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The Four Best Jobs for Pisces

Find out which jobs are the best for Pisceans based on their personality

When Pisceans are in search of a job, they have very specific guidelines: they have the privilege of perception and intuition above rationality, struggle with getting comfortable in hostile environments, and have a developed sense of sensitivity and talent in creativity.  Based on these elements, we'll see what the best jobs are for Pisces.

What are Pisces like in the workplace?

Due to their calm, patient, and friendly nature, natives of this water sign need a work environment that meets their needs. Although this sign is highly disciplined, rarely rebels against established orders, and tends towards the loyal and committed completion of their tasks, careful: In a hostile and competitive work environment a Pisces will take refuge in a dream world and their productivity will diminish considerably.

On the other hand, if we bless a Piscean with a friendly environment where they feel secure, with a boss that understands and motivates them, and they are in a relatively free space in which they can develop their creative talent, then they will give it their best until the end.

Their creative side is one of this sign's greatest strengths.  In  Pisces,  you will find an emotional, passionate, instinctive, extremely intellectual, rational, and cartesian being. That's why their mind constantly needs to create new things acting in a changing dynamic: stability, for Pisces, is synonymous with stagnation. Due to all of this, art is one of the disciplines that most often connects to this zodiac sign's heart.

One of Pisces other appealing characteristics is their extreme sensitivity always channelled through their empathetic capacities. This is a highly impressionable being that is truly impacted by the suffering of others. However, when they feel that their help is needed, they drown in messianic ways that will  make  them do whatever it takes for the well-being of others.

So, in summary, being highly motivated in an environment where they can develop their talent and be useful to others, Pisces will give even more than need be. If they are put under extreme pressure and pushed for results without a cause that motivates them, their productivity will decrease notably and their mood will even hit all-time lows.

The Four Best Professions for Pisces

Following the personality parameters, we will define the jobs that are best adapted to Pisces, below:

1. Childhood education

We find ourselves before a timid and sensitive sign that often feels uncomfortable dealing with adults. Trying then to escape from the monotony and cruelty of the adult world to take refuge in a dream world, which is why it makes sense that they would find comfort in the innocence of children. This is the main reason (although not the only one) for why childhood education is one ideal job for Pisceans.

Among other advantages, with  children, Pisces  can develop their artistic abilities (What is educating a child without spreading knowledge to them through creative content?) and work in a dynamic space where each and every day is a new world.

Also, although Pisces lack the necessary energy to rebel against authority, in reality, they hate submitting to conventions and very strict rules. Working with children will feel less stressful, more relaxed, and they will be able to transmit all of their knowledge with professionalism combined with an extreme sense of sensitivity.

2. Geriatrics

For the same reasons exposed in the prior point, one of the age ranges that Pisces handles the best is the elderly, a vulnerable sector of the population (that they feel attuned to) and that doesn't feel threatening to them.  Analyzing these traits, we could conclude that assisting the elderly, geriatrics, is a type of employment that Pisces would carry out marvellously.

One of the advantages is that this job isn't based on money: the goal of this profession isn't lucrative, it's humanitarian. If it implies helping someone vulnerable which means that the job has meaning beyond the purely professional, a Pisces will overcome the challenges to accomplish their task.  Nursing would be among the recommended professions, for example.

One of the qualities that make this job "the one," for members of this sign in their endearing nature. They know how to work their way into people's hearts, and this quickly turns them into a precious person in the lives of many.  In many cases, the elderly lack company and affection, and because of this, a Pisces is their best supporter.

3. Artistic performance, actor

In the world of cinema, we find a long list of well-known actors that are Pisces:  John Travolta, Elizabeth Taylor, Daniel Craig, Bruce Willis, Benicio del Toro...

This is without a doubt one of the professions that  are  most connected to the Piscean personality, due to their strong artistic sense and constant need for change and to remove themselves from reality.  Acting as a profession brings natives of this sign the ability to escape from their everyday reality and, since, in the end, acting ends up being more than just a job for actors, their way of life, ends up becoming a world that is halfway between fantasy and reality.

Also,  actors work in totally free space without any ties and those lucky enough to have this job, constantly express themselves through creativity. Perfect for a Piscean!

Their ability to empathize with others and to show sensitivity towards their misery makes them a connoisseur of the human soul, which provides them with the talent to get into any role and know how to interpret it.  Their volatile and ever-changing personality allows them to move from one part to another, playing different characters which their sensitive side allows them to do with ease.

4. Writer 

For the most intellectual Pisces, one of the best professions out there is that of a writer, in their case. This is a great opportunity to travel to other worlds using the mind to escape the greyness and monotony of life that oppresses them. With their huge flow of creativity, a Pisces could fill pages and pages with imaginative stories, of course of a fictitious nature (the more fantastic the better)  detailed with the necessary dose of sensitivity to make the text more beautiful.

One of the elements that could help a Pisces to become a successful writer is knowing that when they do something that they like and they feel free from all of the pressure, this is when they can give it all they've got and they will constantly want to bring more, and more, and more to the table, until the reach artistic excellence.

Since this is an isolated profession, in which the writer tends to work without many commitments  (with the eventual pressure from the editor being the exception) and can work in a space that inspires them and where their creativity comes to life, Pisces will find comfort in this which will bring out the best in them.

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