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The Best Topics of Conversation to Make Each Zodiac Sign Fall in Love with You

Choose the ideal subject to win their heart: family, sports, design, justice, sex, food…

A man and a woman having a conversation
The Best Topics of Conversation to Make Each Zodiac Sign Fall in Love with You

Communication and conversation skills give you a competitive advantage when it comes to dating. The trick is not only to have good rhetoric or use your wit when dating someone you like, but also to discover what interests fit their personality  and how to approach them. This is a practical guide to finding out the best topics of conversation to make each zodiac sign fall in love with you.

  • Find out how to win a man's heart according to their sign

When Words Get It Right: The Importance of Conversation Topics

The technological maelstrom and the invasion of social networks have turned us into such cold and mechanical creatures that even the art of love is carried out through the mobile phone or the computer. However, there are some romantic and nostalgic lovers who fight back the rationalisation of flirting. Now more than ever, a conversation must assert the importance of communication as a means to getting to know the other person.

On a date, talking means getting to know each other, and connecting on an oral and gestural level  in order to find out if there is any compatibility with that person we like. 

Talking means getting to know and introducing oneself, since through dialogue we can ask questions and be asked, reach with more or less grace into the other person’s soul and, at the same time, show who we are, and how we feel and think. The success of a date will depend on our skill in seducing someone with words.   

Still, apart from your wit and rhetoric skill, you need to know the best topics of conversation to make each zodiac sign fall in love with you.

The Best Topics of Conversation to Make Each Zodiac Sign Fall in Love with You

The path to the other person’s soul is sometimes tortuous and obscure. We must figure out the topics they are interested in and the way to approach them through their character. Knowing their horoscope sign is key, since the zodiac defines personality profiles.   

This is a practical guide to 12 different zodiac signs and 12 topics of conversation to make them fall in love with you.

How to Make an Aries Fall in Love with You

To carry out a conversation with Aries, you have to remember that this is an honest and impulsive sign, qualities which you may use to have a direct and sincere dialogue with them. Aries does not hide nor get frightened before anything, so the best way to get to their heart is through sincerity.

The people born under the Aries sign have a high self-esteem and are ruled by the fire of Mars, which makes them brave, daring, impatient. A top subject to address them is business. Let them boast about their achievements and take the opportunity to show your ambitious side to catch their attention. For a more relaxed topic, you could choose travels, sports and adventures.

Be careful: when you bring an Aries round to your point of view and see that they are relaxed and trustful, dare and talk about sex. It may be the final blow to win their heart.

How to Make a Taurus Fall in Love with You

This is a hard nut to crack, because communication is not among Taurus’s skills. They are sensitive people who avoid conversations whenever they can. In order to get to them, you need a lot of patience and skill. The most efficient way to do it is by stimulating their senses with a special and different date, and figure out what they are interested in exactly, so they can relax and open up to you.

The people born under the Taurus sign love the pleasures of life and art, so you can start by using the menu as an excuse to begin a conversation about gastronomy. Listen up, Taurus is a refined person, so by bringing up topics such as wine and haute cuisine will make you score points.

When you are half-way through the date and the atmosphere is more relaxed, you can go more deeply into subjects such as cinema, music or art, but remember to avoid talking about future plans and things like marriage and children.

How to Make a Cancer Fall in Love with You

A first date with a Cancer should include quiet and pampering. If you are able to respect their pace and silence, you will take an important step in earning their trust. The key to do it is a quiet and relaxed talk, without pressures nor blunt subjects. You will get to a deeper conversation with a lot of patience and care, which is what this sensitive soul deserves.

The subject of family and home is very efficient if you want to bring a Cancer round to your point of view.  Show yourself as someone interested in the home’s safety and family unit. Your wish to have a steady couple with future plans will win over the romantic heart of the crab of the zodiac.

You can also talk about favourite pastimes, art and culture, but let them take the lead in the conversation and try not to constantly cut them off or ask to many questions, otherwise they will close up for good.

How to Make a Gemini Fall in Love with You

If you have a date with a Gemini, relax, because they are able to adapt to every type of personality. Be careful though, because their high intellect demands a certain level of knowledgewhen it comes to conversations.

You can start the conversation by talking about what is going on in the world: get ready for your date by taking good notice of the latest news. Let them set the pace and do not cut them off, show good manners and decorum, and make them see that you are an educated and cultured person. Go on with your conversation by talking about their education and their topics of interest.

It will be necessary to talk about their favourite readings, film taste or ideal cities in order to have a cultured and refined conversation. Listen up, because even the weirdest topics can provide a funny talk with a Gemini, as long as it conveys knowledge. 

How to Make a Leo Fall in Love with You

Having a date with a Leo means that all the attention is centred on them. Try to avoid comparing yourself with them and cutting them off to share your point of view. What matters is them. Your gestural skills are very important when talking to a Leo: show your seductive side and use your gaze and hands. As their attraction grows, they will reveal a more open and sincere side of themselves.

When you have brought them round to your point of view, talk about their character and flatter them. Talking about their achievements and skills will make them feel respected and desired, and so you will reach their heart. Among the conversation topics to win over a Leo, there are fashion (as they love glamour!) and social relationships.

