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The Best Sports by Zodiac Sign

Water-based, adventure-based, vehicle-based... Each zodiac sign has a sport of their own! Dare to see what your best sport is, and to practise it?

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, sports are 'physical contests pursued for the goals and challenges they entail'. With such a definition, it might look like any sort of physical activity is one of the most dreadful, tiresome activities out there, when the reality of it couldn't be any further. For some, sports are more than just a game or competition, and it becomes a sort of philosophy without which life just wouldn't be the same.

If all extremes are bad, the truth is that practising sport regularly can substantially improve our existence and help us perfect endless areas of our body. And even though no sport is better than another, and sometimes it's hard for us to get to terms with incorporating regular exercise into our daily life, the truth is that we just need to take the first step to enter a positive dynamics and a spiral that we won't ever want to leave.

Today, the Magic Horoscope presents the best sports by zodiac sign, so that you can enjoy that wonderful feeling of adrenaline running through your veins and experiencing satisfaction through every single pore in your skin. 

The benefits of sport

As we've said before, doing exercise has endless benefits, both biological and psychological. Among them, we can point out that your shape and physical endurance will improve, as well as your blood pressure and resistance to insulin. It also influences our weight, muscles and joints very positively. And not only that: it helps improve your self-esteem and alert state, and contributes to reducing stress and other negative feelings such as aggressiveness or rage.

All in all, sports can be a great tool to increase the overall wellness of our bodies and minds. Considering that the expenses to do it can be minimal, exercising eventually becomes one of the best therapeutical activities out there.

The best sports by zodiac sign

For all we've mentioned earlier, today we encourage you to find out what the best sports are according to your zodiac sign. Don't wait any longer, and start being extremely happy from today!

aries logoARIES: Parachuting / Quads

Like good old firey natives, Arians like to rumble. For that reason, if you're a native Arian, the best sport for you will be any sport mixing great doses of risk and adventure, and that manages to set aflame the passion inside you, turning it into the true engine that powers your life. 

Thus, at this point, we can only state that the best sport for Arian lads is parachuting, because it'll make their adrenaline skyrocket and their emotions will be running higher than ever. By contrast, Arian warrior ladies will rather keep their feet on the ground, but will be in pursuit of the same exact thing: getting real goosebumps. That's why quads will be their best allies when experiencing that risky feeling they like so much.

taurus logoTAURUS: Street Luge / Golf

In some way, Taureans are a little more posh and cautious when doing exercise. That's why it's important that you remember that your best sports won't be as accelerated as other signs', but that doesn't mean you can't have just as much fun. However, to find it you need to take a different approach and find the kind of exercise that's most motivating for you. 

And while Taurean men will enjoy doing Street Luge -a sport that's all about sliding around with a speed skateboard while lying down on it-, ladies will be a little more sophisticated and their taste for luxury and a fancy life will make them choose the elegant sport of golf.

gemini logoGEMINI: Blog Jumping / Ice skating

There's several things to consider if you want to find the best sport for your sign, Geminis. Not only your element will influence your choice, but your mind will also have an essential role, as well as -of course- your sweet Peter Pan Syndrome. With things being this way, you need to find a sport that brings together air, fantasy and a childish spirit, which seems hard to do at a first glance. But don't worry, we've got the answer you're looking for! 

The boys born under the twin sign will almost literally go crazy with what's known as Blobbing or Blog Jump. Want to know what it is? It's a partially inflated bag of air floating on the water, and while one person sits at the edge of the bag, two more people jump on the other side to fling them into the air. Instead, pure-bred Gemini ladies will go with a much more creative and beautiful activity which includes flying: ice skating.

cancer logoCANCER: Diving / Kayaking

The best sports for your zodiac sign will be closely connected to your element, Cancers. In fact, it'll be the key factor to set the most perfect choice, because although any water sports could mesmerise crabs, only those that give a sense of calmness and can be done in groups will be up to par. The only thing that Cancers can like better than water sports is enjoying them with family. 

That's why men born under the crab sign will greatly enjoy a relaxing and passionate diving round that allows them to find some of the secrets hiding away in the greatness of the ocean. As far as the ladies are concerned, they will choose kayaking, a slightly safer activity just as amusing as diving, with the advantage of all the family using the same boat.

leo logoLEO: Rafting / Paintball

Leo is another of the zodiac signs betting on adventure and extremes, which is why the best sports for you are any that have one of those heart-pounding components that you like so much. Leos don't understand life without a little risk or emotion, and are set as one of the zodiac signs that feel insanely attracted to adrenaline. Besides, that added risk will make them look brave to the eyes of others, and that is something they like even more. 

