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The Best Gifts for Valentine's Day According to Their Sign

So that you succeed with the gift that you dedicate to your love on Valentine's Day

A couple in Valentine's Day
The Best Gifts for Valentine's Day According to Their Sign | iSTOCK

The day of love is approaching and you are evaluating what would be the best present for that special person. At the time of thinking of Valentine's gift according to your sign you have in mind the way of being of that person you love.

That is why the Zodiac influences so much, since from birth we come with a series of features marked by the influence of our horoscope and conditions both our personality and our tastes.

In this article, we will provide you with some ideas so that when the moment of choice comes it isn't so difficult to decide and you can surprise the person you love.


Valentine's Day Gifts According to Your Sign

Let's have a look at them one by one.

1. Aries

The preferences of Aries are much more related to the personal value than to the material that things can have. Therefore, when choosing something that can make them happy, think of some kind of gift that has to do with their essence.

For example, if they are someone who appreciates the effort of doing something handmade and likes accessories, you can buy a bracelet made of braided leather and with some details in steel if it's for him, or in the case that it's for her, perhaps a pendant or earrings made with red stones, such as red jasper, garnet or ruby,  all of them favourable for Aries and perfect as Valentine's gifts according to their sign.

2. Taurus

The natives of this sign are into everything that can have a practical meaning for their day to day life. Since they value stability and are prone to have their practical sense prevail, they would enjoy receiving any gift that has to do with their professional activity or functionality.

For example, in her case, it could be a bag in which she can take her laptop to the office or a design agenda, and for him either the masculine equivalent or some other sophisticated detail that gives him status (something they love) as it could be an elegant cardholder for his business cards.

3. Gemini

Someone as sociable as those born under this sign have a special predilection for everything that can influence on their moments of shared free time.  In this sense, the gift could be a box of an experience (such as a Smartbox) that makes it possible to share a moment of leisure for the two of you together. So you will also enjoy that special moment.

4. Cancer

Those born under this sign are prone to value details that provide warmth to the most intimate corners of their house  so that they help them create a perfect refuge for their moments of greatest meditation.

Decorative elements are perfect, for example, such as scented candles, a velvet cushion in their favourite colour... or a soft and warm blanket for those moments of calm they enjoy so much. Another option is cups for hot chocolate or coffee; you could give them a personalized one or buy a pair of them that form a silhouette together (ying-yang, heart...) and so you can share that moment that makes Cancer so tender.

5. Leo

Our lion of the Zodiac adores feeling special, unique and the centre of your universe,  so buy them any personalized object, something that makes it clear that you have bothered when choosing between the possible gifts of Valentine's Day according to their sign.

On the internet you'll find a lot of very original options, for example, a wooden clock decorated with a fun photograph of yours. It can be adapted to their taste and you'll only have to add some personalized detail. And if you want something more intimate and original, why not a professional photoshoot... a very intimate one? 

6. Virgo

We find ourselves with a sign that, as a good earth element, values stability and everything that can bring serenity to face the day to day. But the perfectionist and thoughtful factor to the maximum, makes them also focus on the small details that make a difference and value the exclusivity of a unique gift.

Surprising them with some kind of rarity of their favourite music group or with a limited edition book of a writer that they like may be a great success that will surely make them very happy to receive from the person they love.

7. Libra

They are very sensitive to beauty; they will love anything that helps them see their own beauty enhanced or something that allows them to recreate that vision.

How about a lingerie set? From Valentine's gifts according to their sign that could be given to a Libra, this could serve both for the one and the other; on her behalf, she will enjoy looking gorgeous with some clothes that enhance her curves, and if Libra is a man, he will also love to be surprised when he sees your flirtatious clothing.

8. Scorpio

Do you know what they want for Valentine's Day? Any romantic detail that makes them clear that you have been thinking about him/her, any situation that you can recreate for the delight of their senses...  A path of candles down the corridor to the bedroom, a handwritten note in which you let them know how beautiful life is by their side or a bath with perfumed soap pumps to share together with a bottle of your favourite wine. What matters is that they feel as special as it is for you.

9. Sagittarius

The promise of adventure is Sagittarius' thing. How was he going to resist to the prospect of some getaway plan together? But if the possibility of going somewhere at this moment is complicated, surprise them by preparing a set of clues that they have to follow. Where does it finish? Give them adventure, but let it happen in bed. Remember that they are pure fire.

10. Capricorn

I'm sure that that Capricorn you really know has a plan, a goal or something in mind that pursues constantly and incessantly: A project, get something on a personal level, a dream to come true... Think about it. Have you got it? Well, look for anything that could be good for that incessant daily struggle.

For example, if they are a fan of running and would later like to participate in a marathon, why not a bracelet that indicates distances travelled and pulsations? In fact, they will love that you take as your own business what is something exciting and motivating for him/her because even that pleasant feeling that you would achieve in them could be another Valentine's gifts according to their sign that would hit the target.

11. Aquarius

The ethereal and sociable sign of Aquarius always has a greater predisposition to feel better when in the company of many people than when alone with someone. But still, everything is different when it comes to their partner.

Therefore, if you want to combine your love for Aquarius with their desire to be connected with the universe, give them something that connects with their most spiritual essence. Maybe a book about some kind of topics related to personal growth, some music to practice yoga or meditation, a salt lamp from the Himalayas or incense that can create that environment that facilitates the act of letting go that they like so much.

12. Pisces

And to please the romantic Pisces, think of something they can take with themselves always, wherever they go, and that reminds them of you; a page-marker made by hand full of things you share (words you use, some image, a symbol...), a pendant with some element related to your history... any of these could be perfect as Valentine's gifts according to their sign.

In any case, let yourself be carried away by the feelings that come to you from your heart and for sure you'll hit the target when choosing the perfect gift to express your love.