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What Is the Aura, How to See It and How to Clean It

Find out the meaning of its colors and a lot more

What Is the Aura, How to See It and How to Clean It | iSTOCK

We've all heard about the aura at some point, but few people can give an exact definition.  In the following article, we'll explain what the aura is, how to see it, what the colors of the aura represent and how we can clean it.

As a historical introduction, we must point out that the aura is an esoteric concept that was discovered by Edgar Cayce, a clairvoyant in 1897. It must be said that the aura isn't demonstrated by science, but it can help to understand specific blockages, to find a balance and positive well-being.

What is the aura?

The aura is an invisible bubble of energy that surrounds each human being.  This aura has a particular substance, shapes and especially colors, and it's divided into four spheres,  known as subtle bodies. 

Etheric body (the closest to the physical).

Magnetizers usually feel it by placing their hands about 3 cm from the physical body.

Emotional and astral body.

A medium can feel it and can identify specific present or past blockages.

Mental body

This subtle body of the aura contains experience in past lives, and for which karmic nodes can be detected.

Causal body

We could define this as the souls of the individual, the divinity in oneself.

In this section, we have to emphasize that for certain scholars in parapsychology the aura is divided into seven strata  and not four, and these are directly related to the seven chakras.

How to see the aura

If you're wondering how to see the aura, according to tradition, it's necessary to take a photo with the well-known camera Kirlian,  called like this by its inventor, the Russian of Armenian origin, Semyon Kirlian. During the taking of the "photo," an object, such as a hand, is placed on a photographic plate connected to a device that generates a high voltage electric current (15,000 to 100,000 volts) of low intensity. The resulting photo shows a kind of pure brightness surrounding the object, a crown or halo that many identify with the aura.

It should be noted that the quality and color of the crown depend on well-known factors, such as the type of film used, the voltage, the resistivity of the skin (humidity, sweating...), and how the subject is connected to the ground.

Some human beings have among their psychic abilities some potentials that allow them to see people's aura. However, these abilities aren't developed in every individual.

Colors of the aura

Each of the colors of the aura is associated with a specific feeling.  Below, we are going to explain the main ones, although we must point out that as a result of a physical, psychological, emotional shock or electromagnetic or geobiological disturbances, the auras can move or overturn.

The colors of the aura depend on how human beings live, whether they are carried away by disorder, vices, laziness...

Light pink

This color of the aura indicates that they love people, someone who likes good advises, to help others and to listen.

Dark pink

Here they point out lack of maturity, need of others, tendency to annoy others, and childish behavior.


If it has a normal tone, yellow indicates that they are good people with positive and joyful thoughts. 

Shiny yellow

In this case, the person is depressed, lacks confidence and has a disturbed mind.

Light blue

It refers to a quiet, dreames, sensitive, generous and wise person.

Dark blue

Dark blue represents a person who is scared of events; they have a lot of fears.

Light green

It describes a balanced person who loves nature, to escape, to travel.

Dark green

This color of the aura, however, indicates lack of confidence in oneself, need for others, possessive and jealous.

Light purple

An optimistic person, business gifted, intelligent, independent and intuitive.

Dark purple

Again the antithesis of the same previous color; a person full of doubts and problems to handle the material and financial side.


It refers to a passionate, complete and honest person.

Shiny red

Describes a stingy and sometimes cruel person with difficulty controlling their emotions, they are impulsive.


Do you have this color in your aura? Then you are a brave and bold person, a taste for life and creation.

Dark orange

In its darkest tone, orange describes a hesitant person, who finds making decisions difficult.


The gold aura means that the angels and other deities protect you and guide you to go beyond your goals.

Silver / White

It means abundance. If this type of aura is bright, it indicates that you have great spiritual and physical wealth. It is considered the color of spiritual perfection and is found only in those who have achieved union and reached the enlightenment.


When you see a person who has a dark or gray aura, you can be sure that this person may be in poor health and have unclear intentions whatever their path is.

The main colors that make up our aura are all the possibilities that are available in its reading. But learning to read the aura accurately is long and complicated. For example, a color that is slightly dyed with another one doesn't have the same meaning; sometimes it indicates the opposite.

How to clean the aura

The purer is an aura, the stronger, more intelligent and more healthy we are.  It's possible to strengthen a weak aura with positive thinking, meditation, and chromotherapy. So, there are technics that are about how to clean and purify the aura. For this, we can carry out different actions:

-Doing some sports is essential.  In particular, hatha yoga is more recommended.

-Controlling the breathing properly.

-Burning incense.

-The pronunciation of a mantra.


-The use of stones, of different colors and lights.  For thousands of years, it has been proven that stones transmit and receive positive or negative vibrations.

-Putting your feet in salty water.