In a relationship. You need to adopt a new attitude with your partner if you want your relationship to work. It's clearly up to both of you, so don't let your partner be the one to carry all the weight of the relationship.

Single. Today's a good day for you to give your all and win over that person you like so much. Don't let fear stop you and be the one to take that first step, because that person feels the same about you.

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Leo Banner


July 23rd - August 22nd

In a relationship. You and your partner have been better, it's true, but don't let frustration ruin such a good day. Today, the stars predict a wonderful day, so leave your angry side behind.

Single. Your Horoscope recommends you to go out with your friends, Leo. You're too obsessed with work and need to distract yourself and enjoy your social life more.

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Virgo Banner


August 23rd - September 22nd

In a relationship. You should try to control your temper if you don't want to end up arguing with your partner, Virgo. And if you get angry anyway, try to find a quick solution, because you know that you're the one to blame.

Single. Try to be the mediator between the person you like and their ex today. This prediction may surprise you, but don't worry. You won't throw crush into their arms; instead, they'll see you as a better choice. 

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Libra Banner


September 23rd - October 22nd

In a relationship. Try to keep a positive attitude and control your impulses if you don't want your partner to think you're not comfortable in the relationship. This could drive a huge wedge between the two of you.

Single. Try to take it easy when flirting with your crush. If you appear too nervous, you could project a negative image and that could make it difficult to build new connections.

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Escorpio Banner


October 23rd - November 21st

In a relationship. Patience and understanding will be your best allies to face the problem you'll have today with your partner. Try to stay calm, and you'll be able to improve your relationship and end this pointless war.

Single. You're very proud when it comes to forgiving others, and those grudges only bring you bad energy. You must learn to let go of those emotions and forgive those who have hurt you in order to free yourself.

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Sagitario Banner


November 22nd - December 21st

In a relationship. You have a very stable relationship and that gives you the emotional peace of mind you've always sought. That doesn't mean, however, that you have to neglect the relationship; so value that connection and strive to make it stronger.

Single. The Horoscope encourages you to consider new goals in your search for love, Sagittarius. If you feel you're on the wrong track, perhaps it's time to explore different places and meet new people.


Capricornio Banner


December 22nd - January 29th

In a relationship. There's nothing more sacred to you than your home, Capricorn; there's where you feel safe and at peace. And it's partly thanks to your partner, who gives you companionship and security; so remember to cherish this beautiful relationship.

Single. Devote a little more time to yourself, because solitude strengthens your relationship with yourself and allows you to enjoy your own company. Make the most of these moments to connect with your inner world.


Acuario Banner


January 20th - February 28th

In a relationship. The Horoscope has been warning you before: your partner is getting tired of your tantrums. You need to adopt a more mature attitude if you don't want to lose them.

Single. If you want a relationship, you need to show your more adult side and avoid displaying childish behavior. Babies are adorable, but no one wants one as a partner.

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Piscis Banner


February 19th - March 20th

In a relationship. You're very invested in your relationship and that's great, but you try to meet your friends, too. You don't want to lose them by being a careless person.

Single. Meeting new people has been really helped you a lot, but have you forgotten about your old friends? That's not good! Make sure you keep them close even if you expand your social circle.

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