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The Four Best Jobs for Aquarius

Learn what Aquarius is like in the workplace and what the best jobs for them are

Scientific research
The Four Best Professions for Aquarius

To discover the best professions for Aquarius we start out with the knowledge that we're talking about an air sign whose combination of elements (rationality and imagination, timidness and sociability, commitment and tolerance) brings this sign a tremendous amount of energy in a wide variety of activities.

What is Aquarius like in the workplace?

Aquarius is a sign of contradictions, a huge amount of energy that implies a person with extraordinary capacities applicable to many different fields. Sometimes they are shy and extremely sensitive, others they are lively and sociable, but we could sum things up with the words friendship, humanism, tolerance, moderation, and intelligence. 

An interesting starting point is that Aquarius always tries to escape from restrictive environments where authority predominates. They need a free space that favours creativity where they can give the best of themselves to others.

Aquarius's true treasure develops from here: their incredible humanitarian and altruistic capacities. Both on the personal and professional level, their personality is marked by an insatiable need to help others. In their daily life, they try to search for those actions that could bring something positive to others, and in the workplace, all of their actions have a single goal: to work towards a good cause. 

Another personality trait of Aquarius that orients them in collective work (with, for, and to serve others) is their serenity, rationality, and tolerance. Always with a special communicative ability that's very useful when it comes to working with people since they make themselves understood and attract attention (a very attractive trait). In line with this, when they converse with others, they don't have a stubborn personality, but rather they respect the opinions of others, defend theirs with moderation, and change easily if they find themselves on the right path. 

Finally, it's important to note that this is a sign of enormous intelligence, an intellect that's incredibly special that when added to all of these characteristics can mean an absolutely fantastic mind.

The Four Best Professions for Aquarians

Due to all previously discussed points, we can trace the master plan to the four best professions for Aquarius. Pay attention:

1. Humanitarian work or cooperative business

This forms a part of Aquarian genetics, it goes hand in hand with their personality at its core: humanism and altruism. Working for a good cause, doing a job that's out of the ordinary, far from monotony and marked by the freedom that gives them extra satisfaction and motivates them to try their hardest.

At a cooperative, a person born under Aquarius can develop their abilities in creative work and feel like their doing something for the common good. An eco-friendly cooperative with responsible consumption, helping those that need it the most could be an ideal job for this sign.  Also, their restraint and tolerance make Aquarius a person that brings energy to others when it comes to working together.

Another interesting option could be humanitarian action, volunteer organizations that in many aspects work to improve the lives of others.  In this field, besides everything described beforehand, they could bring their knowledge and intelligence to the cause.

2. Scientific research

Aquarian intelligence coupled with their commitment and creativity gives them a very interesting profile oriented towards scientific research. Working towards making progress that improves people's lives or environmental conservation is a challenge that could be very appealing to them.

The Aquarian mind works with a refined and accurate sense of rationality and logical methods, which predisposes them to jobs related to technology and exact sciences. Biotechnology, medical research, quantum physics, or cybernetics are some fields that could interest someone born under this sign the most.

If they're able to find an environment that's relaxed enough without a highly marked sense of authority and enough freedom to develop their intellect and creativity, they could make great discoveries and do incredible deeds that only geniuses are capable of. However, if you lock them in a laboratory with strict rules and limited work, they'll probably lose all motivation and most likely won't produce interesting results.

3. Teacher

One of Aquarius's main requisites required in order to be motivated in their work, is a sense of usefulness, feeling that they are doing something for the good of others. They also need to work on a task that's more creative than monotonous, and with space for the intellect as well. One of the ideal professions for them in this sense could be teaching.

To start, they have an attractive personality with an enviable sense of certainty and an innate talent to defend their values of tolerance, democracy, and humanism. Add communicative abilities to this that favour their interactions with others. What makes teaching an ideal profession for Aquarians is the fact that it allows them to bring something positive to others through the transmission of knowledge in a job where each and every day is a new world.

Also, since Aquarius, in spite of being highly communicative, sometimes needs long hibernation periods (to be isolated from contact with other people) they find that teaching is an ideal profession: Three months of vacation a year!

4. Social worker

There is an entire field of work dedicated to caring for others that allows Aquarius to channel their generosity and altruism. In this case, for example, some areas that could be appropriate for them include assisting the elderly, children with disabilities, and working with socially excluded groups like children with broken families, drug addicts, or inmates.

These jobs tend to have a huge emotional and psychological impact which puts it within reach for personalities like Aquarius, with values that are so internalized and truly deep personalities (sometimes  camouflaged  in crazy colours) and an iron sense of commitment.

Their mind that's extremely open to differences helps them to treat the most extreme cases while knowing how to manage this combination between sensitivity (necessary to help people that are going through hard times) and a strong and convincing personality (even authoritarian when necessary).  But once more, this job's biggest attribute to Aquarians is the fact that it makes them feel useful, not basing their work on their own good but rather on that of others.

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