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The Best Tattoos For Women According To Their Zodiac Sign

Find out what tattoo designs for women is more suitable for you according to your zodiac sign.

A black and white picture of a woman with her hair up and with a tattoo on her back.
Best Tattoos For Women According To Their Zodiac Sign

This article presents the best tattoos for women according to their zodiac sign.  The signs of the zodiac can be used for much more than determining the main characteristics of your personality. Depending on the planets that rule your sign, you will have different preferences and tastes for tattoos than someone with a different zodiac sign.  


What are the best tattoo ideas for women according to their zodiac sign?

If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo for some time,  but you are not daring to take the step, because you are not sure about the shape, the design or the part of your body where you want to do it, this article will be very helpful, since your zodiac sign can give you the clues you need to choose the best tattoo for you.

So, there are many aspects of your personality that you must take into account when getting a tattoo that will last forever since you will not choose the same design if you are a reserved person than if you are the most daring and exuberant one. Here you can find the best tattoos for women based on their zodiac sign.

Tattoo ideas for Aries women 

Leaders by nature, Aries women need a tattoo that reflects the enthusiastic and adventurous personality of their zodiac sign. As they are women of titanic complexity, they can prefer both tattoos that are simple and minimalist as well as those large ones that are well defined and over-elaborate.

While there are many different shapes and options, the really important thing for Aries women is that the tattoo should be in a visible area of the body. In this way, they expect to be asked as many times as possible about it, so that they have the opportunity to go on and on about the reasons that have led them to make such a decision.

When it comes to possible designs, tribal symbols, weapons and the most aggressive and ferocious animals become the best tattoos for Aries  to be drawn on the skin of a woman of this zodiac sign.

Tattoo ideas for Taurus women

Taurus is thought to be one of the most balanced zodiac signs, so the women of this sign deserve a tattoo that reflects their devotion to pleasure, luxury and love. Hopeless romantics, Taurus women opt for the most sensitive and feminine designs, so that they can show the world how proud they are of their way of being and their way of doing things. 

Since they are women who love to show their sex appeal all the time, it is likely that, when choosing an area of the body to get a tattoo, they will choose one that shows a great sensuality. The collarbones, the abdomen and the ankles are their favourite areas for drawing a fascinating design. 

As for shapes and symbols, Taurus women will feel pleased with small tattoos and will go crazy about floral designs, dreamcatchers or some word or sentence that expresses a deep and beautiful feeling. 

Tattoo ideas for Gemini women 

This is the most dual sign of the whole zodiac,  so there is an endless number of possible tattoos for Gemini women thanks to their versatility and their great imagination. It seems very likely that this duality will be represented by the designs drawn on the skin of Gemini women.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the strength, the leadership skills and the slight appreciation for commitment of Gemini women will make them willing to show their tattoo only to those they want and when they want. Therefore, the chosen area of the body has to be visible, but not too much either. Under these guidelines, the best areas to get a tattoo are the shoulders, ankles or the back in general, especially if they have long hair with which to hide the drawing.

So, what tattoo designs are more suitable for Gemini women? It is very easy: those whose meaning holds the essence of duality and contradictions, as well as some mantras and sentences that have a special meaning or stand the test of time.

Tattoo ideas for Cancer women

You do not need to be too clever to guess what type of tattoo is ideal for Cancer women, which is the most romantic sign of the whole zodiac. Their sensitive, imaginative and dreamy nature lays down very clear guidelines for Cancer women who are considering getting a tattoo.

Therefore, it all comes down to a few simple features: the tattoo must have a beautiful design, but above all, a deep and special meaning for Cancer women. Whether it expresses some key aspects of their inner world, or it reminds them of something or someone special, the women of this sign will never forget the reasons that led them to get a tattoo and mark themselves forever.

Considering that the Moon is their ruling planet, it can be a great option, although it is not the only one. The Crab women will be absolutely delighted with the idea of getting the same tattoo as someone special, a matching tattoo, which will bind them together forever and ever.

Tattoo ideas for Leo women

Watch out, because these are the queens of all zodiac signs, the Leo women, and that will be reflected in their tattoos. Leo’s self-confidence and leadership skills are only similar to her loyalty, generosity and the kindness that characterizes them. Daring and brave like few others,  when it comes to tattoos, they tend to opt for discretion, although they will never give up standing out among everyone else.

Therefore, Leo women should get tattoos with original and unique designs in order to distinguish themselves from what they consider common, but they must also include something from their flirtatious and vain personality. As for the area of the body, the back of the neck becomes a recurring option due to their habit of going always one step ahead, offering the possibility to those who follow them to ask all kinds of questions and turn them into the centre of attention.