Thus, Leo lads will want to practise rafting or canyoning,  because they'll take it as a challenge against their opposing element: water, which is not very friendly to felines, and that adds a dash of courage. However, the ladies will choose to stay on the ground and take the leader role by spearheading a paintball team, not just to win a battle, but also the war against the opposing team.

virgo logoVIRGO: Parkour / Cycling

Virgoans are natives that love living healthy, but they aren't exactly adrenaline addicts, so the best sports for you will be those that have a positive influence on your health but not enough as to risk your life. Your great sense of reality knows you can't risk your integrity, because life goes on and you need to keep up with your responsibilities and goals. 

Thus, Virgo boys will bet on their practical side and jump into what's known as parkour,  which involves moving around the city or nature by overcoming any obstacles that come along the way, and turning the streets into their personal gym, in some way. The girls, on their hand, will bet on a sport that's quite typical but with many variations and highly healthy: cycling.

libra logoLIBRA: Powerboating / Trekking

Like airy natives, Librans dream about flying like a bird and soaring through endless skies. Thus, the best sports for you will need to have that side to them, even if it doesn't involve flying itself, because your unleashed imagination will do the rest. Plus, as lovers of beauty and harmony, you'll want to enjoy a privileged environment, only for the most daring individuals. 

With these pointers, it's obvious that Libran lads will lose their minds over powerboating, because they'll be absolutely fascinated about the idea of sailing and speeding through the seven seas. On the other hand, the ladies will go on a lovely trekking round, that variation of mountaineering that allows its practitioners to see magical places away from the frantic daily life of humans. Thus, they'll enjoy all the wonders that nature offers while getting in shape and taking care of themselves.

scorpio logoSCORPIO: Snowboard / Surf

Scorpios' need for passion and movement will be the guideline to choose the best sports for your zodiac sign. In order to be attractive, the activities you choose need to appeal to your powerful, decisive side and get out of your routine. Only then will you stir around your most emotional side and will bring out your full potential. 

At this point, all we've got left to say is that any Scorpio lads will fall in love with the extreme sport of snowboarding, which is much harder than its popular brother, skiing. This way, Scorpio lads will make a difference. Regarding the ladies, they will appeal to their natural element and prefer to waltz with the waves by doing surf,  the spectacular Polynesian-born discipline.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS: Sandboard / Ice climbing

The words ruling over Sagittarians are freedom and adventure. That's why the best sports for your sign will be those that allow you to enjoy both areas, and the more original and different, the better. As native Sagittarians, you need experiences to reignite the flames inside you, and that's why you're usually big fans of the extreme. 

Thus, Sagittarian men will be the first to join into a round of sandboard, which is climbing up dunes or sand hills, with boards that look slightly similar to skateboards. Instead, ladies will want to practise a sport with a completely opposite climate, and they'll go mad feeling the excitement of ice climbing live in the flesh.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN: Underwater hockey / Wingsuit

Despite being excessively cautious and responsible, the truth is that Capricorns can really enjoy themselves when feeling endorphines all around caused by movement and exercise. Also, far from what you might think, the best sports for your sign are much more original and daring than they'd seem. 

There's ice, grass or even concrete hockey. However, Capricorn boys will choose another specialty: underwater hockey, which requires plenty of rigour and lots of hard, constant work. But the ladies will go one step further and be more original by choosing the extreme and exciting sport of wingsuit. Have you heard about it? it allows you to jump into flight, and all you need to do is get into a special suit that substantially increases the buoyancy of our bodies.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS: Fierljeppen / Quidditch

Aquarians are the brightest individuals in the zodiac wheel, and their enormous uniqueness is just one of many good traits for natives of this sign. Besides, your best sports will not only be unique, but also very fun so that you can keep filling up your diary with memories to last a lifetime. 

On the one hand, Aquarian boys will be dazzled by the sport of fierljeppen, a classic of the Netherlands which involves jumping across a channel with a pole and trying to go as far as possible. On the other, ladies of this sign will go back to their childhood if they try at least once to do some quidditch, the sport of magicians that became popular and well-known thanks to the magical world of Harry Potter.

pisces logoPISCES: Waterpolo / Swimming

Pisceans, your best sports will be those that allow you to enjoy your natural element as much as possible so that you can feel like a fish in water. And even though you're tender and emotional inside, the truth is you're not afraid to try if you need to do your best when playing or competing, which is truly great even if you're not the most original in this area. 

After all we've mentioned, all that's left to say is that Piscean men will want to give their best and more when they jump into waterpolo, where they'll have to bring out the best in them. The ladies, however, will prefer to take their own path and do individual exercise, and the best sport for them will undoubtedly be swimming.