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The Four Best Jobs for Gemini

Find out what Geminis are good at and what they need to succeed

Deal with clients
The Four Best Professions for Gemini.

Do you want to know what the four best professions are for a Gemini? We have an incredible challenge ahead of us since Gemini could be suitable for a thousand jobs, not just four! What characterizes natives of this sign is their versatile nature and restlessness, they don't stop. They run from boredom!  Precisely because of this, we'll see what professions are best adapted to their personality.

Gemini professional profile

If we put a Gemini from accounting behind a table or a production chain in any factory we'd be condemning them to the most absolute failure. Their soul isn't made to work eight hours a day for a fixed salary, but instead, to satisfy their thirst for knowledge and make the most of their way with people. This is the only way to unite their personal happiness with workplace satisfaction.

For a Gemini to reach their maximum performance capacities in their work, they need human contact almost as much as the air they breathe. Feeling that they are in constant motion with the ability to use their best weapon (communication) will make them unstoppable, giving them enough energy to achieve whatever they put their mind to. On the same note, they always need new challenges, goals, and to continue reaching milestones to mark new goals again in order to avoid the feeling that they are stuck.

In fact, one of the most marked traits in a Gemini is without a doubt their endearing child-like personality. Someone born under this sign sees the world through a child's eyes, with both the pros and cons that this implies. This, for example, makes inconsistency something consistent (worth the redundancy) in their personality:  a Gemini can start a thousand new tasks with excitement and enthusiasm, but they don't have the consistency to follow these through to the end.

Another trait that makes them resemble a child more than an adult is that when they don't get the right results or in an environment that isn't favourable to them, they begin to wither away. However, if we start to flatter them and tell them what a great job they're doing, they start to perk up again. This goes for everything from love to their daily lives. And work as well.

However, unlike the Gemini children, they do in fact possess an incredible intellectual capacity. They are cold and rational beings, whose capacity to socialize is diminished to an analytical and calculating relationship. To achieve their goal, a Gemini has to trick and fool in order to keep standing out. The symbol of the dual mind and the variety of characters that know how to manage themselves on the contrary.

The 4 Best Professions for Gemini

Once all of this has been analyzed, attention: These are the jobs that are best suited to the Gemini personality!

1. Salesperson

A Gemini could sell you sand in the desert. Their cold and calculating personality, polite presence, friendly, and seductive makes them ideal to be true sale sharks. But, be careful, Gemini isn't the typical aggressive salesperson that works against the clock to sell you a motorcycle, not at all. They enjoy  the process, patiently following the right phases of the commercial process: getting to know the client, exploring their needs, discussing the product, hiding its defects and embellishing its strengths, and at the precise moment they say what they need to say in order to close the deal.

As negotiators, Geminis get a variety of benefits that makes them satisfied workers. In the first place, it's been said that they can develop their communicative skills. Secondly, their incentive isn't a fixed salary at the end of the month, but rather the constant attempt to overcome goals with a variety of results as a consequence. Thirdly, this is a dynamic job that's always changing and where new ideas are constantly needed, this is the opposite of a repetitive and boring job. Finally, after each victory, there is a pat on the back, applause, and congratulations. What more could you possibly ask as a Gemini!

2. Journalist

Precisely because of their talent as communicators, this is an ideal profile to work in journalism. First and foremost, as an informer, they will be able to satisfy their endless need for knowledge (brought to extremes which could turn into an unhealthy curiosity).  A Gemini wants to know it all, they are born to gossip, which gives them a true journalistic spirit.

The positive side of working as a part of an editorial team is that the journalists feed off of the latest news and novelties. With that being said, no one day is alike and, in fact, on the same day, things can change many times. Does anyone know of a bored journalist? This is exactly what a Gemini needs, fun, gossip, liveliness, feeling like a child with the desire to know it all and to go out there and take on the world.

Also, the immediacy is perfect for a Gemini: in this sense, they don't have to take on jobs that take a long time that could be easily tiring.  The time that it takes to cover a story and write it is enough to keep Gemini interested and motivated. Later, this could serve their analytical capacities and their intellectual gift to bring a serious tone to their reports.

3. Project Manager

The enthusiasm with which Gemini take an idea and turn it into an exciting  project  makes them the ideal candidate to manage projects at any company.  The infancy of the creation process, the first phase in which as much positive energy as possible is needed, which finally turns it into a resounding success, clearly corresponds with the vocation of a Gemini.

Among the tasks of a good project manager, we find support, funding, knowing how the job can be done in the most sustainable way. In these matters, Gemini will feel like a fish in the water: moving to spread their ideas and visiting sponsors until they obtain the necessary funds.

But also, no one else will know how to transmit the project's spirit to their team like them, the group of men and women in charge of turning this idea into a reality. And each new project will be a challenge, a new world to look at through the eyes of a child.

4. Lawyer

Gemini's most notable quality that helps them to become a successful lawyer or attorney is their ability to convince.  In fact, being a lawyer isn't much different from the world of sales: it has to do with convincing a jury that their version is right and, like in sales, the law allows half-truths or twisting laws so that they end up working in your favour. This is something that Geminis are great at.

As lawyers, Geminis use their analytical ability in their favour, and in using this, they try to unravel a case full of mysteries.  Facing this kind of mental challenges motivates them especially, however, when they are up against multi-faceted cases that become eternal, with huge juridical texts to analyze, their performance could end up declining. 

Among their abilities, the capacity to confront several people to reach a conclusion can be found.  Except for making contradictions which is something that they tend to do quite easily, so it won't be hard for them to reach the truth in a case and, in spite of all of this, if they aren't satisfied they can always find a way for the jury to see things from the opposite perspective.

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