In general, the feline world will take on great importance, although any other wild animal could be to the lionesses’ liking. The Sun can also be a great option.

Tattoo ideas for Virgo women

Virgo’s shyness has a great influence when choosing the design of a tattoo. Their particular charm and the naturalness of their personality lead  the women of this zodiac sign to opt for more bohemian and hippie drawings.

Therefore, anything that is related to the world of dreams or spirituality can become tattoo ideas that arouse the interest of Virgo women. The arms and legs are usually their favourite areas for a tattoo, as they provide greater visibility.

Mandalas, dreamcatchers, different elements related to dreams  or that involve a high level of imagination represent the designs that are more likely to catch the attention of a woman of this zodiac sign. Even an eye could become a great option, considering the power of observation of all Virgo women.

Tattoo ideas for Libra women 

Any Libra woman will go crazy about tattoos that express the idea of balance or justice.  Moreover, if these are elegant and include the concepts of beauty and harmony, they could not ask for more. 

There is a wide range of possibilities for the area of the body that a Libra woman can choose for a tattoo. However, they will always thoroughly study each part of their body to see what suits their personality best. Chances are that they end up opting for original areas of the body,  such as the collarbone, feet or inside the arms, an area meant only for the daring.

When it comes to tattoo designs, Libra women will give much more importance to the meaning than the design; so, the drawing itself will make little difference. It will most likely be a symbol or a message of great importance to them and will be closely related to the world of esotericism and the inner world of the Libra woman herself. 

Tattoo ideas for Scorpio women 

Wild, determined and powerful, Scorpio women know that they cannot get any tattoo. Its design must convey the same magnetism as them and be close to perfection.

For this reason, Scorpio women will look for symbols that show strength or that are able to express their adventurous and ever-changing spirit. However, despite their decision, when choosing an area of the body for the tattoo, they will opt for a discreet one, so that they themselves choose when to show it.

In this sense, any symbol related to the sea or the course of time can be to the Scorpion’s liking. An anchor, a wave, the infinity symbol, etc., these are patterns designed for them, as well as those tattoos of small animals but of great ferocity, so they can pay tribute to their zodiac sign. 

Tattoo ideas for Sagittarius women

Sagittarius is one of the freest signs of the zodiac, although this does not stop them from having their feet on the ground. Their adventurous spirit and unique character make  Sagittarius women opt for tattoo designs that can clearly show their independence and strength.

Therefore, the most recurrent designs are those that convey sensitivity and strength at the same time, which, despite seeming opposite concepts, combine extremely well. Roses, feathers and motivational quotes are a clear example of this, as well as some animals or even fire-related tattoos, which is their element par excellence.

Which areas of the body do Sagittarius women prefer for a tattoo?  Those that allow them to convey their courage,  such as certain areas of the legs or even the ribs.

Tattoo ideas for Capricorn women

Capricorn women are excessively perfectionist and disciplined, so their tattoo design has to match up to their character. So,  their tattoos cannot be ambiguous or leave room for interpretation.

As this zodiac sign is reluctant to show feelings, Capricorn women will opt for more objective and rational designs, such as Roman dates or numbers, famous quotes, clear messages or geometric figures.

Although the inside of the wrist is a great option for them, the area of the body will make little difference to them. What Capricorn women will never accept is that the tattoo is not well-drawn or perfect.

Tattoo ideas for Aquarius women 

As an air sign, Aquarius women have a great imagination and are quite dreamy. As freedom-loving people, they need to have the most original and creative tattoos; and the more colourful they are, the more they will love them.

As they are not usually guided by the common norms of society, any unconventional part of their body will be ideal for a tattoo, although the arms can become a great choice, since they are seen as their own wings. The ribs are also an area they usually like, if only because very few people dare to get that area tattooed.

The tattoo designs chosen by Aquarius women can be very varied, although they will always prefer those drawings that convey that freedom they long for. So, winged animals are usually one of their favourite options. Difficult-to-decrypt messages are also a good choice because it gives them the uniqueness they love so much.

Tattoo ideas for Pisces women 

Pisces women are sensitive and mysterious beings;  so, the tattoo chosen by the women of this zodiac sign should convey a mixture of intuition, fantasy and a great deal of imagination. As they do not like to be the centre of attention, they will always opt for small and discreet tattoos,  but they will not give up beauty and sensitivity. 

Therefore, the easiest parts of the body to cover or hide are perfect for Pisces women, such as the neck, forearms and wrists, or the lower legs.

As for shapes, everything related to their aquatic nature may seem like a great option, although they will not rule out the designs of other elements if they convey their ideal of beauty. So, there are a wide variety of objects, plants and animals that are suitable for decorating Pisces women’s skin.

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