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The Four Best Jobs for Cancer

Find out what Cancers are good at and what they need to succeed professionally

pediatrician with a baby
The Four Best Professions for Cancer.

The most emotional of the water signs, Cancer, is characterized in the professional realm by the fact that they put their emotions before their intellectual potential. Everything that they do and their efficiency in the workplace are directly dependent upon this extreme sensitivity.  For which reason, the jobs that they are best suited to their professional profile are those in which emotions play an important role. Below we will take a look at which professions are best for Cancer.

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What is Cancer like in the workplace?

This water sign's emotional instability is both their greatest strength and yet their biggest weakness. As a worker, Cancer is subjected to emotional ebbs and flows and depending on their emotional state, they may perform better or worse. For which reason, this is a being that is totally dependant on their environment. They need precise conditions to reach their full potential and do their best. However, in jobs where Cancers can empathize with others through understanding pain or feeling fulfilled through helping others, they are great professionals.

In a hostile environment, people born under this sign can even become depressed. They are extremely vulnerable and need to build a strong shield in order to protect themselves from the suffering of others that impacts them on a deep level. This is why they are represented by the crab: they are so soft inside that they need the protection of a hard shell. And for this reason, thanks to this armour, they can do jobs that imply high levels of emotional stress, for example, in the healthcare field.

The other ability that Cancers are blessed with is their extreme talent when it comes to memory and their primal connection with the past. For a crab, whose ability to crawl backwards makes them a unique animal, their comfort zone, and safety net are the past, conservative ways, and cautiousness.  So, all of those jobs that imply travelling to the past, or carrying out a task that requires conserving something, will come naturally to them.

The 4 best professions for Cancer

Keeping their dominant emotional slope in mind, we will take a look at what the best jobs are for Caner:

1. Midwife or paediatrician

Building on the knowledge that Cancers only find true purpose in jobs where there is a good cause involved, or rather, jobs where they can help others, a profession linked to the most vulnerable people would be ideal for them. Cancers, due to their extreme sensitivity, possess an emotional closeness (we could say a connection that transcends the professional) with children.

Children are the perfect "target" for Cancers, whose skills are strengthened when their work awakens their emotional side. And what could possibly be sweeter than a child? Education could be another sector that would meet their needs, particularly a childhood education teacher could be another good career opportunity for them. But, without a doubt, the medical profession and specifically pediatric medicine or work as a  midwife,  is the most appropriate fit for them since this sector implies directly attending people.

Among the best professions for Cancer, jobs, where this sign can help a child and be in direct contact with them, would be the most suitable.

2. Psychologist

The emotional side of one of the signs that is most emotionally aware forces them to constantly question things, to inspect their most intimate being, and to control the ups and downs on their rollercoaster of emotions.  So, throughout their lives, to get to know themselves and analyze their emotional ebbs and flows, natives of Cancer become true psychologists.

In an amateur way, of course, they have learned techniques through which one can explore their souls and solve both their mental and emotional problems. Imagine the potential that Cancer could have if this innate talent that they have acquired over the years were accompanied by real education in the field of psychology. 

As an emotional therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, and many other related alternatives, Cancer can realize a job that makes them feel fulfilled because they help others,  while they make the most of their true potential as an expert on the human mind and soul.

3. Historian

Another characteristic of Cancer is their incredible ability to memorize and their intimate relationship with the past. Like crabs, natives of this sign have the exclusive ability to move backwards, and everything that ties them to past times brings them comfort.  Sometimes even, this strong necessity to take a glimpse into the past ends up making them a bit nostalgic or melancholy.

Due to their incredible memory, Cancers can be great historians. In a job where the reconstruction of the past will highlight their daily lives, where the knowledge of current society and everything around us Today is understood through past experiences, Cancer will feel totally fulfilled, for sure.  Due to their conservative personality, the job of a historian allows them to evade the vertigo of looking towards the future and the safety of rediscovering the past.

Going back again to their emotional side, a Cancer's ability to always show their feelings could lead them to turn this history into excellent novels with extreme talent.

4.  Musician

Due to their extreme sensitivity, Cancer has highly developed artistic skills. Within the spectrum of art, in spite of the fact that they could get involved in many disciplines with great talent, music is one of the areas where they do the best.  And this is because music has two aspects that awaken the souls of human beings in the deepest sense. This is because to create great pieces of music, a highly developed technical knowledge, as well as a highly developed sensitive side, are required.

A Cancer could put all of their technical knowledge to compose a work that, through the modulation of the melody, awakens the most moving feelings in others. They could also perform the most beautiful and emotional pieces in the most delicate way. For Cancer, music can be both a refuge and a profession, and nothing will make them a happier and more satisfied being than that which makes them feel safe and protected (the space for feelings expressed through music) in a job where they have plenty of talent.

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