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The Four Best Jobs for Sagittarius

Find out what Sagittarius are good at and what they need to be successful in their jobs

The Four Best Professions for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius, the centaur-archer, half-man, and half horse, uses their animal instinct to conquer spirituality. This freedom and abstraction, their imagination run freely, and because of this, they have the ability to think, desire freedom, and the desire to constantly improve. Based on these traits we can summarize their professional profile, and what the best professions are for Sagittarius.

What is Sagittarius like in the workplace?

Sagittarius is the symbol of travel, religion, philosophy, knowledge, the abstract mind, and adventures. This is a positive and expansive sign for whom freedom rules their values in all areas of their life, including the professional realm. For the centaur, one of the requirements to perform their best is a free atmosphere in an open space, without any kind of pressure, in a job where they can freely express their abilities. On the other hand, a monotonous job behind a desk in an office or in a closed space cuts their potential short, and in the long-term, will end up leading to poor results.

However, Sagittarius will bring things to the end, no matter what the conditions are, this is one characteristic of this sign since they will try to give it all they've got.  Unlike other signs, that are unable to work in an environment that doesn't suit them, Sagittarius is a persistent fighter, so they won't give up at the first sign of trouble. Their continuous and enviable willpower is an excellent competitive advantage. 

The personality trait that defines them is their sociability. Sagittarius needs to always be surrounded by people, in a job where they can make the most of their gifts of communication and expression. As a coworker, they're ideal, since they spread their energy to everyone around them while they transmit positivity and a spirit of improvement.  They always know where they should be and what to do, so, they will avoid any kind of conflict in their environment and they will be very useful when a situation goes downhill.

The 4 best professions for Sagittarius

In conclusion, jobs outdoors with full freedom, that require their gift of knowledge and a sociable environment where they can best express their communicative spirit are ideal for Sagittarius. So, let's take a look at which four professions are best for Sagittarius:

1. Journalist

Journalism is an ideal career for the archer since it offers them the proper space to constantly communicate with people, develop their expressive sense, and do their work while constantly moving outdoors. When a Sagittarius is a professional in this field, they can give it their best, so, if we imagine an archer in the insatiable search for news and interviews, we may find ourselves with a tireless and highly professional journalist.

In fact, within the journalism profession, natives of this sign need tasks that are dynamic. For which reason, being a reporter which implies an adventurous, free spirit is best for them. They wouldn't enjoy constantly being stuck in the editorial office typing, but rather with the camera in their hand searching for the news, the ideal situation to capture an event and make it into a good story.

On a risky extreme, journalism in war and zones of conflict would be an appropriate job for a native Sagittarius. This is a task only within the reach of highly adventurous people, with a very open mind, and an enormous amount of positivity, capable of handling the pressure of conflictive situations... Ideal for the centaur.

2. Philosopher

Knowledge forms a part of the Sagittarian personality since they're always keen on wisdom. Their abstract mind gives them the ideal personality to absorb speculative knowledge, and within the field of humanities, these are perfect for this. When we say philosophers we mean, sociologists, historians, political scientists, art history specialists, any field that implies thought, and developing theories using speculative knowledge.

Sagittarius is a thinker, so they will feel happy trying to constantly develop their knowledge, lifting up their  privileged  minds to reach a level of wisdom or trying to answer questions that suppose the improvement of society as a whole.

Related to this field, Sagittarians are excellent writers. And this is the case because they have a watchful eye and nothing gets past them. Centaurs are excellent observers, and they have a special ability to retain all of the little details that others don't notice. It isn't hard for them to use their abstract mind at all to turn these little details into a story filled with feeling.

3. Performance

Sagittarians can be excellent actors, dancers, acrobats, or athletes. Their strength when it comes to physical exercise is a good driving factor in this type of profession in which they can also put the expression of their body into practice. This sign enjoys the freedom of movement.  For a Sagittarius, always eager to take part in new experiences and to be in contact with other people, performance, particularly theatre, or circus acrobatics, are very appropriate jobs.

We have to imagine a Sagittarius on the stage moving, for example, in contemporary dance, that requires the body to perform at its best, or on a unicycle (a bicycle with one wheel) expressing themselves with all of their splendour to make others happy or by transmitting a positive message. In fact, the circus is a highly suitable profession for them, because this implies improving their abilities every day. In all of those shows where high performance and self-improvement is required, Sagittarius definitely has a place.

4. Traveller

Being a traveller isn't a profession, this is obvious. But all of the professions that could include this as one of their requirements would be ideal for a native of Sagittarius. You have to think for example of jobs like a salesperson, that require the centaur to visit distant cities, and even possibly living in these cities for a few days. Or, a business auditor, for example, constantly visiting big companies in capitals all over the world.

One of the fields that Sagittarius has a special talent in is science, and particularly, biology, so it wouldn't be strange for those born under this sign to become veterinarians or, more specifically, rural veterinarians, that go from farm to farm paying visits to different animals. Or they could even work as biologists that work outdoors with wild species and even travel to hidden corners of the world to discover new species, with their adventurous spirit.

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