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The Angel Tarot: How Heavenly Forces Can Help You

All cards in the Angel Tarot and their meaning as a form of spiritual guidance

At some of the hardest times in your life, you've probably felt the presence of your guardian angel, who offered you their help and protection. Heavenly forces have the mission of guiding and aiding you, and the Angel Tarot helps you communicate with them and request their help. Find out how the Angel Tarot looks like, and how it works.

The Angel Tarot: What it is and how it can help you

In the religious and magic tradition, angels are the mediators between God and man, and as such they act as messengers between our wishes and needs, and the plans of God. Even if you don't know, they are always there with you, and you can summon them unintentionally, but there's a way to actively request their guidance: the Angel Tarot.

Through asking the angel cards, they lead you down the right path and help you make choices or see your fate more clearly.

As an accessory spiritual guide to the classic Tarot, the Angel Tarot is made of 44 illustrated guide cards divided in three kingdoms: the Kingdom of Health, ruling over the earthly, day-to-day existence; the Kingdom of Creation, dealing with human affairs; and the Kingdom of Heaven, related to your participation in God's plan.

In each kingdom, specific angels oversee all the action. In the Kingdom of Health, we find protective angels; in the Kingdom of Creation, the angels that bring peace and harmony. In the Kingdom of Heaven, seraphs and cherubs bring wisdom and light, and get you closer to the greatness of paradise and the Lord Himself.

If you're going through a rough patch  or need to make an important decision, ask questions to receive the angels' messages, and use this oracle as a beacon of light and guidance to your actions. Next, meet some names of angels and archangels, and their meaning.

The Angel Tarot cards: seraphs and cherubs

Seraphs and cherubs bring God's plan into the life of man on Earth, and that's why when these cards appear, they inform you of your spiritual dimension and your task in humankind, as well as God's guidelines and orders.

1. Seraph of Love

Represented by an angel with two beacons of light coming down from his hands, he is the seraph of love for our family and humankind. It encourages us to guide our actions without attachment to earthly goods, and setting our life perspective upon reaching pure feelings and the ultimate realisation of good.

Inverted, it reveals fear of our own feelings, and trickery incoming.

2. Singing Seraph

A seraph with a music sheet in his hand, and an open mouth in song. It represents our artistic dimension and creation, which can be read as abundance and reproduction. For instance, if it comes up along with the card of love, it points out that there'll be more productivity in the couple, and a possible growth in the family through pregnancy.

Inverted, it relates to a lack of inspiration, and a sense of blockage and sadness.

3. Healing Seraph

The angel of light and divine healing that teaches us to overcome health difficulties, and brings faith for our healing. It is represented by an angel with two shards of light pointing below, and shows a protective seraph that will be there in the illest times.

Inverted, it shows weakness and insecurity facing a sense of imbalance in our body.

4. Kerub Cherub

The ultimate mediating angel, both messenger and advisor, directly connected to God. It appears when you're in conflict and helps you make the right choices. He has one angel on each side, and wields a sword. You need to use that mediating ability to help others.

Inverted, it can lead to conflict and plenty of indecisiveness.

5. Karibu Cherub

This cherub wields an upward sword and remains in an attack position, because it is the protective guardian with the ability of achieving justice.  When he appears, you've been touched by the gift of equanimity and ruled by the good principles that allow you to protect others. You need to use them to do good.

Inverted, it tells of a conservative individual with intolerance in their heart.

6. Long-living Cherub

This card is presided by an angel on a tree with two vertical flames in his hands, and a great bird with extended wings flying over him. The cherub of the Tree of Life, leading to the resolution of conflict through your life experience, in order to reach bliss for you and those around you.

Inverted, it means that ghosts of the past stop you from making the right progress.

The Angel Tarot cards: Archangels

Archangels are bearers of your mission on Earth through giving divine gifts, and that's why this card always brings a blessing when it appears. Pay attention, because they always give good advice on how to overcome your life issues.

7. Archangel Michael

The most similar to God, bearer of His virtues and performer of His wishes. He appears killing a dragon with a spear, because he represents solving problems through firmness, collaboration and justice. If he appears, you need to be more decisive and face your conflicts whilst being confident on their resolution.

However, if it comes out inverted, there's obstacles coming against your goals.

8. Archangel Gabriel

He appears with a lilium in his hand and giving a two-finger blessing. He's the dual archangel of good and evil, bearer of the unconscious and announcer of discretion as the best solution to sort out difficulties. Develop your individual gifts to find out the mystery of life and reach plenitude. He is connected to traveling and good memory.

