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The Best Travel Destinations According to Your Zodiac Sign

12 signs and 12 different destinations. Find out what sort of trip fits your personality best according to your zodiac sign.

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The best travel destinations according to your zodiac sign

There's a quote that says: "Travelling is the only thing we can buy which makes us richer", and it couldn't be any more right. As human beings, we're naturally adventurous and dynamic, which is why travelling is a true pleasure oasis and a gust of fresh air for us. It allows us to break our routine and forget about the dread of our lives, even just for a while.

The best thing of all is that there's no destination better than others, because each place offers its own charm and unique possibilities, so our choices are set across a wide range, and we have so much to choose from.

Because of this, the Magic Horoscope shows you the best travel destinations according to your zodiac sign, so that you have more or less of an idea about what your best destination is next time you're thinking about running away somewhere.

The best travel destinations according to your zodiac sign

You've probably been asked the classic question: do you prefer the beach or the countryside? This question was quite usual to hear some years ago, before travelling was the fashionable activity it has become. But as time has passed, and thanks to the increase in many families' income, tourism has grown and eventually become an essential part of the finances of families around the world.

Now, modesty has been taken away, and travelling has turned out to be the favourite escape route for most citizens of the world.  Nowadays, many people (especially the younger generations) no longer save money to buy a house or something similar, because they'd rather invest their savings into something they consider much more profitable: getting to know our big, vast world.

Would you like to know what the best travel destinations are according to your zodiac sign? Here's the answer to all your doubts!

aries logo  ARIES: Australia

Dear Arians, the best travel destinations according to your zodiac sign are those where you have to bring out your adventurous side, which constantly give you challenges. You're not too attracted towards the idea of travelling comfortably and staying the night at luxurious spots, because you can't feel fully free in these places, and that's why you'd rather go somewhere more austere but twice as fun.

That's why Arian men are real fans of the latest trend in travel experiences:  random or last-minute trips, where you don't know your destination until the very last minute. Instead, Arian ladies will choose an exchange, and they'll have fun while learning new languages and customs, which is perfect for their disciplined, enthusiastic personalities.

If you're looking for the best travel destination and you're Arians, the answer lies in the continent of Oceania: Australia. Land of kangaroos, exoticism and multiculturality. It has everything for Arian natives, who love challenges and passion so very much.

taurus logo  TAURUS: Bordeaux

Taureans' getaways don't follow conventional rules and they certainly don't hold back. Their love of pleasure, luxury and comfort will greatly determine how their trips go, and native Taureans won't settle for second best, because the needs of all their senses will have to be well-met for them to feel satisfied. Thus, the challenge here is to find destinations that fit Taureans' demands without breaking the bank.

Therefore, if you're wondering what's your best choice for a travel destination and you're native Taureans, you should know that Taurean men will lose their minds over a food or wine-based trip, because they will be won over through the stomach, our second brain. On the other hand, to reach the heart of a Taurean lady, what should be done is to organise a relaxing getaway, to fill her up with energy and make her want to use up all her energy on her partner.

What country could bring together all required features to satisfy native Taureans? Well, no more and no less than sophisticated France, and more specifically, Bordeaux.  This city stands out because of its great architectural value, as well as for its many castles, cultural sights and beautiful landscapes. If you take them there, any Taurean will fall head over heels in love with you. 

gemini logo  GEMINI: Bangkok

Geminis' versatility makes any place their perfect travel destination according to their zodiac sign, even if their inner child is constantly looking for endless fun. Besides, the duality of Geminis makes them choose destinations that could be radically different from one another, as long as they have tons of possibilities to offer which satisfy their endless curiosity.

While Gemini men prefer trips to get away from their daily routine, take a break and release plenty of their voracious energy source, ladies are slightly more refined and they go crazy for the most cosmopolitan destinations, the ones which gather round plenty of concepts and offer lots of different, fun activities.

Because of all of this, at a first glance it seems hard to find a common destination that could make any Gemini happy. But fortunately, the world is full of fun, eclectic places, and Bangkok could be the perfect city both for those Geminis trying to break free from the chains of routine and those who want classier destinations. In fact, the whole of Thailand itself is a paradise full of various historical and cultural sights, and it has the feature of matching antiquity with modernity. It's perfect for people as restless as native Geminis! 

cancer logo  CANCER: Port Aventura or Disney World

Cancers' family-bound, homely personality sets clear guidelines when deciding on the best travel destinations for their zodiac sign. You don't need anything too pompous or unnecessarily luxurious; you've got more than enough with being around your loved ones, which makes you truly fortunate and easy to please.