Everything in the conversation has to revolve around success,  since for a Leo there is nothing more important than this. Avoid conversations on ordinary issues or contradicting them.

How to Make a Virgo Fall in Love with You

The strict and perfectionist Virgo will relax in a clean and tidy environment, and you will have to pay close attention to the pace of the conversation, because you must prevent chaos taking over your date. Keep in mind that this is a dynamic person, so make sure the conversation has a certain pace. Do not be afraid to ask questions, you can exchange information and opinions openly.

For a Virgo, the best way to start a conversation is by talking about your characters and putting your personality to their test. They will be happy to criticise your behaviour constructively.  Give them the opportunity to express what they think is right and what they do not like.

It is a very common mistake to avoid serious topics with people born under the Virgo sign. If you do so, you will only get to bore them  and show them that your personality is ordinary and common.

How to Make a Libra Fall in Love with You

Libra is a chatty sign: they love talking. Besides, they enjoy making small talk. Topics such as the weather, TV shows or home decoration will be ideal to create a friendly environment for them. Avoid talking to them about serious issues or their feelings, and do not bring up the topic of relationships, because they may remember a previous failure. 

When you have manage to build up some confidence with a Libra, you can talk about creative subjects. Beauty will be the ideal topic for an original and pleasant conversation. The people born under the Libra sign like to point out what they think is beautiful and what not, and talk about aesthetics.

Finally, in the deepest moment of the conversation, you can bring up the subject of justice and social matters. They love lost causes and talking about the way of fixing injustices. 

How to Make a Scorpio Fall in Love with You

Having a date with a Scorpio is a challenge. There is no doubt that, due to their reserve and mystery, this is the most difficult zodiac sign to get to know and seduce. But do not panic, keep calm, because there are some tricks to break down their walls  and get to their sensitive hearts. 

In order to make them relax and open up, you have to introduce yourself and be sincere. Creating a friendly environment and building up mutual understanding will make them feel safe and start to show themselves as they are. 

Therefore, the conversation will revolve around honesty and sincerity. The topics they find more appealing are those involving mystery and the occult, esotericism, Eastern philosophies and extravagant things. Avoid focusing the conversation on their character and feelings, as they will only talk about that when they feel ready. When you are half-way through the date, you can bring up the sexual and spicy questions. 

How to Make a Capricorn Fall in Love with You

Work and money are the main subjects of a conversation with a Capricorn.  They are patient and persistent people, so you will not need to think of many questions, since they can easily spend the evening talking about their work and how to manage your finances. 

Talking about making money and economic and professional strategies will make them feel comfortable and pleased. Also remember that they are homely people who like to stand on solid ground, so you can talk about trivial things, such as TV shows or sports. Do not beat around the bush, since they get bored and stop paying attention to very abstract issues.

A Capricorn is materialistic and hard-working rather than idealistic and intellectual.  If you keep this in mind, it will be easy to make your date successful. Give them room to show you their ambition.

How to Make a Sagittarius Fall in Love with You

The adventurous and philosophical Sagittarius give you the opportunity to have a unusual date, in which you will be able to talk about everything in a relaxed and funny way. Sagittarius’s optimism and energy will charm you. But be careful, because it will not be so easy to get to their heart and make them fall in love with you.

The top subject to win them over are the pastimes, sports and nature. Keep in mind that they get easily bored, so you have to keep a dynamic pace in the conversation by changing the topic every now and then. Talking about travels will transport them to another place and make them feel free.  Then, you can bring up the issue of freedom, philosophy or religion.

Always choose funny topics, since they enjoy laughing and twisting everything.  But be careful and do not tell them that they exaggerate things. Although they only see life in black or white, they are not aware of it, and that can annoy them.

How to Make an Aquarius Fall in Love with You 

Among the conversation topics to win over an Aquarius, there is ecology, international relationships, philosophy, manual arts… In fact, this is one of the most versatile zodiac signs and is always able to surprise you. The best thing about Aquarius is that you can relax and let things flow. You will score points if you have wit and dare talk about everything.

Remember that they are very altruistic and generous people, so you can win their heart by talking about humanitarianism, solidarity and volunteer work.  They also like to be always fashionable, so you can talk about the latest trends and the ideal of beauty.

Be careful, because there is an Aquarius that is shier and more sensitive, and another one that is more eccentric and uninhibited. So, you will have to find out which type of Aquarius is the person next to you  and choose the right conversation topics to make that person fall in love with you.

How to Make a Pisces Fall in Love with You

The people born under the Pisces sign live in a bubble full of fantasy and creativity. So, you either adapt to their world and try to get into that bubble, or it will be impossible to bring them to your world. The conversation topics to win over the slippery Pisces are childhood, magic, pets or humanitarian work.  

Do not insist on extreme realism, otherwise they will always try to fly away. You will score points if you talk to them tenderly and stimulate their sensitive side. It is also a good idea to bring them to the extreme of things and make them discern between good and evil. Pisces is a zodiac sign that is close to death and birth, and therefore, knows how to deal with extreme situations. 

The subject of artistic creativity can also seduce the people born under the Pisces sign.  Try to make the date sensitive and avoid the topics that are too sensible.