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The Four Best Jobs for Aries

Find out what Arians are good at and what they need to be successful in their job

Man having coffee at work
The Four Best Professions for Aries.

When we talk about Aries, we're talking about a fire sign with a personality marked by heat, energy, and a sense of authority and status.  Keeping these traits in mind, let's take a look at the four best professions for Aries:

What is Aries like in the workplace?

When an Aries finds themselves working towards reaching a goal, they are unstoppable. This is without a doubt the most overpowering sign, for which reason, there is no goal that's impossible for them.  This, obviously has its positive side and its downfalls.

On the positive side, Aries has a great capacity for growth, they are autonomous and independent, which makes them great workers. Their whirlwind of energy and their tireless willpower when it comes to overcoming  obstacles  makes them innate entrepreneurs.  They are the perfect example of the self-made man, the person that becomes successful through their own will. Their constant positivity and mental strength  make them a permanent candidate for success.

However, Aries needs an entire ecosystem around them to allow their personality to flourish.  Otherwise, their shortfalls start shining through. In a monotonous job where there is no room for new achievements and attractive results, and no possibility to climb the corporate ladder, Aries feels trapped and oppressed. Also,  their excessive competitiveness often makes them someone that's hated,  whose relationship with coworkers is based on ego and quarrels. Their need to constantly be recognized also implies danger for them, since if Aries isn't successful, they fall into the deepest depression when they feel humiliated  and as if they have failed. 

The 4 best professions for Aries

Keeping all of the traits in mind that we saw beforehand, these could be the perfect work positions for this sign:

1. Aggressive seller

Out of all of the professions for Aries, this is the one that suits them best. Their profile is perfect for this role. The sales sector allows them to develop their own technique and use their energy to reach a goal. If they decide that they are going to close a deal with a client, nothing will stop them and they will destroy whoever or whatever they need to in order to do so, even violating any code of ethics.

This is an ideal profession for an Aries because it brings them just the right amount of adrenaline and feels a bit dangerous to them. When an Aries is faced with a challenge and they feel that they can only pull themselves to the top through their work, they become an animal, and an aggressive seller is just this. The competitive side of this position makes this more attractive to them.

Also, each client that they close a deal with will reinforce their self-confidence, congratulations from their team, and Aries constantly needs this recognition.

2. Army and the security sector

You never thought of this field, Aries? If you think hard about it, this is one of the best professions for your profile. First of all,  the army and police force offer, for example, a hierarchical structure where you can move up based on merit. Discipline and consistent work combined with the possibility to reach better positions aligns this field with your needs.

Also, these are professions based on strength, weapons, and combat, traits that are found in the DNA of those born under Aries. In each exercise, they will feel capable of unloading all of their fury and a big dose of adrenaline while working for the cause.

An interesting point here is that besides all of the traits that we indicated before, Aries feel comfortable when they feel that their work is of some use to others, in a certain way, here they are showing a sense of generosity. Acting as a part of the military, police force, or a team of firefighters, they can feel like their job has a tangible outcome and helps to improve the day to day lives of others.

3. Finances

One of the most valued intellectual traits of this fire sign is the logical mind, and thus they have a tendency to get involved with numbers and math in the workplace. An Arian mind is a perfect counting machine, and for this reason, some of the best jobs for them include accounting or administration and finances.

Maybe this field doesn't get their adrenaline rushing and isn't as active as the prior examples, maybe this would be a much more boring job,  but here, Aries could carry out a task that they are truly talented in and, finally, be able to show the results.

The financial sector, with its multiple different branches, offers them a wide spectrum of professions that they could carry out using math and in which they could move up the ranks through strength and results in this area.

4. Direction and team coordination

Without a doubt, Aries is better at leading than being led, and this makes them ideal subjects for leading teams. It isn't easy to have an Aries as a boss since their personality can sometimes be too rigid and conceited, but on the other hand, they have great leadership skills that they are able to use to lead their team with just one goal: to reach objectives.

The advantage of Aries is that, quite often, they have gotten positions as directors, managers, or coordinators, thanks to their tireless effort  and not through pulling strings. This creates an exemplary image that is spread to their entire team. 

Also, coordination is one of the best jobs for Aries, because their rigid mind makes them excellent managers and planners since they know how to create flow charts and processes  so that everything works in an impeccable and mechanical manner.

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