Inverted, it points out to confusion when making choices, and a lack of hope.

9. Archangel Haniel

If he appears, you need to enjoy love and plenitude, and the gifts that life brings. You'll recognise him because his index finger is pointing upwards and there are powerful beams of divine light flowing over his head. He announces there's love, harmony, success, fertility, recognition and satisfaction coming your way.

Instead, if it is inverted, there's a tendency to shallowness.

10. Archangel Raphael

This card aligns with Leo because it shows a strong, confident, active personality, with leadership, generosity and ambition. It is represented by the Sun, and along with the Angel of Justice card, predicts there's richness and friendship soon to come. In the card, Archangel Raphael wields a staff and carries a fish. He encourages you to listen to your heart.

If it appears inverted, there's betrayal, trickery, selfishness and arrogance in store.

11. Archangel Sariel

His torso is bare and he appears in a descending position with an arm extended forward and pointing with his index, because Sariel represents God's divine orders, and encourages you to get rid of earthly goods, and store supreme, eternal love in your heart. This card offers you the chance to be a leader and spiritual guidance for others.

Instead, inverted it signals the appearance of illnesses and a loss of firmness.

12. Archangel Raguel

He is represented as an angel blowing on a long trumpet, also known as the stars' avenger. With this card, you'll receive emotional balance and a moral guidance to get your goals done. With a path full of difficulties, the stars will help you, and it describes you as a person who helps others as well.

Inverted, it reveals a lack of ethics and a sense of blockage before you can advise anyone.

13. Archangel Remiel

On one hand he wields a spear, and on the other he carries a shield. He is the one to offer wisdom and intuition to fight manipulation. He is also the revelation of something that's been hidden for a long time, so he predicts that there's important news coming. As a symbol for God's Mercy, he is the archangel to carry souls into their final judgment.

Inverted, this card predicts an uncertain future with lots of obstacles.

14. Archangel Raciel

The angel of Secret Regions and Supreme Misteries is the one to reveal the universe's misteries and get us closer to God's secrets. He has a dot of light in his index raising up to the skies, and carries a large parchment roll on the other hand. He revealed divine knowledge to Adam, and helps you connect with the cosmos through your spirit.

Inverted, it reveals danger, betrayal and a lack of trust.

15. Archangel Metatron

With open wings, spread arms and open legs, looking to one side and with God's Eye over his head, he is the mediator between God and mankind. He represents balance, love and serenity; and as a divine scribe, he tells of a person that's creative, grand and strong, and foresees the appearance of an important written text.

Inverted, it tells of problems with paperwork, an abuse of power, and self-centredness.

16. Archangel Amiel

The archangel that's kneeling and praying is the representative of all that's new in the Angel Tarot. When he appears, there's sudden changes and transformation coming, and new, unknown things are soon to come. There might be travel on the horizon, and you need to get ready to receive the light that will allow you to renew and cleanse your aura.

Inverted, it points to an increase in your fear of the unknown.

The angels in Tarot cards

The cards where the angels appear are a guide to develop your emotions and personality with other people, and to focus your inner potential to reach enlightenment. Not all cards are good, but they all have mighty useful advice behind them.

17. Angels of Death

The appearance of this card shows that there's sudden changes coming, in the form of a break-up, an upcoming surgery or even physical death. Along with negative angels, it points out to black magic around you. It is represented by two angels flying over a tomb. Angels bless you with the power of a new life.

Inverted, it predicts interruption and the arrival of unexpected issues.

18. Angels of Battle

This card foresees conflict, fights and betrayal, and it shows the loss of fortune and money. If you see this card, represented by a series of angels fighting one another, you need to be careful around your environment, because there could be enemies and trickery lurking behind you. The light of angels gives you the ability to foresee events, and urges you to prepare for financial loss and disappointment.

If it is inverted, be very careful with your belongings, because there's losses coming.

19. Cupid

This angel is the classic embodiment of love, and as God's messenger, he gives and receives love. If this card appears, you'll be blessed with the power of love, and it predicts the arrival of bonding and marriage, and a time full of harmony and balance in your relationship. If you're married, you'll see passion and mutual understanding. It is represented as an angel shooting with a bow and arrows.

Inverted, it predicts cheating, fighting and conflict in the relationship.

