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Sexual Compatibility If You're Taurus

Who is Taurus more compatible in bed with?

Happy couple in bedroom enjoying sensual foreplay
Sexual Compatibility If You're Taurus | iSTOCK

The secret of compatibility with your partner in bed often lies in finding what your potential and weaknesses are, and adapt to the surrounding circumstances. In order to do that, astrology gives you highly useful information on the profiles for each sign's personality, virtues and flaws in bed. Now you can know what your bed compatibility is if you're Taurus.

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Your sexual compatibility if you're Taurus

Attention, Taurus: 12 horoscope signs and 12 bed behaviours. Here's your compatibility with each zodiac sign.

aries logo ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Opposing ends of the scale, differing interests and antagonistic vibrations: a tricky combo to connect in bed. But that doesn't mean impossible! Let's see... Aries is the ultimate representation of drive and fire in bed, Taurus is the slowest and most sensitive sign. While they'd like to get lost in a whirlwind of unleashed fury and brevity, you want calmness, feelings and touch. The key is to take Aries into foreplay grounds, where they won't feel at all uncomfortable. You'll get the space of trust you need and they'll get going to unleash their fury in a lust-ridden space where you can both feel at home.   

taurus logo TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

It might seem like no one knows the needs of a Taurus the way another Taurus does, which makes us think of a power couple. That's a mistake. As two Taureans come together in bed, the risk of drowning passion in a tasteless sea of cuddling, glances and touch threatens to create a sense of boredom. But here's something positive: you both have the chance of reaching the ultimate sensory pleasure and create a circle of magical sensations where nothing can disturb you. Here's a challenge: one of you should take the lead when it comes to bed. You both need the spark to ignite the flame and to make some room for improvisation and lust.

gemini logo GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

An unpromising match. Taurus finds it hard to let loose, and Gemini's intelligence and logic skill are not the best ingredients to help out. The sensitive and provocative Taurus might feel like the rational, cold Gemini is constantly walking away; because while the bull wants to touch, get excited and feel around in a slow yet firm and steady road to pleasure, Gemini would rather talk, have conversations and get lost in the abstract area of intellect. However -and that's the key-, Gemini has enough creativity to sort out this barrier: sexual compatibility with your Gemini partner depends on how well you use those wits. 

cancer logo CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

The influence of the Moon over Venus and the earth-water combo make Taurus and Cancer highly promising partners. Cancer gives Taurus the safety and stability they need so that, in their own time, they can awaken their senses and spread their entire connection arsenal over the table (that is, over the bed). Cancer finds it hard to break their shell, but no one other than the patient and attentive Taurus can create that much-needed space of trust. Cancer, on the other hand, won't be too demanding to Taurus, and that's the perfect condition to make the bull find, slow and steady, new spaces for sexual innovation and evolution.

leo logo LEO (July 22 - August 22)

The word that defines the Taurus-Leo pair in bed is chemistry. Venus gives Taurus great sensuality, while fire turns Leo into a passionate, heated lover. They both rule the art of love and seduction in their own way: Taurus does it in the area of sensory experiences, and Leo on the field of domination. Expressed more graphically, Taurus will awaken the lion inside their lover by stimulating their erogenous areas in the most irresistible way, and once Leo is unleashed, they will submit the fearful, restrained Taurus to dangerous, breathtaking, irresistible domination. Leo will want drive, but they will be patient towards stimuli; Taurus will want to leave, but won't be able to.     

virgo logo VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Your chances for success in bed, as in love, between Taurus and Virgo are mighty high. Your compatibility towards your Virgo partner is perfect: you will both enter a game of glances and seemingly innocent giggles but revealingly provocative, until one of you takes the first step and both of your desires come true. Although you might feel pretty comfortable in foreplay, because of Venus' influence, Taurus needs to take the lead to stimulate Virgo, who tends to be more reflective and analytical because of Mercury's influence, calculating risks and the room for safety. When they're in your grounds, they'll take you to perfection.  

libra logo LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Your sexual compatibility with your partner if you're Taurus and they're Libra is very high, because you both receive Venus' sensuality and are purely sexual signs. The key is that the earthy side of Taurus will help hold down Libra's volatile, abstract element, which tends to get lost in abstraction. You're both romantic, but while Taurus stays put in the touch-based terrain, Libra raises high to the heavens of intellect. One wants to touch, kiss, lick, look and eat; the other wants to talk, negotiate and connect from a rational point of view and the exchange of ideas. Taurus needs to take the lead and make Libra feel wanted.

scorpio logo SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

One of the most compatible signs in bed for Taurus, if not the most compatible, is Scorpio. But in this case, Taurus needs to take a more passive, secondary role: allow the other to take the lead. It's so hard to know what Scorpio wants, that sometimes obsessing with the idea of sorting it out makes you lose all your energy. Instead, you should just enjoy the unique experiences offered in bed by the most sexual sign of the horoscope. Their fame isn't unsuccessful at all: Scorpio satisfies Taurus' need to get lost in the sensory pleasures of foreplay, and to make sex last forever in an abstract time and space beyond penetration.    

sagittarius logo SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Instead, the complete opposite happens with Taurus and Sagittarius. The bull needs to feel, touch and experience sensations, while the centaur is more prone to elevate pleasure spiritually. Where Taurus wants a space for tradition and safety, Sagittarius can only offer the boost of freedom and improvisation. The results are horrid: Taurus feels out of place, insecure, uncomfortable; Sagittarius can see Taurus as a barrier pushing against their needs and take them to boredom and demotivation. The challenge for both is that the patient and generous Taurus should find a way to awaken Sagittarius' compassion and sensitivity.

capricorn logo CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

The bull and goat have a great challenge ahead in bed, but it's passionate and bound to succeed. They both share trust: they're earth-based elements with the same spirit, the same needs and the same sense of understanding. However, Capricorn is a distant, introvert loner, which can play against the tender, communicative, gregarious Taurus. Their challenge will then be to awaken the passion of comfort-ridden Capricorn, who will try hard to satisfy their lover once they're in the game. Here's something important: propose new games to play, stimulate them, get them out of their comfort zone. 

aquarius logo AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 19)

There's a great advantage when Aquarius and Taurus meet in bed. No matter how sociable they seem, Aquarius needs a great connection to open up to love and sex, and Taurus is unique in that sense. They're the zodiac sign who can stimulate Aquarius the best to get started in sex; once that's done, Aquarius offers Taurus boldness and experimentation, the pleasure behind every risk, so the bull only needs to give in to the Aquarius experience. One's touch-based, the other is traditional. In order to ensure a good relationship, you both have to be pragmatic and overcome differences...

pisces logo PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

Pisces might be shocking for Taurus in many areas. Especially so because Taurus needs to feel firm ground under their feet, and the fish offers nothing but an abyss, the great void of the universe. Full of magic, yet unstable. The compatibility between you is low, and it requires plenty of work with understanding and concessions. The result can be rewarding after plenty of effort has been made: Pisces will find the sensory beats they're missing in their abstraction, while Taurus will find a new dimension to overcome the earthly barriers. If you both dare to give up on your contradictions, you'll evolve into something unknown but exciting all the same.

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