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What Is the Aries Woman Like in Love?

Listen, it's an Aries woman: Even her footsteps give her away when this impetuous woman appears.

Aries woman in love
The only risk for an Aries woman in love is not daring to try. | Magic Horoscope


We could say that you can see her coming, that you can hear her steps when she approaches, always standing strong. She is not subtle at all, but who needs to be so to express, to feel and to give? The Aries woman in love is the flame that represents her element, a fire with its warm light in the darkest night. That is why no heart is unscathed after meeting her. And you, do you dare to discover her?

What is the Aries woman like in love?

With that personality full of vitality, dynamism and that proactive attitude, it's easy to imagine her making all sorts of plans systematically. In her energetic way of understanding life, we find that the Aries woman in love is more in her own essence even than in other aspects.

She was born under one of the signs with the most self-confidence in the Zodiac, something that she shows everywhere she goes, with a positive vitality just like  her smile, with which she dazzles everyone, wherever she goes from the first moment. 

Afraid to lose? She doesn't know what that is, she would risk everything she believes in, for the people she trusts... and for the one she loves. It's an all or nothing thing. 

If she sees something clear, she will go for it, even if it means risking too much and exposing herself to things not going well, also losing. But for her, the real risk is not daring to try, to remain with the doubt of "what could have happened" only because the fear that things won't turn out well may be more than her desire to reach paradise.

Sometimes, this fighter has to deal with incomprehension and the consequent lack of support from people in her close environment while she tries not to become infected with the discouragement of those who don't quite believe possible to reach such high goals. And even if she's someone with a great ability to reaffirm herself in her attitude without depending on others, the Aries woman in love is not made of stone, and the lack of confidence of her loved ones makes her unstable. But she doesn't stay with that, because the luck of having such authentic determination also influences her attitude when it comes to overcoming problems by her own means.

Probably after suffering a drop in mood, the next thing she will do is set herself a new benchmark to overcome herself again. And let no one be left with the slightest doubt that she will once again prove her ability to achieve whatever she sets out to achieve. Not only does she have the weapons of a leader to mobilize those who are with her fighting for the same dream; she is the first to get her act together if she has to.

And with that element of fire beating inside of her, looks at the adversity of life avid of the challenge it represents, yes, but also with a secret faith in the charm that wonderfully permeates life. And from this incredible combination arises her admirable way of thinking: She doesn't expect things to just happen by magic. And when it comes to emotions, much less: Magic is put by the Aries woman in love, because this way, she will easily attract that special charm to her life that she yearns so much for.

Her love relationship? Pure intensity, pure fire

Starting a romance, a relationship in which you don't know what will happen (and only is interesting because of this), expecting that person to be the love of her life...  the Aries woman in love can assume one or the other story, but she always has some expectations, she never embarks on an adventure thinking of drifting away. No way. She has the helm, she decides where to guide their steps to, and she does it. 

She's not just a person with enough initiative as to promote a total change in their life, something that could be associated to her most impulsive side, but on top of that, she manages to make that movement in a successful project. How does she achieve it? Many attribute it to the luck factor, but the reality is that the Aries woman in love  has a finely tuned intuition, which is why she usually succeeds with her partners.

And when her relationship has finally been established, when it comes to keeping her alive, few people have the ability to match her style; she has such a dynamic attitude when it comes to finding ideas that feed her day to day that make her unique, and she is so original in surprising her partner with her funny proposals that who could resist someone like that? That's why she knows very well that she is irreplaceable.

And if to all this, we add her natural fieriness in bed, we find that the Aries woman in love would run rings around many others. She knows how to ally herself with her element, fire, to bring out the best in herself and offer it to the man she loves so much.

How should the Aries woman's partner be like?

To finish, we can't stop thinking about this question, because such a fantastic woman like her shouldn't accept less than what she offers, even if that reduces the number of people that have some possibility with her. 

What the Aries woman in love will really look for is that her partner is someone who wants to enjoy the little things that life and herself offer. She doesn't need to have so much initiative as to equal or surpass her own, because she considers herself with enough energy to inject vitality into her relationship, but she wants that man to be able to let himself be illuminated by the details that she has saved for him.

If you look at it this way, it can be said that that man can feel very fortunate to share his life with a woman like her.

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