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The Best Life Advice by Zodiac Sign: Find Out Yours

Are you drowning in a sea of doubt and can't find your way out? The Magic Horoscope can help you! Find here the best advice for each zodiac sign.

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The best advice by zodiac sign: find out yours | Magic Horoscope


There's times when life gets too complicated for a person to deal with it alone. That's why our daily life wouldn't be the same without all that people that come around us, along with us and help us out in any sticky situation we find ourselves in, always in the most selfless way possible.

Like a wise man once said, friendship is the most important ingredient to the recipe of life. Something that doesn't really come as a surprise, because aside from being quite the significant component, this sort of affective relationship is made of other equally important areas, such as commitment, patience, reciprocity or communication, just to name a few.

Here at the Magic Horoscope, we'll focus on that latter category, and more specifically, on one of the elements that are part of that idea exchange: advice. At some point, we've all needed recommendations or warnings from someone in our closest environment to help us see what we couldn't see by ourselves.

How to give the best life advice 

Even though it might initially look easy to find the best advice, the truth is, it's quite a complex task, and sometimes even risky. After all, this is no small thing we're talking about here; whatever sentence we provide will have an effect on the life of the person we advise, so it's essential not to mess up or we could ruin their life.

To start with, it's important to have a good relationship with them. Otherwise, not only will they not keep in mind our advice; we're also running the risk of not having enough information to know what's best for them.

We should also learn about the difference between advising and judging, because in the end, we're not entitled to criticise or question someone else's actions or choices. To do that, we shouldn't lose track of our single final goal: helping out.

Finally, we should remember that in order to be proper advisors we should be willing to both talk and listen to the person that needs help. If we don't, instead of being living and breathing Jiminy Crickets, we'll become an annoying bug that keeps buzzing mindlessly through life.

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Here's the best life advice for each zodiac sign

The time has come to find out what each zodiac sign's best advice is. If you're a little lost and don't quite know what to do, don't wait any longer: this is the perfect read for you!

aries logoBest advice for Aries:

«Think, therefore exist»

By paraphrasing the one and only René Descartes, we find the best advice for Aries. Everyone knows that your impulsiveness could become your worst nemesis, and that you don't often think twice before taking a plunge. If to that we add that you're usually stubborn and a little prone to getting mad easily, aside from always looking into your own needs, we'll find an explosive, reckless native. 

Because of all this, the best advice for you is to learn to keep calm and think before you speak, because you can be a little too talkative sometimes, Aries. A trick to avoid falling into absurd choices you might regret later is to breathe in and count to ten before you make a statement about whatever topic you're dealing with. In other words, you need to focus on improving your self-control, because if you do, you'll see your life quality skyrocketing.

taurus logoBest advice for Taurus

«Don't pretend, dare to be»

In order to find the best advice for Taurus, we need to focus on your darker side: the one that hides your most materialistic, greedy side. But in the words of miss Coco Chanel, "it's not about appearance, it's about essence. It's not about money, it's about education. It's not about clothing, it's about class", and the truth is, she couldn't be any more right. We're living times where finances have made their way into people's minds, and the thirst for money and material goods has become a great obsession for many. 

Thus, here at the Magic Horoscope we advise you to quit appearances once and for all, dare to get out of your comfort zone and show the world how magnificent your essence is. In order to do that you could follow some basic tips: first, reduce your exposure to publicity to avoid temptations; take some minutes to write down about anything that isn't material, yet important to you (for instance, your feelings or values), and start paying more attention to the simpler things in life. Finally, try keeping track of your expenses for at least a month. You'll see your interpretation of life and happiness completely change.

gemini logoBest advice for Gemini:

«Growing... that's your biggest adventure»

It couldn't be any other way. The basis of the best advice for Gemini falls on one of your favourite movies. Peter Pan is a sort of survival manual for you, who see your biggest dreams coming to life in Neverland. However, the original quote from the main character was: "dying, that's my biggest adventure", so we've just adapted it into your case, because you know that most of your darker traits keep a tight connection to that inner child that doesn't want and will never want to become an adult. 

