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Sexual Compatibility If You're Pisces

This is how your sexual relations with the 12 signs of the Zodiac differ. Discover Pisces' compatibility with each horoscope

Reaching new heights of ecstasy
Compatibility with your partner in bed if you are Pisces | iSTOCK

Ruled by the planet Neptune, which opens the doors to dreams and fantasy, the natives of Pisces are one of the most special signs in sexual intercourse. When it comes to compatibility with your partner in bed if you are Pisces, you should know that the signs of water and fire are ideal for you,  because they offer sensitivity and passion. On the other hand, the extreme rationality of the signs of dirt and air can slow things down and mean a disconnection. Discover all the nuances below.


Compatibility with your partner in bed if you are Pisces

The magic of Pisces in bed does not conform to any lover. Attention, Pisces: 12 signs of the horoscope, 12 ways to behave in bed.

aries logoARIES

Between Aries and Pisces, an uncontrollable passion is unleashed. The problem is that Aries lives on that intensity, and doesn't understand the relationship in bed without passion and surprise. Instead, Pisces uses that passion to channel their creativity and emotions. Imagination and games are for the fish a way to explore the vastness of their spiritual universe that can be diluted in Aries' overwhelming fieriness. In this couple, relationships can become magical and pleasurable as long as Aries agrees to enter the dream world of Pisces, and as long as Pisces grants Aries the pleasure of domination. In this couple, the surprise will always be a stimulus to keep the flame alive.

taurus logoTAURUS

The earth elements give Fishery security, but at the same time, they are too rational, a brake on so much overflowing spirituality. However, the earth element Taurus is probably the best option of Pisces: with this couple, there is surprising complicity in which Pisces finds firmness and tenderness, and Taurus a stimulus to his natural inclination for pleasures and the frugality of life. In sexual intercourse, the Pisces-Taurus combination should opt for the appeal to flavours, smells and touch. Thus, Taurus can show Pisces how to open his senses to reach the pinnacle of pleasure, and Pisces introduce Taurus into a magical abstraction.

gemini logoGEMINI

Compatibility in bed if you are Pisces with your pair Gemini offers great possibilities. If the air signs often put barriers to the spiritual expansion of Pisces, in this case, Gemini's intelligence and rationality develops with an endearing willingness to play and the curiosity that results with the most mysterious realm of personality Pisces. In sex, Gemini is childish and playful, shallow and very frivolous, while Pisces is transcendent, patient and connective. The relationship may culminate in a generous exchange, but it also poses the danger of triggering clashes of interests and lack of communication.

cancer logoCANCER 

Cancer has always been seen as the ideal couple for Pisces. In conjugal relations, crab represents platonic love. In sexual experiences, the sign governed by the Moon becomes a great cosmic revelation. Suddenly, Pisces' needs in bed are fully covered by the sensitivity and tenderness of Cancer, and both are committed to mutual satisfaction. However, the two are too vulnerable and a lack of a protective figure can manifest in the and the pinch of domination that is always needed. You have to regulate emotions and introduce some rationality.

leo logoLEO 

Finding the connection between Leo and Pisces is not excessively difficult, and it will suffice for Leo to develop all his daily potential by offering the energy that Pisces lacks, and this, in turn, provides depth and significance for the lion. However, they both have to be very clear about their scope and their role to play, as they are two beings of a very susceptible nature. If Pisces enters the domains of domination or puts a stop to Leo's spontaneous passion with his excessive abstraction, he can put out the fire with the water and cool the situation. Leo also runs the risk of scorching the delicate heart of the fish with his flames.

virgo logoVIRGO

Although Virgo is too earthly for Pisces' spiritual aspirations, between them an initial attraction based on the mystery is established. The key to bed compatibility between Pisces and Virgo is for the natives of Mercury to transform Piscean transcendence into something rational and meaningful, and for Neptune's children to lead their lovers to cross the boundaries of the imaginable. Both may know a different and unknown world full of challenges and suggestions, but everything must be channelled through patience, tolerance and understanding. Otherwise, the character difference will come out tragically.

libra logoLIBRA 

Libra's insecurity can reinforce Pisces' insecurity, and vice versa, resulting in a mistrust that neutralizes the full potential of Pisces' mistress and Libra's natural sensuality. If both partners take on the challenge of partnering, overcoming their handicaps and striving for commitment, Pisces and Libra's sex can be filled with great eroticism. Pisces will be attracted by the attraction and balance of the balance, and Libra will be able to use all his intelligence and curiosity when discovering the magical world of Pisces. The new experiences, always with tranquillity and romanticism, can be very stimulating.

scorpio logoSCORPIO

Scorpio is probably the most sexually compatible couple with Pisces. They both share a single sense of emotion and intensity and have virtues that complement each other's abilities. Pisces is affectionate, affectionate and bright. Scorpion is attractively dark, breathtaking and intense. Pisces becomes a challenge for the Scorpion King, who even if they try to initially be the dominator, will soon be subjected by the charms of Neptune. In turn, the fish will be seduced by the enigma of Scorpio and will gain confidence until they can deploy all the spiritual connection with which they will envelop the electrifying relationship.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS

This couple's sexual compatibility will work only when Pisces understands that their Sagittarius partner needs risk to achieve pleasure, and in turn, Sagittarius commits to the depth of feelings with their Pisces partner. On the other hand, when Pisces fails to overcome the closure of their introspective character, and Sagittarius is lost in their coffers for adventure and freedom, sexual experiences will be lost in lack of connection and dissatisfaction. It takes a lot of understanding and patience for both to work in bed. Sagittarius can develop all its sex fire as long as it offers protection to fish, which in turn can reach greater complicity while respecting the freedom of the centaur.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN

Capricorn's stubbornness coupled with the disparity of characters can lead Pisces to feel uncomfortable and complexed before their lover. In bed, Pisces' inability to show himself as they are, and Capricorn's misunderstanding of their lover's depth in emotions can lead sexual experiences to an insurmountable blockage. There is however a sexual power in Capricorn that can become a stimulus for Pisces, with the patience that the devious character of the goat is known for, they can manage to let their instincts fly. Pisces can show Capricorn some fantasies that remained hidden in their obsession with rationality.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS

Although at a practical level the compatibility in bed between Aquarius and Pisces may not be of the highest, there is something that makes them a unique couple full of possibilities: their shared sense of transformation. Since revolution and change are part of their intrinsic nature, Aquarius and Pisces can be a constant stimulus for growth and renewal, two souls in full development that nourish and complement each other. For that to work, they need to be freed from mental limits and prejudices. Aquarius must subtract Pisces from its excessive emotionality, and Pisces has to show Aquarius the path of transcendence.

pisces logoPISCES 

The Pisces-Pisces connection is easily lost in an unbearable daydream, in a perpetual float through the universe of dreams and fantasy. At first, it may seem ideal, but the lack of disruptive elements leads to tedium and lack of meaning. In addition, deception and lack of trust are common. Instead, both have a privileged flow of emotions that can evolve towards a very special bond, and the joint exploration of new types of relationships, new ways of achieving pleasure and new roles to develop in sexual practices can shape one of the most satisfying bed compatibilities for Pisces.

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