Thus, in order to make Cancer men happy, there's nothing better than a 'home' trip. What does this mean? They doesn't need much more than spending a few days off to rest at his own home, making plans that don't even require going out, but which allow them to create strong bonds. Otherwise, they're also excited about switching homes with another family,  because it allows them to find new destinations without giving up on a home sweet home. In the case of Cancer ladies, they're obviously okay with any destination, as long as they travel with kids, which give the getaway its happiness and colourful nature.

When the situation demands you to find a common spot that men and women will love, the solution is to go for a theme and amusement park, a place where they will be able to unleash their endless imagination. That's why  both Orlando Disney World and the Catalan theme park Port Aventura will bring out Cancers' best side and it will bring them back to their childhood. 

leo logo  LEO: Iceland

Would you like to know what your best travel destination is as native Leos? Any destination that involves going risky which will allow you to bring out your brave, daring side. Boredom is completely off the question, because your getaway needs to be full of entertaining activities and experiences; otherwise, you'll have wasted your time.

At this point, it's needless to say that adventure trips are the favourite of Leo men,  because they'll have to use up all their energy and decision to overcome the different challenges that pop up along the way. On the other hand, Leo ladies have a bit of a peculiar taste to choose a destination, because despite being born under a fire sign, they'd rather match up their inner warmth with snowy landscapes or cold areas.

So, if you want to win the heart of a Leo, regardless of their gender, take them to Iceland. The oceanic subpolar climate of this island, along with the many activities it offers, will be a pleasure trip for Leos, and they'll bring out all their enthusiasm and their adventurous side. Besides, the magnificent beauty of the northern lights will make them feel intimately connected, thanks to the gleam and light of all native Leos. 

virgo logo  VIRGO: Egypt

Native Virgoans can be a little contradicting when they organise a trip. Even though they are pretty much shy and modest, when planning a getaway they bring out their most perfectionist, conservative side, and everything needs to be ready and double-checked before they leave in order to avoid incidents or mishaps. Thus, Virgoans leave nothing to improv,  and they will have a full register of every step they'll take when they are miles away from their home sweet home.

Therefore, native Virgoans will mix simplicity and majesty into their trip, as well as fun and dignity. These are concepts that may seem quite contradicting at first, but when they come together, they give a wonderful, amazing result. While Virgoan men will prefer getaways where they can spend long hours going on tours or enjoying nature (because they're fans of a healthy lifestyle), the  ladies will satisfy their senses by moving towards ancient spots  where key points in the history of humankind have occurred or been registered.

To sum up, and without a doubt, the best travelling destination for Virgoans is none other than one of the birthplaces of civilisation: Egypt. This country, renowned for its impressive pyramids, pharaoh temples and magical cities, perfectly fits the main traits of Virgoans. As the most perfectionist individuals in the zodiac wheel, they'll be amazed by the accuracy, hard work and beauty conveyed by the local architecture. 

libra logo  LIBRA: Riviera Maya

The most balanced and well-mannered sign in the zodiac won't settle for much, although native Librans won't refuse getaways to spectacular, and even excess-ridden, travel destinations. In the end, they have such a great sense of curiosity, even the planet is too little for them, and if they could they would just jump out into space. They're almost the most sensitive and idealistic individuals in the zodiac, so they'll look for places that convey a sense of calmness and give them extreme, unparalleled sensory pleasure.

If you're native Libran men,  the best travel destination for you will be a place with a cultural interest worthy of your time and attention which turns out to be as charming as you are, which won't be easy to find. However, Libran ladies will go for a more modest option, and any place near their hometown that brings together everything they like will be enough to quench their thirst for travelling. Besides, with this sort of getaway they usually help their own country profit, which is added value to go for this choice.

Now, if you're interested in finding a destination to win the hearts of both men and women, there's only one destination possible: the wonderful Riviera Maya. With plenty of diversity and thousands of secret, beautiful spots to discover, this Mexican region becomes the ideal destination for the fans of beauty and harmony, as it is the case of native Librans. They'll be in awe!

scorpio logo  SCORPIO: Pompeii

The best travel destinations if you're native Scorpios are sort of hard to choose. There's two opposing forces fighting each other inside you, and depending on where you're standing, you'll prefer one type of trip or another, as if it were a ying versus yang situation. But this has a good side to it: when organising a trip for Scorpios, you've got plenty of possibilities to get it right regardless of the available choices.

But if you want to hit the bullseye on their heart's target, you should know that, as water sign natives, Scorpian men will love cruise ships that take them across the seas in the pursuit of unknown locations. On the other hand, Scorpian ladies are slightly more eccentric when travelling, and their dark side would love to go for a black tourism trip. What's that? Trips with the goal of visiting places where real, serious tragedies occurred, and where many people lost their lives in quite an unpleasant way.