20. Angel of the Sun

This card, presided by an angel crossing the Sun with a naked torso, informs of a sense of peace in your spirit and enlightenment to find the road to success. As far as love is concerned, it reflects generosity and harmony; with money, ambition and determination; and with health, plenitude and evolution. With a peaceful spirit, you'll be able to develop your human relationships to the fullest and increase your social life.

Inverted, it predicts loneliness and plans being cancelled.

21. Angel of the Moon

As a representative of the Moon's influence over the celestial dimension, it reflects mental confusion and encourages you to elevate your spirit to overcome a disorientation instance. Thanks to the clairvoyancy you'll experience from introspection, looking inside you, you'll find answers to the questions that clouded your understanding. In this card, an angel with spread-out wings crosses the Moon.

Inverted, it represents issues with your nerves, and doubts coming from certain illusions.

22. Angel of Illness

You'll recognise this card because there's a fainting angel touching his forehead on it. It's a bad omen that predicts your body will experience imbalance, but it especially foresees the lack of motivation that leads to depression. It gives you the chance to set all your strength at the service of improvement, to activate yourself so that you can escape neglect.

Inverted, it represents a lack of ability to focus on your tasks.

23. Angel of Judgment

This is a very revealing card because it determines that the spirit has become aware and predicts the start of a new mental stage where you become more precise, and incredibly able to absorb knowledge. This card, represented by an angel playing a big trumpet, is the demonstration of your distinction between good and evil.

In this case, inverted, it reveals a hardship to analyse facts.

24. Angel of Envy

This angel conveys negative feelings like jealousy and envy,  which stop you from developing your enlightened potential inside to the fullest, and from creating satisfying human relationships. It is represented by an angel with crossed arms coming down sharply, and it encourages you to avoid negative feelings.

Inverted, this card boosts other sorts of negative feelings.

25. Angel of Rising

This card represents a desire for spiritual elevation, and predicts that you can only ascend towards the Kingdom of Heaven through kindness, positive feelings, and a deep sense of wisdom. It is represented by an angel coming down a staircase, and it is a clear encouragement into mental and spiritual evolution to become better.

Inverted, it foresees negative feelings and a blockage of rising.

26. Male Angel of Love

The ruling of emotions over reason, the submission of spirit under the mind. In love, it predicts the arrival of a less emotional, more calculated and strategy-based time. In life in general, passion is softened down by pragmatism, and that's a sign of success. It is embodied by a masculinised angel.

Inverted, this card represents the coldness that leads to boredom.

27. Female Angel of Love

This female-looking angel represents the delicate, sweet side of love, the understanding of emotions from an intimate, introspective, gradual and powerful perspective. It predicts future bonding and the arrival of bliss through generosity and sympathy. It is ruled by Pisces and water, so it represents the ruling of emotions.

Inverted, it is a sign of unrequited love.

28. Grigori of Material Power

On the one hand, this card tells of an ambitious individual who loves possessions, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get their goals. On the other, this card, represented by a demon piling up coins and jewels next to a chest, predicts great benefits and riches coming that will fill your existence with abundance.

But watch out, because if this card's inverted, it predicts financial issues because of poor money handling.

29. Sexual Grigori

Represented by a demon with a maiden between his spread legs, this card is the maximum embodiment of raw sexuality and the passion taking over you. You can get whatever you want through the beauty and attraction you've been blessed with, and it encourages you to lose yourself into the sweetness of passion that makes life a more amusing experience.

However, if it is inverted, these passions can be a living hell.

30. Fairy of Love

This card is ruled and blessed by planet Venus, and shows the realisation of love and arrival into a blissful state. There's a fairy touching a couple of lovers with an enlightened wand. That's why it is the blessing of the bond that favours happiness in the core of a relationship, and encourages lovers to strengthen their bond and enjoy the 'jewel' that is their relationship.

Inverted, it expresses a sense of frustration in love, and incoming separation.

31. Fairy of Abundance

On this card, there's a fairy with spread-out wings, flying over a dry land with a jar filled with flowers and food. It initially describes a financially stable position, but also predicts abundance incoming. It encourages you to be joyous and enjoy your achieved goods, both materially and spiritually speaking.

Inverted, it reflects the great effort required to achieve certain goals.

32. Fairy of Birth

A fairy with a pointy hat and a baby in her arms represents this card, that blesses the person that unveils it with a baby. It embodies a new life coming, and everything good coming along with it. Beyond pregnancy, it can point out to new projects or a new life stage about to start.

Instead, if it is inverted, it points out to interruptions and obstacles against growth.

