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The Four Best Jobs for Leo

Find out what Leos are good at and what they need to be successful

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The Four Best Professions for Leo

We find ourselves before the king among mortals, Leo, the sign of power, luxury, money, an innate leader that does not know the word "temperance": like the fire that represents this sign, those born under Leo are capable of demolishing everything in their path to meet their goal. The same holds true in the workplace. So let's take a look at their traits in the workplace to find out which four professions are best suited to Leos.

What is Leo like in the workplace?

The characteristic that stands out the most in Leo, and that is a determining factor, is their attraction to money. Unlike other signs, for Leo, money is the most important, since they see this as a trampoline to catapult them to powerful positions, fame, and luxury. Recognition is a must-have. Without this, nothing else would make sense for a Leo.

From there, some of the traits that best define this sign are related to their ambition. Ambition in the rawest sense of the word: making their way to the top doing whatever it takes and paying the price to do so.  For this reason, an average job, or even one that requires qualifications, in which there is no possibility for promotion and no other option but to work eight hours a day under the supervision of a boss for a modest salary, means mediocracy in the eyes of a Leo.

Therefore, for Leo, there are only two options professionally: success or failure.

For Leo, success is leadership and power over others. This doesn't necessarily make them a tyrant, careful. Leo also has their code of conduct and morals which they use to try to be fair with others, in a way that when they get to where they want to be, they are fair and charismatic bosses. Also, it must be kept in mind that, for them, pats on the back, recognition, and praise, are fundamental to their sense of security and the feeling that they are respected.

When Leo is in lower rankings at a company, outside of management positions, then they are undisciplined, they like to skip the rules (although most of the time they do this instinctively) and even if they have a relationship with a coworker when they find themselves in a complicated situation,  they won't hesitate to use their weapons against others when it comes to getting ahead and climbing the corporate ladder.

With all of this in mind, Leo does this with a sincere and honest drive. We aren't talking about a twisted sign that likes to calmly analyze situations and then later move in for the kill. They can use trickery, lies, double standards, but, they do this in the heat of the moment and driven by their raving ambitious impulse. Otherwise, Leo is an awkward conspiring and would probably fail at any attempt.

Also, beyond what has been exposed, we are talking about a sign that's highly creative and independent. Leo likes to feel that when they triumph, it's all on them, as well as when they fail, no excuses. So they prefer creative jobs where they can bring their personality into what they do, a different touch. Their somewhat childish and immature personality gives them a special talent for creation.

For a Leo, failure is conformism. Leo is a sign with a great fortune but also instilled with radical ways.  For which reason, they can reach success in such a huge way that they can fall quickly into failure. And easily. However, Leo never confuses failure with frustration.  This is a sign created specifically to resist fall, with herculean willpower to get back up again.

For this reason, we can definitely describe this fire sign using the words, ambition, perseverance, strength, indiscipline, creativity, independence,  and an enviable ability to never give up.

The 4 best professions for a Leo

Having now discovered what Leo is like in the workplace, it's time to see which four professions are best for natives of this sign.

1. Advertising and communications

One of Leo's main traits is their gift when it comes to dealing with people. Very few are as talented as them when it comes to interpersonal relationships, and this is why being a journalist could be a good alternative for them. However, in this field, Leo runs the risk of feeling trapped. When they are overcome by the idea that they could be stuck behind the editorial desk for the rest of their lives, they get desperate.

However, today, the journalism trade has new braches with professions whose structures turn them into something more attractive to them. Advertising is a world full of creativity that requires an ambitious and energetic personality. Putting their product in the first place is essential, and assures your success.  Or communications, where you position a brand, person, or company at the top according to public opinion, and this is synonymous with success.

2. Executive

This is the perfect profile for a business shark. Wherever there is a Leo, there's an executive willing to work without qualms to reach success, which means progress for them and their business.

Nothing will make a Leo as happy as feeling free in their workplace, knowing that they can use all of their skills towards reaching a goal. They won't stop at any cost, nor for anyone, not even to rest, until they've met their goal. and when something doesn't go well or they make a mistake, Lady Luck will be on their side to lend them a helping hand.

If they still can't close a deal or they lose an important client, Leo won't lose hope. They won't close themselves into an office crying, and they won't think the situation over and over in their heads for days wondering why it didn't go well. No, this isn't Leo's style. Leo will get up and accept defeat just like in cases of success, and they will come out ready to find even more new clients or close more new deals, than the one that slipped out of their hands.

3. Politician

We find ourselves before an innate leader, born to be a charismatic being. Beauty tends to come hand in hand with Leos. Appearance is a strength of theirs, their beautiful mane and deep gaze. They awaken the senses of those whose eyes cross their path. And when they have the opportunity to expose their flow of inner intelligence, loquacity, determination, and  efficiency, they truly amaze.  Which makes them the perfect sign when it comes to politics.

Also, politics is a complicated terrain where if someone doesn't wish to triumph or be successful, they should be prepared to sling mud or get muddy. And one thing that Leo is not lacking in is courage and the ability to deceive when need  be,  to tell white lies, and adorn them with beautiful words that leave everyone stunned. It isn't that Leo isn't an ethical person, or that they're lacking morals. In fact, they firmly believe in their ideals, sincerely and honestly. What sets them apart from the rest is that for them, the end justifies the mean, and they are willing to do anything to reach this end.

So, if Leo gets involved in politics, they are highly likely to be successful. In other words, to become a charismatic leader. Of course, a word of advice from Leo's political advisors: control your mean side, arrogance, overbearingness, and the pride that you act with when you reach the top.

4. Lawyer, judge, or prosecutor

In the high position of a magistracy, Leo has a secure spot due to their ability to scrape their way to the top, due to their egocentric ways, and their respect for law and order.

For the huge importance that a Leo always gives to order in all aspects of life, this makes them an ideal candidate for a law career. Also, the feeling that they are working towards bringing justice to society, will blow up their ego in the way that natives of this sign need. In other words, in a professional law career, where narcissism is at the order of the day, Leo will feel like a lion in the Savannah: the indisputable king.

Of course, everything depends on the position that they are in. But in this respect, magistracy has various levels and offers the opportunity to move up constantly to higher positions. In this sense, Leo will have the possibility, due to their merits, to make it to the top. To make it count with an advantage: uncovering their repertoire of words, their seductive abilities, and their ability to twist reality as they please, they could convince more than one judge that the Earth is flat.

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