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Sexual Compatibility If You're Capricorn

These are how your sexual relationships with the 12 signs of the Zodiac differ. Discover Capricorn's compatibility with each horoscope

Sexual Compatibility If You're Capricorn | iSTOCK

Out of all the Earth signs, Capricorn is the most sexual sign and can come to wrap the intimacy of the couple in a carousel of unforgettable sensations. However, unlike signs of fire, their stimuli do not respond to the sensorial connection but to the rationalization of physical relationships. That's why compatibility with your partner in bed if you're Capricorn  depends, above all, on the combination of skills and contrasts. Pay attention. 


Compatibility with your partner in bed if you are Capricorn

An analytical character like Capricorn combines wonders with rational signs. Attention, native of Saturn: 12 signs of the horoscope, 12 ways to behave in bed.

aries logoARIES

Out of all the fire signs, Aries is probably the most suitable couple for the Capricorn SUV. Aries has that touch of initiative and uniqueness, as Mars has touched Aries with the wand of fieriness and skill in amatorial arts. When both reach a point of excitement, however, Aries can be pleasantly surprised by Capricorn's outbursts of passion and lust. Aries is always attentive to the needs of their lover, and they can find their lover’s demands very interesting. We should not lose sight that we are facing two signs of a very diverse character, so it is best to enhance the surprise and avoid deepening.

taurus logoTAURUS

Sharing the same vision of life, needs and human relationships promotes the connection of Capricorn with Taurus. But beware, if you're wondering about compatibility with your partner in bed if you're Capricorn (with a bull), then you should put your emphasis on passion. You both understand sex as a complement to love  and especially Taurus, as a sensory experience that is lived slowly. If Capricorn does not strive to light the fuse and risk a little, relationships can be threatened by tedium and monotony. Take advantage of Taurus' frugality and play with elements such as food, drink and aromas.

gemini logoGEMINI

Compatibility in bed with your partner if you are Capricorn (with Gemini) is a guarantee of fun and passionate outbursts. Out of all the air signs, governed by intelligence, Gemini is undoubtedly the most mischievous and spontaneous. It has a childish spirit that can introduce suggestive moments of surprise and complicity in the couple while ensuring a good dose of sexual energy that ignites the spark and makes up for a lack of spontaneity from Capricorn’s side. Gemini will search for safety and strength in their Capricorn lover, while Capricorn will be irresistibly intrigued by the Geminian games. A really expositive combination!

cancer logoCANCER 

The compatibility in bed between Capricorn and Cancer runs certain risks of failure if one of the two does not give in to his irrepressible hermeticism. They both share a keen sense of individuality, love loneliness, and only feel challenged to human contact when they need to feel tucked away. Their extreme sensitivity is often caused by silences, mistrust and jealousy. The key for Cancer and Capricorn to offer the best of themselves in favour of a pleasant relationship is for Capricorn to deploy their maturity and shelter Cancer with their strength, thus managing to attract with great patience all the sensuality that they are able to unfold from the crab with great tenderness.

leo logoLEO 

The key to describing Capricorn's compatibility in the bed with Leo lies in the mystery: they both cherish a complex personality that can lead to a unique symbiosis, although there is also the risk of absolute failure. The attraction is assured, and each must fulfil its role: the goat, humble and generous, is able to offer the lion all the admiration and attention it demands. In bed, Leo will take the initiative and at the time of maximum pleasure, you will need to feel dominating. On their side, Capricorn will discover in their lover a surprising source of energy and will not hesitate to return as much love as they receive. Reciprocity must be accompanied by permanent stimuli.

virgo logoVIRGO

Capricorn and Virgo are signs of huge responsibility that measure their actions through rationality. In this way, the couple avoids any excess to which emotions and passions usually carry, but at the same time is condemned to a rigidity that cools relationships. In this combination, Capricorn must ensure that Virgo quickly achieves the confidence needed to unleash his instincts. It should usually also be borne in mind that the goat is an eminently virile and masculine sign, while Virgo is the quintessential female sign. That can give rise to better blending if the roles merge harmoniously.

libra logoLIBRA 

The greatest risk which the Capricorn-Libra couple faces is that the goat ends up in love with enormous admiration for the subtle Lybrian mixture of elegance, intelligence and sensuality. When fears are shaken, Capricorn can give Libra that dose of toughness which Libra so desires, and both can fit into a great relationship (also in bed). The compatibility in bed between Capricorn and Libra must slip between the pleasure of lust and the tenderness of sensations, and the fragile balance can be jeopardized only when both develop jealousy, demand, pride and stubbornness.

scorpio logoSCORPIO

In Capricorn's bed compatibility with Scorpio, there is a detail that guarantees mutual satisfaction: both have the feeling that no matter how much they connect and have fun, they have never finished discovering each other. That could develop episodes of jealousy and mistrust, but these two signs have a developed sexuality turn this trait into a stimulus to create a relationship where pleasure never ends. The scorpion must envelop the relationship with magic and hidden blows, while Capricorn has to strive to stand in its dominance while generously tending the mantle of protection and sensitivity.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS

Sagittarius is one of those unique opportunities that Capricorn has to complement its rational and responsible personality with the excitement of an unforgettable adventure. With Sagittarius, that free and libertine person without brakes or ties, Capricorn can explore the erogenous points and get lost in a sea of sensations during the preliminaries. It is an excellent combination whenever Capricorn gives Sagittarius the freedom it needs to function in bed, and ensuring that this freedom does not end up disconnecting both elements of the couple. For this relationship, the native of Saturn will have to work a little harder in bed.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN

When two Capricorns are in a couple, relationships in bed can go through unhealthy stagnation phases. But if there is a strong sign in the zodiac, it is the goat, lover of challenges and endowed with great intuition. With this dose of generosity and intelligence, Capricorn can adapt without problems to the needs of the other goat, and give the relationship the necessary spark so that the flame does not go out. Sensory stimulation can be a good mechanism to awaken the libido between two goats, and always be willing to open up to each other and prevent the couple from becoming entrenched by the tendency to independence.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS

Compatibility in bed between Capricorn and Aquarius is a challenge that can end the patience of both. Aquarius pragmatism can be indecorous to the native Saturn, and its tone outputs and idiosyncrasy can put Capricorn nerves to the test until it desists. Conversely, if Capricorn is very passive it will not attract the potential of Aquarius and excessive relaxation will result in an uninteresting emptiness. Instead, Aquarius has a foolproof weapon to unblock the situation: originality. Capricorn has to launch its seduction plans and be active and determined.

pisces logoPISCES 

The relationship between a Pisces and a goat is most bizarre, but curiously it offers a very interesting connection point that needs to be monetized. The volatility of Pisces finds in Capricorn the mainland to be subjected, and so also in sexual relations, the excessive passion of Pisces can be complemented by the rationality of Capricorn. Originality and initiative must pass through the hands of the Pisces who, when he is in danger of getting lost in his own lust, will receive the wild and unpredictable stimuli of the native of Saturn. Preliminaries are a good way to connect the magic of Pisces and the strength of Capricorn.

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