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The Four Best Jobs for Scorpio

Find out what Scorpios are good at and what they need to be successful in their professional life

Dentist with a patient.
The Four Best Professions for Scorpio

Scorpio, the most intense sign of the zodiac, passionate, with strong magnetism, is also a special case in the workplace: Putting their impulsive side to good use working for a cause has a lot to offer, but they also lose motivation easily and can become envious and hold a grudge. Let's see how Scorpio fits into the 4 best professions for this sign.

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Let's see what Scorpio is like in the workplace

To define what a Scorpio is like in the workplace, you have to keep the first reality in mind: we are faced with an energetic sign here, with passion, and tremendous magnetism. A sign whose vision of the world, reality, and life in general, is conceived through contrasts.  In the workplace, their determination is capable of turning their overflowing energy into something good, but in lacking a rational side to sustain their emotions, in an environment that they dislike, they could get tired and their worst side as a Scorpio could shine through.

However, focusing on the positive aspects, the good news is that Scorpios are very useful beings when it comes to the common good.  In this way, now we'll see that the most ideal professions for natives of this sign come down to serving others in order to help them.

In this respect, Scorpios are very lively emotionally, also unlike many mortals, they build a hard shield to stop things from affecting them too much. This contrast makes them good professionals when it comes to handling the problems of others.

However, unfortunately, they aren't very patient. Scorpios can be tough, mean, and resentful people, for which reason sales or customer service could work against their productivity in these fields.

The 4 best professions for Scorpio

Now that we've seen what Scorpios are like in the workplace, we'll discover the professions that are most suited to their personality:

1. Medical field

As we've seen, one of the clearest characteristics of Scorpios in the workplace is that they do not know how to separate their emotions from their professional responsibility.  Reason for which, a Scorpio would feel most comfortable in a job where using their emotional intelligence, they can figure out how to deal with these emotions and turn them into professional productivity. Because of this, the first of the best professions for a Scorpio is, heart and shield, without a doubt the medical field.

Also, in this profession, there is something that no one else has like a Scorpio: a tender heart and a tough shield.  The situations that medical personnel are accustomed to are very difficult, situations that would leave others paralyzed. However, Scorpios have a highly developed emotional realm, which they protect with an iron shield so that no one can affect them.

2. Psychologist

Listed above, although this a more specific specialization, we find psychology, a field for which Scorpios are the perfect candidate. Who could possibly read a complex mind better than a Scorpio?

Accustomed to the need to manage their emotions, Scorpios develop an admiral sense of emotional intelligence that brings them talent in psychology. As we have seen before, for them, mixing their professional environment with their emotions is something that is a requirement for this sign. 

And besides, the purely emotional element, their research skills, and desire to search for the details, and to investigate  (in this case, all of those events, memories, and expressions that could help to guide the patient towards improving their situation) also makes them excellent psychologists.

3. Researcher

Any kind of job that requires following a trail of clues would be perfect for Scorpios. More than having a gift for resolving baffling cases, what they have is an extreme thirst for knowledge, but not in relation to gossip, but in order to always  search  for ways to improve.  So, for example, scientific research could be a perfect career opportunity for them.

Not just this, but also for example, on police investigation units, trying to find clues and evidence in criminal cases. Both of which would end up bringing good to society, that Scorpios definitely know a lot about.

And what about a detective? Why not. In this case, Scorpio would have to put on that shield to do their work, dirty work in this case, with less social compensation,  but this job also requires just as much talent when it comes to investigation.

4. Social worker

In this case, once again, we are faced with a job whose daily reality is so raw that (sometimes) it isn't easy to avoid ending up a bit traumatized.  Seeing others pain is difficult and requires professionals with a very specific personality, with a very special kind of toughness. Scorpios, as we have seen, have this, and they put this to use to help those that need it most.

In this case, they have an endless number of fields to choose from: geriatrics, special education, social education, with orphaned children or broken families, immigrants, prisoners... In all of these environments, Scorpio can make an impression with their magnetic personality, friendly personality when they choose to show  it,  and their ability to make others respect them when the occasion requires this.

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