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13 Aries Celebrities

Impulse, charisma, and intensity: one doesn't become a celebrity without the brazenness of this sign of fire.

Thinking about people from this sign makes you believe in the most inspiring intensity, passion, and charisma that come from a leader. Are these qualities inherent in our most admirable celebrities? Yes! That is why we tell you about 13 Aries celebrities with who, if you share your horoscope, you have more in common than you had thought.

13 Aries Celebrities

Let's start with our list!

Jessica Chastain

We start our selection of Aries celebrities with the trendy ginger, the actress Jessica Chastain.

The main character of the recently released "Molly's Game" conveys the particular strength and impetus of her sign only with her imposing presence of an intimidating woman and with very clear ideas. Quite an example of what an Aries woman is.

Steven Tyler

You only have to see the singer of the group Aerosmith in action to realize that there is a whole character and a lot of fire inside of him. Just an Aries would be able to combine the hard side of rock with lyrics as passionate as his songs.

Alessandra Ambrosio

She is one of the angels of Victoria's Secret; she is not one of the most quoted top models in the world just for being a pretty face and a spectacular body. It takes a lot of courage and attitude to convey so much only with their presence. And that's why we have this genuine woman perfectly representing the celebrities of the Aries sign.

Kristen Stewart

From her first steps in the film industry, the young actress has proved in front of the camera that her character irradiates a very powerful magnetism, no matter the role she plays. The same as her determining character, so characteristic of this sign, has been evident in her statements to the press when it comes to talking about her own life.

Keira Knightley

In spite of her youth, the British actress has a great diversity of different roles in her career with which she proves her talent and spirit of achievement. Expressive, dedicated and intense. That's how she is, very very Aries.

Quentin Tarantino

Knowing that each artist expresses their most personal essence in each of their creative works, be it in literature, painting, music... who would be able to watch any of the films from this film director and not think that it's the intensity of an Aries that is behind it all? Obviously, Quentin Tarantino is one of the best examples of the overwhelming personality of celebrities from the Aries sign.

Victoria Beckham

Whatever they put in front of her, there will be no problem to take up the challenge and achieve it like a good Aries she is: This unstoppable woman goes for each of her new goals as if it was the only one in her life. However, she has had several successes, both as a singer, as a model and also as a designer. And that's why a woman like Victoria Beckham represents the Aries celebrities as an example of her perseverance and inspiration.

Robert Downey Jr.

An intense life is a perfect and coherent company for who has made of that intensity, virtue, and profession. This is how the roles interpreted by this famous actor adopt that decisive and intense character typical of Aries. 

Elle Macpherson

Another supermodel with which Aries proves that she is an example when it comes to transmitting self-confidence is the one known worldwide as "The Body." The fieriness of this woman turned in the sensuality of her photos and fashion shows still patent at her 50 years old.

Jim Parsons

To interpret a character like Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory you need much more than courage. You need inspiration and to have a great sense of comedy, and as one of our Aries celebrities, he's not missing one thing or the other. 

Lady Gaga

The spark of this fire sign is the essence of her originality. Beyond music, Lady Gaga has a great charisma thanks to which she leads the masses like few others. The element of fire, typical of the celebrities of the Aries sign, is the one that manages to enliven the inspiration both for herself and for those who enjoy their songs and shows.

Elton John

This list of 13 Aries Celebrities continues with Sir Elton John. An example of how the native of this sign is brave knows how to take risks and likes to lead. His stable trajectory reasserts his bravery, which more than once has made him criticize friends and colleagues.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre

We end this list of Aries celebrities with the Spanish actor, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, who has gained worldwide fame thanks to the 'Sense8' series.

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