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Sexual Compatibility If You're Libra

These are the Libra's sexual relations with the 12 zodiac signs

Sexy lovers kissing and playing in bed
Sexual Compatibility If You're Libra | iSTOCK

Aside from thinking that rush jobs are dirty, they're not as erotic to you. You, Libra, prefer taking your time to seduce and feel desired. The romance game is part of a sexual connection conceived as the expression of completeness, attraction and empathy, and that's why your devotion and satisfaction will depend on your partner. Find your bed and partner compatibility if you're Libra.

  • Find out what you're like in bed if you're Libra, and your favourite positions

Your sexual compatibility if you're Libra

A sensual, delicate sign like you, Libra, needs to find signs with which to connect in bed. Watch out, scale: here's 12 zodiac signs and 12 bed behaviours.

aries logo ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Your demands could be too refined for the intense Aries. When constantly encountering halts and barriers against the new and unknown, they'll lose interest and cool down. What makes you different isn't minor: Aries loves to surprise their lover in sleazy, unexpected environments; while Libra thinks it's very important to create a romantic environment that encourages the forming of a calm, attentive, progressive relationship. Still, if Aries can give in to those demands a little, Libra could become devoted, because they love to satisfy their lover's needs, and that opens new, interesting opportunities for this couple's sexual relations.

taurus logo TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

For Libra's insecurities, Taurus' attention is perfect. The sexual compatibility with your Taurus partner is one of the highest. Try starting it off with a romantic dinner: Taurus likes to go slow and romantic, just like you, and your elegance will entice their senses. Taurus is a great gourmet and fine wine lover, so culinary culture will get you to open up your soul and set fears aside. You'll both find a comforting place that encourages the most romantic of intimacies, where you can give your passion away with no rush or pressure, in an endless, pleasant foreplay game until you eventually penetrate into each other's hearts.

gemini logo GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Libra's intellectual heights are great partners to Gemini's brainy personality, because both air elements have high compatibility whose success depends on how well the twins can stimulate the scales. Initially mistrusting, sometimes Gemini's cold, dual personality could be a barrier to prevent creating a comforting space. However, when the ice breaks, Mercury could offer Venus arousing games, and Libra will please the naughty Gemini in a relationship that's equally pleasing to both partners. You'll both feel at ease sharing your fascination and charisma at the same time.

cancer logo CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Sexual compatibility with your partner if you're Libra and they're Cancer is frustrating and too blocked. Cancer's ruled by the Moon, and Libra's governor is Venus, which are exclusive planets bringing together two personalities with a hate and tension-inducing nature. They repel one another. But when sexual attraction comes around, things could change if you can both respect one another's spaces and devote to each other's needs. Libra needs a trusting space which Cancer will enter with their tenderness and sensitivity. At the same time, Cancer will demand to have a protective aura that Libra will have no other choice but to spread out.

leo logo LEO (July 22 - August 22)

One of the most compatible partners to Libra is Leo, because they're both in an explosive bond filled with charisma, sensuality and sexuality, a natural bond with no resistance or forced situations. Libra is seduced by the Sun King's elegance and natural beauty, who enlightens the scales' delicate soul with their beams of light. Leo, who craves recognition and flattery, feels rewarded by Libra's generous concessions, who unleashes all the sensuality from their ruler Venus to give their lover the best hours of sex they'll ever remember. A spontaneous, once-in-a-lifetime bond.

virgo logo VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

This is a potentially successful bond, but it demands some shared work and concessions from an understanding, optimising point of view. This is the case because Virgo is initially cold and unpassionate, a mistrusting sign that needs a comfort zone before they can unleash their real sexual power. Libra is also sceptical and mistrusting, and with Virgo's passiveness, there could be an annihilation of desire because of a lack of initiative. To make things work, Libra needs to take the lead of the situation and unleash their irresistible sensuality and charisma in bed, to which Virgo will surrender and devote.

libra logo LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Libra lads feel an unstoppable desire to put all their secret, darkest sexual desires into practice, but they're shy and end up locking themselves into the cold calculations of the other person, and the chances of failure and mistrust. The Libra lady is passionate and sensitive at the same time, a balanced stance combining sexual might and limitless devotion. To make both find a connection in bed and create a unique experience, the secret to it is honest communication. Ladies should take the lead and ask their lads about what they want, or look for their erogenous spots to awaken boldness and give in to their partner's desires. Your sexual compatibility with your Libra partner is really high.

scorpio logo SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Another great compatible pair sexually speaking is Scorpio-Libra, and that's why you have high chances of perfection if you find a scorpion. You've got a purely sexual and charmingly mysterious creature before you, and these are two elements that will attract you and not let you go back because of the influence from your ruling planet Venus, which is responsible for passion and elegance. When you're under Scorpio's dangerous sting after being seduced by your Libran charms, you'll feel aroused enough as to completely give in to the love tactics of the Mars and Pluto native: instincts and creativity.

sagittarius logo SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

In order to have a positive sexual bond and hear the call of desire, Libra needs an all-around stimulating connection, a fascinating individual. And that level of demand will be naturally present in Sagittarius, one of the most compatible bed partners for Libra. The archer is the ultimate ruler of intelligence and spiritual needs, and as the free, adventurous creatures that they are, with no bonds or fears, very self-confident, they're a stimulating challenge to Libra. In bed, Libra will be able to gradually get rid of shyness in an area full of honest freedom and mutual understanding and to experience feelings that they didn't even imagine existed.

capricorn logo CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Your sexual compatibility if your partner's a Capricorn could be initially disastrous: Libra's tolerant and blessed by the desires of love and passion, but the goat's shy, cold personality could be mind-boggling and disappointing to the extent of making desire fade. However, there's a positive twist. Capricorn's melancholy-ridden heart finds the perfect space to grow and let go in Libra's tender elegance and intelligence. At that point, the goat will show their hard work and persistence to satisfy Libra's needs, who will find in their mysterious lover an incentive to reach the road to pleasure.

aquarius logo AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 19)

Aquarius wants to have a speedy, dominant pace in sex, and they're natural explorers of the forbidden, they get aroused with extravagant fantasies. This might be a shock to Libra, but even if they're shy and ill-thinking at the beginning, they can't deny that within, there's the sexual creature that signs like Aquarius could awaken. Aquarius needs to understand that games and experiments need time, and Libra needs to show off their tolerant personality to please their lover's crazy side. You'll both find a space for togetherness and balance in understanding each other. 

pisces logo PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

An unnatural bond where Pisces' extreme messy sensitivity, and their overly whimsical, surreal personality, could break the balance of Libra's tidy sensitivity. To Libra, Pisces' magical universe is an unstable, unreliable space where there's too high chances for frustration. The great danger behind the Libra-Pisces bond is that both signs could enter a spiral of misunderstandings, arguments and doubt. The best card that you both can and should play is the feelings and mutual understanding card: despite your differences, you're the two most generous, understanding signs.

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