Unfortunately, no matter how you swim against the current and try to keep enjoying life like a child, years and time will go by anyway. That means that, if you're not enough of an adult to start taking responsibilities, you'll be left behind away from your closest family, and reality will hit you right in the gut. Although we know you can't ask for the impossible, we're also aware of your great capacity to adapt. Besides, for an adventure-loving, constantly-moving native like you, don't you think it might get boring to stay a child forever?

cancer logoBest advice for Cancer:

«You learn to smile by crying your heart out»

Cancer has such a soft, kind heart that the best advice for you is the one that allows you to see all the strength and courage you've got hiding deep inside you. Because you're so protective and sympathetic, there's also a downside that could be highly self-destructive: your rejection to failure and taking orders are not helping, because they can make you very grumpy and sensitive sometimes. 

That's why you need to understand that failure is essential if you want to evolve as an individual, and that tears clean us up inside and out, and make us see things from a much clearer and hopeful perspective. After all, failure allows us to go back to square one and start again, but this time with a lesson learned. Besides, reaching success takes great doses of risk and sacrifice, aside from needing other skills such as patience or resilience.

leo logoBest advice for Leo:

«You're only great if you can be small»

It's time to know about the best advice for Leo, the leader of the horoscope. Of course, it couldn't be any other way: the perfect advice for you will be a shower of humility for a feisty lion or lioness, something you definitely need. That's the case because with your giant pride, extreme arrogance and the obsession to always be in the spotlight, sometimes it looks like you live life one level above the rest. 

Therefore, you need to come to terms with the idea that you can't get to the top if you don't know what's it like in hell first. In the end, failure is another way to learn, as we've said before, and that's something that will allow you to talk about anything in a fully knowledgeable way. Besides, along the way you might take some new lessons and values home, such as sympathy or understanding.

virgo logoBest advice for Virgo:

«Freedom isn't worth it if you can't make mistakes»

Virgo, you're a native with many wonderful qualities, but with a little flaw or two that you might need to work on. That's why finding the best advice for you is a little more complicated. However, it's a well known fact that nothing is impossible, and if we want to be successful, we need to appeal to your most conservative, perfectionist side, which can make you a little anger-prone and even shallow, no matter if things aren't that way. 

Thus, we here at the Magic Horoscope advise you to relax and learn to live life a little calmer.  What matters is that you accomplish goals and get things done, and excellence isn't completely necessary to deal with daily life anyway. Working on your sense of humour would also be perfect, because it keeps a tight connection to perfectionism, something that also goes through our self-esteem. Last but not least, don't forget it's much more important to be happy than perfect.

libra logoBest advice for Libra:

«May you live every single day of your life»

Libra, you're one of the most charming signs in the wheel, but that doesn't mean there isn't any advice that you can get. In fact, several of your traits bring some features into existence that aren't that good, like your frivolity when dealing with certain issues. In fact, your constant tendency to find balance in absolutely every single thing can sometimes be a double-edged sword that could make you shallow and even unreasonable. 

That's why it's important for you to let loose every now and then and let out everything that's inside you, both good and bad. Otherwise, you won't be able to enjoy the complete experience of life, because we need to live through all sorts of instances and even let those apparently hurtful feelings flow freely. In the end, the key to existence is to deal with our angels and demons, to be ready against any sort of situation we're forced to face.

scorpio logoBest advice for Scorpio:

«Success is the best revenge»

When you feel like it, Scorpio, you can be tremendously malicious, and obsess until you can't see past your point of revenge and cruelty. It's not something you can control, it's just that emotions get the best of you and can make you twisted and calculating,  able to do anything to see your enemies fall. Who hasn't lived that sweet sensation that comes from a well thought-out revenge? 

