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The Four Best Jobs for Virgo

Find out what Virgos are good at and what they need to be successful

People working on computers
The Four Best Jobs for Virgo

Virgo + work = perfection. This is the equation that best represents the personality of Virgos in the workplace, defined by their tireless search for perfection through a methodical mind instilled with a privileged level of intelligence.  Along with Capricorn, this is the most efficient sign in the workplace. We'll see what this sign is like and what professions are best suited to them.

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What is Virgo like in the workplace?

As Virgo's ruling planet, Mercury is fundamental to psychology since it's the star that represents intelligence.  In other words, when we talk about Virgo, we are talking about a privileged sign on an intellectual level whose mind is ruled by the parameters of Cartesian rationality: analysis, critique, method.

As you have probably already guessed, Virgo is a highly efficient worker whose results are accompanied by constant effort and they are very, very strict. Along with the concept of "the search for perfection" Virgos are always "demanding", and the combination of both usually turns out to be successful. Therefore, Virgo needs jobs in which success is connected to processes that are reached  through analysis and method combined with consistent work.

On the other hand, those jobs that require genius epiphanies or mechanical processes that don't require much thought will end up seeming unrewarding to them.

Another noteworthy aspect of their personality is how highly they think of themselves and the effects that their critical vision can have. For a Virgo, the world is organized in a rational way and, in work, the only goal should be perfection.  They obsess over anything that is out of place or any mistaken piece of information, and this, on many occasions could be very annoying for their coworkers. Since they are so hard on themselves in their search for perfection, Virgo believes that everyone around them should join in on their pursuit as well, so they will demand the same standards from others.

The 4 Best Professions for Virgo

For a privileged and perfectionist mind like that of Virgo, these could be the best professions for them:

1. Computer science

Everything that has to do with computer engineering, programming, databases, etc., is highly attractive to Virgo since their privileged mind can decipher and translate millions of pieces of information and codes through computing: the systematic study of the algorithmic processes that describe and transform information.

In this job Virgos are faced with complex processes that require an extreme amount of dedication and any error could totally tear a job apart.  Their mind is specifically made for this, for which reason, it is likely that a native of this sign could be the perfect candidate to be a highly efficient programmer.

Their attention to detail, down to the most minute thing, and their intuitive factor complete their abilities in this field. In a project that drags out for a long time, they could get tired easily, and infuriate their superiors since they are so meticulous that sometimes it takes them a while to get the job done.  But the final result is impeccable.

2. Scientific researcher

Virgo's logical mind is highly recommended for scientific research. In reality, a Virgo's mind is structured exactly like the scientific concept itself: Analysis, control, and critique. From some first hypothesis (here Virgo's intuitive abilities come in handy) the control process comes around (here their methodical minds activate) and through their methods, they reach a conclusion. During the critique, (here their demanding ways come into play) the whole process is reformulated.

In this field, scientific research, Virgo also feels great because they are working towards the common good,  which coincides with other personality traits of theirs: they always try to help others, much before worrying about themselves.

3. Healthcare

The following outlines another field of specialization that could be ideal for Virgo. The healthcare field finds itself among the top 4 professions since it aligns with Virgo's scientific mind and altruistic heart. Dedicating  themselves  professionally to helping others through observation is a literal transcription of what it means to be a Virgo.

Within the medical field, due to their precision and meticulous ways, they would make excellent surgeons. These are people that are incredibly human and that carry out highly complex procedures, very precisely and under a lot of pressure. Cutting one millimetre to one side or the other could mean life or death, and Virgos are unique when it comes to this.

You could definitely feel safe in the hands of a Virgo in an open heart surgery. The saying "more precise than a surgeon" comes from this sign.

4. Construction

Another field of work that requires mathematic precision is construction or repairing objects. These difficult jobs that require patient and careful people that are capable of staying focused on what they are doing over the course of the entire day at work.  Someone working in construction needs to be so demanding that they are willing to look over every step and start all over again if anything is wrong.

Within construction, Virgos could be brilliant restaurateurs, for example. Their broad knowledge of philosophy, history, and the arts in addition to their precise control of the materials and tools, with iron precision and infinite patience, are able to reconstruct pieces or ancient buildings with a tremendous amount of responsibility.

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