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11 Aquarius Celebrities

Find out what celebrities are also Aquarians and how the horoscope affects their career

What do Lewis Carrol, author of "Alice in Wonderland," the scientific Charles Darwin, and the president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln have in common? Apart from a noted talent, each of them in their professional sphere, the feature that they had in common was that they were from the Aquarius sign.

A horoscope sign that is said to be the sign of the genius and the crazy ones  and that has words like altruism, progress, and solidarity associated with it.

Apart from these historical celebrities, many other international stars of today are also Aquarius because they were born between January 21 and February 19.

11 Aquarius Celebrities

Let's start this list of celebrities that are from this air sign. 

Stéphanie and Caroline of Monaco

The princesses of the Principality of Monaco are natives of Aquarius. This sign is associated with rebellion and love for freedom (something that perfectly describes Stéphanie, who even had a career as a singer!) and that they are clear that everyone should live their lives as they want (something that Caroline thinks about her sister.)

John Travolta

He won thousands of spectators' hearts as Danny in "Grease" when he was younger, and after not having much work during the eighties, in the nineties, he was successful again. According to the stars, John Travolta is infinitely intuitive, atypical in his way of reasoning, and under an apparent coldness, he's a compassionate person.  That is why he's included among these 11 famous people who are from the Aquarius sign.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The footballer who became a legend during his time at Real Madrid is a perfectionist, willing to do anything to maintain his autonomy. Because as a famous Aquarius, Cristiano Ronaldo can show an exceptional emotional aspect, especially when it comes to solving conflicts.

Matt Groening

Matt Groening is known because he created series such as "The Simpsons" or "Futurama," and in his personality, we see that the sign Aquarius invites his natives to undertake, create, invent, and build his business to take control of his life.


The Colombian singer  isn't jealous or possessive, according to what her horoscope points out, and she couldn't bear it if her lover was, either.  Aquarius makes Shakira need her partner to support her from afar so that he gives her the confidence she sometimes lacks. As a curiosity, his spouse, Gerard Piqué, is also from the same sign.

Robbie Williams

The British singer, who started in his career as the singer of Take That, has evident characteristics that make him an unquestionable Aquarius. Because Robbie is intelligent and he feels attracted by original things and atypical personalities.  Also, he prefers spirituality to materialism. Do you remember that in 2008 he said he had had experiences with aliens?

Christian Bale

This famous actor from the Aquarius sign is remembered, among other reasons, because of his representation of Batman. The horoscope says that he's usually some centimetres from reality  and that he isn't very demonstrative, because his gestures can be cold and distant.

Yoko Ono

We include this artist among the 11 famous artists who are from Aquarius because the horoscope gives her an original and loving humanism,  a highly developed spirit of rebellion and an attraction for the defense of the great causes and values of freedom, equality, and justice... Who does not remember her in her activism against the war with her husband, John Lennon?

David Lynch

Aquarius  hates to bump into too many compartmentalized minds and always questions everything.  That's a bit of a harsh premise, isn't it? However, if we think that David Lynch is one of these 11 famous people who are from the Aquarius sign and that he created the universe of "Twin Peaks," the statement acquires all the sense of the world.

Ellen Degeneres

Actress and TV presenter, Ellen Degeneres is perfect at humor. As a celebrity from the Aquarius sign, we can say that  she loves life, she's never bored, and she's very stable emotionally.  There is no doubt about it, as she has been married to Portia de Rossi for more than a decade, who many will remember for "Ally McBeal."


It is often said about Aquarius that its ingenuity surprises and annoys at times, but that its native is an independent person with  an exaggerated taste for excess and even chaos... Will this correspond with Maluma, the Colombian singer, and composer who has filled all the continents with rap and reggaeton?

And with him, we close this article about 11 Aquarius celebrities.

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