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What Is the Aries Man Like in Love?

The Aries man was born for seduction and he will change your idea of love.

Aries man smiling
The Aries man is passionate and impulsive. | Magic Horoscope
This is one of the fire signs of the zodiac. Fire is an element that speaks about the ardour of the passions, which the Aries man awakens wherever he goes and leaves his mark. If you'd like to know more about him, we'll tell you his secrets. He's unique, he looks a lot like his element and you won't be able to resist him. Find out for yourself.

What is the Aries man like in love?

Whoever has had the opportunity to bite the apple of temptation which would so well symbolize the Aries man and what he is like in love with no remedy, has fallen for his charms and knows well what it is like to feel the intensity in her own skin.

The fire of the element under which the native of this sign was born confers the way he is many of the inherent characteristics of his nature. That is why he is so passionate, impetuous and irresistibly warm. Those who know him well can say that they have tried the effects of high voltage intensity... and there is no turning back after the experience of being with him.

The seduction of the Aries man

He may not be the personification of romance, but who would question that the Aries man knows the terrain he is treading on? A strategist, a skilled player who  plays his cards with strategy and real skill to get what he wants, when he wants it and with whom he wants it.

Because he knows perfectly well that, in general, the field of sex is reached through emotions. And intelligent as he is, he knows that by gaining skill in the art of arousal he develops his capacity to seduce, with which he will get where he wants.

But someone should warn the Aries man: You must be very careful, because when your intentions are not really honest and you pursue a goal no matter what in order to seduce a person only for your pleasure in bed, in the end, it would not only affect those who have fallen into his nets.

Love is a double-edged sword, and whoever uses it will have the same consequences than his victim: Falling in love. So, if an Aries is tempted to use his tricks, he should keep in mind that it is better to act with the admirable honesty that characterizes him and to live love with a person capable of bringing fullness to both his most emotional and his most instinctive side. A woman very much like him, at least in that field.

When Aries is in a relationship

The love life shared with the Aries man becomes an experience that is very much reminiscent of the nature of his governing element: fire. Sometimes simply hot, sometimes intensely alive and unpredictable, sometimes stealthy and able to have on tenterhooks whoever makes him burn, but always warm, comforting and tremendously sensual.

When you are next to him there are times when his vital and positive energy fills every corner of the place where he arrives.  He has an aura that exudes warmth,  and when he's with the person who captivates him he also shows his tremendous sexuality.

That's why every encounter with the woman of his life, who in fact should be very similar in nature to him in order for his relationship to work perfectly, becomes a show worthy of bewitching whoever sees it, and every encounter between them after some time apart is compared to the explosion resulting from the union of two people that share so much chemistry.

Even though the Aries man has many virtues  that make him be one of the most desired men to have a relationship with, it is also true that some of his most personal traits may trick him.

One of the peculiarities that characterize Aries is that he has a temperamental and explosive nature that can make him unpredictable sometimes, which is a factor that his partner will have to deal with when it comes to considering having a steady relationship and a future living together.

On the other hand, there is something that could make things complicated with the Aries man; he tends to be a bit self-centred, something that could lead him to focus exclusively on himself in those areas that affect his life in common with his partner, prioritizing himself.

But let's not forget about his tremendously honest spirit, which prevails even in those moments when it would be difficult for him to manage his emotions. He soon manages to regulate situations as they become relevant to him.

And that honesty is also part of his most personal qualities and actually, it is something that one can perceive from afar, something that reaches everyone when they look at his smile. And, in the case of being "the chosen one" for him, that first look will make you ask yourself "Where have you been all this time?".

So... Who could resist an Aries man?

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