Although there are many destinations that could have these features, most of which you've probably already taken into consideration, there's one that particularly stands out because it can fill the needs of both genders. The lost city of Pompeii, in Italy. A great place to enjoy intense, telling chats with Scorpios' most talkative side, which can perfectly fit into a cruise path going around the Mediterranean shores. 

sagittarius logo  SAGITTARIUS: Peru

As we all know, Sagittariuses love freedom, getaways and adventure, and it's crucial to take this into consideration when choosing the best travel destinations for their zodiac sign. Their happy, optimistic personality also makes any experiences lived with them unforgettable, and fills the trip of memorable instances, although they aren't afraid either to take the lead and do things on their own without asking anyone else.

That's why Sagittarian men will love to travel alone and enjoy their independence and vast inner world. Besides, because they are versatile, they'll easily blend anywhere in the world, no matter how different the culture and customs are. On the other hand, Sagittarian ladies are a bit crazier when travelling, and since they consider trips real escape routes to get away from their annoying daily obligations, the best choice is to take them to a festival that suits their needs. That way, they'll load up on energy to come back to their routine with the best attitude they can have.

Which could be a good travel destination to go with both a Sagittarian man or woman? We would have to fly to South America, and more specifically, the beautiful country of Peru, because aside from being a calm place and one of backpackers' favourite destinations, there's more than 3000 parties a year celebrated there. All in all, only a pure fire native like Sagittarius would be able to bear with the busy pace required for this sort of trip. 

capricorn logo  CAPRICORN: Botswana

Capricorns are dedicated in all areas of life. More concerned with responsibilities than pleasure, their trips will always have a different background to others',  because they will have a set goal that they can use in their daily life. That's why the best places to travel if we're talking about native Capricorns will be those that allow them to learn something new and make them more complete than they already are.

With things being this way, a Capricorn man will almost always go on business trips which allow him to increase their world influence, to make them successful professionals always on the prowl for new market chances. On the other hand, Capricorn ladies will let their sensitive, sympathetic side be their guide, and their love for animals make their ideal trip a safari, a destination where they'll get to know creatures that aren't part of their home habitat.

To find the best travel destination for both, we only need to follow the guidelines of both genders until they match at one spot: Botswana, the perfect destination for any Capricorns looking for liberation and adventure. Aside from having many safari types and choices, this country is among the top 5 Sub-Saharan Africa business destinations. Is there anything left to ask for? Capricorn will probably say no! 

aquarius logo  AQUARIUS: Congo

If there's a word to perfectly describe Aquarians, that's "humane". A person born under Aquarius doesn't want to travel anywhere if they can't help anyone who needs more from life than they do. Their lack of prejudice, added to their idealistic personality and willingness to learn, is what gives Aquarians' adventures their sense. They won't be happy until they've reached their goal. Still, before they travel, everything must be planned to the last bit, even more so when these experiences are considered, because they include a risk factor that not everyone is willing to assume.

Therefore, the best travel destinations according to your zodiac sign if you're native Aquarians will be in Africa, the most obvious choice. Thus, Aquarian men will never forget this ethnic journey which will allow them to get to know new cultures, show sympathy and learn about the life of someone who oftentimes can't even take care of their most basic needs. In their own turn, ladies will want to take a step further and do volunteer work in order to feel useful, and if they can, improve the life of people going through hard times.

With all this information, it's easy to guess that Congo would be Aquarians' best travel choice, because it's one of the areas that has experienced the most injustice, and which has been the most attacked over the last few years. Nowadays, human rights in Congo keep going down and worse. 

pisces logo  PISCES: Greece

Pisces are sensitive humans who flow through life as just one more wave in the great seas. It's not a random occurrence that they're born under a water sign, and this will be basic  when choosing the best travel destinations for them. Besides, their destination needs to be a place to fulfill or overcome their previous expectations, which won't be easy at all, because Pisces are natural daydreamers with plenty of imagination.

There's a common element to all the trips on which Pisces will go, and that's water.  Thus, the best travel destinations for them will be places where they can try all sorts of water-based activities, which will make men lose their minds. Instead, women are slightly more peaceful and they're looking for getaways with a relaxing flair without losing touch of their element. This means that beach and hut trips will be the favourite  of any Pisces lady, because it's part of their natural habitat.

Where can we find all these features together? In one of the most beautiful, wonderful countries in Europe: Greece, a dreamy environment full of paradise beaches and magical corners, perfect for the discovery of Pisces' tender, innocent heart. There's no doubt that this country will definitely overcome any of Pisces' previous expectations,  and when they come back home, they'll feel they were meant to discover the beauty of the Hellenic Republic.