33. Paradise

This card with an idyllic landscape reminiscing Eden needs to be read as the peace that fills our spirit with harmony and calmness, which makes it easier for bliss and realisation to appear. As far as health is concerned, it foresees calmness and issues going away; in creation, fertility. In your life in general, a generous, affectionate stage is about to begin.

Inverted, it points to plans being cancelled and a shady future.

34. Working Gnome

Even though it's curious, this card is very positive because it predicts the arrival of a new job, or the benefits of a project where you've put plenty of effort. It is the embodiment of the hopes you've placed on a project, and even if there's difficulties at work, this card with a gnome wielding a spade predicts overcoming them.

If it is inverted, there's important issues at work coming for you.

35. Naughty Gnome

If this card appears, cheer up and get ready for a stage in your life filled with fun. It encourages you to be euphoric and joyous, to put conflict and worries aside, and to give top priority to affectionate, productive human connections. This gnome that plays among mushrooms is the representative for hobbies and fun.

However, inverted, you'll be experiencing a tendency to sink down when trouble arises.

Negative angels in the Angel Tarot cards

All the cards below have negative elements behind them: hatred, resentment, greed, selfishness, lust, betrayal... and that's just to name a few. These are a sort of compilation for the deadly sins that the Angel Tarot reads, to turn them into positive advice that will help you.

36. Lucifer

As the fallen angel and classic symbol of evil, he represents greed and benefits achieved through illegal means. Perversion, betrayal and trickery, the greed that leads to selfishness, and the submission to vice and temptation are the dangerous tendencies to which you could fall prey if you see this card with the Devil, challenging you with its trident.

If the card is inverted, it emphasises the aforementioned negative traits.

37. Abaddon

This 'prince of locusts' is Lucifer's servant, a puppet under the hands of evil. In the Angel Tarot, it reflects the personality of someone who falls victim to temptation. Evil isn't inside you, but you tend to develop it because you're not strong enough. In this card, there's a fire angel coming down.

Inverted, Abaddon shows your efforts to overcome yourself.

38. Samael. The angel of temptation

Samael, represented as a lying-down angel with a rat between his thighs, embodies a person corrupted by vice. It points out to a weak spirit and a lack of determination to avoid temptation. It can also predict the arrival of great temptation, or a series of minor temptations sewn together that will put your stability at stake.

Inverted, it embodies your efforts to avoid falling prey to temptation.

39. Mastema. The wizard angel

This negative angel who lights a fire with thunder coming from his hands, represents magic used with harmful goals, the wizardry of hostility and adversity. This card should be read in connection to other cards around it, but it claims the intervention of heavenly forces to soothe down its negativity.

Inverted, it represents black magic.

40. Carniveau. Prince of the Flies

With the face of a red-eyed wolf on the background, and an angel on the foremost position shooting thunder below, this card is presided by Carniveau, the negative angel of dark forces. It tells of a person with plenty of negativity, full of hatred and resentment, and sensitive to promiscuity and betrayal. It also predicts the arrival of illness and depression.

Inverted, it embodies superstition and short-term achievements.

41. Mammon. The angel of greed and envy

It tells of someone who has given in to corruption, strongly tempted by money and valuable items. Material goods are ruling over your life too much, and that comes out in a selfish, greedy personality. In this card, there's a negative angel embracing his riches greedily, which shows his inability to develop productive human connections.

If inverted, it shows the achievements coming from giving in to temptation.

42. Adrameleck. King Angel of Fire

A fire angel flies shooting down against the ground in a menacing position, in this card represented by the King of Fire that brings anxiety, anguish and nervousness. With this card, all stability is gone and leaves you in a metaphorical quicksand where you feel insecure, and unconsciously bring out the worst in you.

Inverted, it predicts the arrival of stress and nervousness issues.

43. Dubbiel. Angel of Pride

Ego and arrogance surround the person to whom this card appears, where there's a negative angel wielding a spear and moving forward. Impulse is ruling over all of you, and your actions come from unconsciousness and whim. Angels encourage you to become humble again, in order to trust others and act accordingly.

If the card appears inverted, you can defeat all inconveniences.

44. Rimmon. Angel of Thunder and Storms

If this card appears, an aura of negativity shrouds you and makes you prone to accidents, climate changes, natural disasters, and all-around break-ups. In the card, there's a demon shooting his thunder against the sea to make it worse, and it predicts the arrival of stormy times for you and your social connections.

Inverted, Rimmon predicts short-term break-ups incoming.