Well, here at the Magic Horoscope we should warn you that's not the best attitude to life. To enjoy the feeling that we generally perceive as the ultimate guilty pleasure, first you need to fill yourself up with negative emotions and thoughts. Don't you think it's best to be happy and forget about the rest of the world?  If others are jealous of you, that's their problem, not yours! Besides, Mahatma Gandhi used to say that whoever can shine with their own light doesn't need to put out that of others, and that's one of the best pieces of advice for you out there.

sagittarius logoBest advice for Sagittarius:

«If you can't love their demons, don't bring them out of hell»

As a native of a fire sign, Sagittarius, you have a great flow of energy that makes you unstoppable and adventurous. However, that free-spirited, open-minded personality might make you irresponsible and shallow.  In fact, an archer loves their games and taking things lightly, and depending on who you've got around, it might be extremely harmful and unnecessary, so the best advice for you is connected to that extreme carelessness. 

That's why you're better off thinking twice before you take your next plunge, because someone could expect you to behave differently and end up disappointed. Or at least, it would be nice if you gave a warning about your intentions before becoming emotionally involved with someone else, because not everyone is as liberal and adventurous as you are. Besides, it's incredibly easy to cling to you and almost addicted! Remember: it's not a bad thing to have fun in love and do what you want, but you should never toy with people's feelings.

capricorn logoBest advice for Capricorn:

«If you fly your golden wings too close to the sun, you'll melt»

Capricorn, you're one of the most stable signs in the zodiac wheel. However, despite your many qualities, you run the risk of going too far and take one of them to such an extent, it becomes your ultimate nemesis. Can you imagine what we're talking about? Probably you can... Ambition. Thus, your best advice will try to help you control that thirst for power. 

Yes, my Capricorn friend... An extreme sense of ambition could create the opposite effect to what you wanted and make you fall into a bottomless pit. Why can't you settle for anything? That endless dissatisfaction ends up being much more harmful than any other bad habits you might have. Wanting to do things right is perfect, but always trying to be the most perfect individual in the room will not only keep you from being so, but will also make you look worse than if you just flowed through and embraced whatever the Universe has got in store. Don't let yourself be dragged down by the desire of having or being something different, and start appreciating yourself the way you are, boosting everything that brings nothing but positivity.

aquarius logoBest advice for Aquarius:

«Trust comes before betrayal»

Aquarius, you're dreamy, human, kind, funny, brilliant... But also furious, slightly manipulative, cold, distant, rude... and incredibly mistrusting. What's more, that independent spirit actually hides a complete lack of confidence towards others, and the fact that you stay so far from everyone else and society's rules also keeps a tight connection with that mistrust, which is quite sad, because it ends up creating a wall between you and people around that doesn't feel all that satisfying, no matter how much you try to cover it up and pretend it isn't the case. 

Us humans are social animals, Aquarius. We need to socialise, and not only that; we also need to rely on their support every now and then.  This doesn't mean that you need to make your circle so big, a million friends fit in; but you should start to be more trusting with people around you, and think that they would do anything to protect you and see you happy. You need to remember that they won't ever hurt you, and to stop being so stiff about this, because they only look out for you and want your life to be a happy place.

pisces logoBest advice for Pisces:

«Keep holding things in and you'll drown»

Finally, we reach the last house in the zodiac wheel, which is home to sensitive Pisces. Finding the best advice for you won't be that hard, because the world of chaos and absolute negativity you live in needs external stimuli to shake you up, creating a cataclysm inside you and helping you see things from a different perspective. The problem is that oftentimes, it's your loved ones that have to detect the shade lurking over you, because you're able to keep swallowing all your drawbacks and bad life experiences, until... Bang! You burst open. 

Pisces, we know you're very patient and can hold on tight, but the fact that you keep holding distress in won't make it any easier to digest. There's nothing wrong about breaking down from time to time like a house of cards. Quite the opposite, it'll always be easier to rebuild your fortress with an extra set of hands, rather than only yours. That way, you'll also enjoy the process more. Wake up, because smiling is free!