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Heartbreak and Dislike: How To Heal a Broken Heart by Sign

Each sign has a different way to face romantic disappointment or heartbreak. Find out yours now!

A broken heart-shaped lollipop
Heartbreak and Dislike: How To Heal a Broken Heart by Sign

People say that heartbreak is one of the hardest and most painful processes to overcome. That's not really a surprise if we consider that love is one of the most beautiful, rewarding feelings we can feel through our lives. Relationships are quite a complicated affair, and making our feelings correspond in the same way we send them out is not that easy.

Throughout our lives, we all experience the feeling of disappointment or dislike in love. We get to know first-hand that wild elation that presses on our chest and ties a knot in our stomach, sometimes creating a painful sensation that feels more physical than emotional. In fact, there's an affection known as broken heart syndrome, caused by the gigantic sudden doses of stress that these situations bring, which our poor little heart can't bear.

The fact of the matter is, even if it may seem impossible at times, this state is something we can overcome as time goes by, although each person has a different way to face it. That's why today we'll show you how each zodiac sign deals with heartbreak because there's not one single, the exact formula to overcome it.

Heartbreak: how to deal with romantic disappointment?

To have some background context, we should understand that overcoming a heartbreak or romantic disappointment is like going through grief. In fact, both situations share a few stages, because the process to recompose after heartbreak consists of the following stages: impact or shock, denial of loss, deep sadness, blame, rage or wrath, and finally, acceptance.

And even though there's endless advice to overcome heartbreak in a more or less quick way, the truth is there's a series of premises that are more important than others. To begin with, we should keep in mind that we and our own wellness are the most important, and any actions or activities we perform should be focused on making ourselves feel better.

Besides, it's vitally important to assume the idea that our beloved is not coming back, even if that's what we want most over anything else. In the end, almost all relationships have a beginning and ending, something we should carve into our minds to avoid having more similar (and just as hurtful) situations in the future.

Last but not least, it's essential to know that our attitude will be what will mostly influence how long and hard the recovery process is. That's why it's very important to stick to any positive feeling we experience inside to avoid dwelling on the drama. 

How each zodiac sign deals with a broken heart

As we've mentioned before, not everyone reacts in the same exact way when they face heartbreak or romantic disappointment. Therefore, today, Magic Horoscope will tell you how each zodiac sign deals with heartbreak.

aries logoARIES: Fun until the morning comes

What will hurt Arians the most when experiencing heartbreak will be basically their pride. Instead of feeling sad or moping, the rams will get as angry as you get, and will dump all their rage and frustration on their ex-partner, but they'll quickly try to pretend this isn't for them and that they don't care. 

Thus, in order to look normal and have everyone think they're cool, they'll find shelter in their friends and act tough. Not only that: the first thing they'll feel like doing is to go party until the morning comes, trying to cover up all the distress they're feeling. Too bad that in the end, the remedy will be much more costly than the disease, because they'll soon realise that rather than helping, what that attitude is doing is making things worse. Dear Arians... when will you learn?

taurus logoTAURUS: Fear me, world!

Taureans have a really bad time when having to face romantic disappointment. Aside from being extremely sensitive and emotional, they're too jealous, rage-driven and completely against change. Therefore, when having to face such situations, the mixture of emotions they'll feel will end up overwhelming them, and they'll become a source of rage and hate that people are better off staying away from! 

The worst of this is that, because of their thirst for possession, they'll probably have been suspecting something's off for a while, so when the time comes, they'll be even more enraged. And perhaps their deductions are completely wrong, but it'll be tremendously hard to get those ideas off their mind.

gemini logoGEMINI: Better outside than inside

Geminis will appeal to the great communication skills given by Mercury to overcome the bump of heartbreak. Letting off steam  will be their best escape route, and they'll use their closest friends and family to get rid of all those thoughts eating them up from the inside. But first, they'll have to fight their worst nemesis: their own brain, which works faster than that of the other signs and can play some really nasty tricks. 

That's why when Geminis have to deal with such an issue, words will become their greatest remedy. No matter if it is through conversation or writing down on a piece of paper any ideas or sides of a personality that disturb them, but the truth is, it'll be the only way to go back to their usual optimistic, excited selves. Who knows... Maybe this story will be the inspiration for the biggest bestseller of all time!

cancer logoCANCER: Hit and sunk

Cancers' great emotionality will play against them from the very first minute of heartbreak. Someone as sensible as our crab friends will have a terrible time when experiencing abandonment or loss, and even if they try to overcome those feelings and want to avoid worrying others, it'll be impossible. 

Thus, Cancers will sink into the deepest sadness and won't take long to give up on themselves completely, forgetting about their own needs and unable to focus on anything other than their flaws. In this sense, people around them will have the mission of bringing them back up afloat and make them excited about life again, because we regret to say that it's highly unlikely they'll see the light at the end of the tunnel by themselves.

leo logoLEO: Raiders of the lost endorphins

The kings and queens of the zodiac can't escape heartbreak either. Even if Leos are born under a fire sign that's much stronger than others, the truth is, they hide quite a tender, delicate personality inside.  That's why they have a rough time when their relationships are over, and even though they hold in the pain and try to look okay in front of others, they need a while to completely recompose.

And how do Leos deal with heartbreak? By doing one of their favourite activities: sports. Practising a sport will help them get rid of all the harmful feelings and thoughts that have made their inner selves a home because the endorphins our body produces when training will ease the pain that has come to live in their heart.

virgo logoVIRGO: It all happens for a reason

Fortunately for them, Virgoans will be among the best at reading heartbreak. This doesn't mean they won't feel hurt, but they'll be among the first natives to bring out the positive side of something as catastrophic and sad as a break-up. Their intelligence and charm will be the main culprits when reaching such a milestone because they'll allow Virgoans to analyse the situation from a distance and with a cool mind.

Therefore, native Virgoans will take the process of emotional grief as a chance to learn one more life lesson. Far from sinking into the deepest pit of the greatest darkness, they'll manage to find strength out of thin air and analyse this issue with a sense of maturity many would want.

libra logoLIBRA: Heal through healing

Librans' charms will be perfectly present when they have to face romantic disappointment. Such elegant and sensitive individuals will worry more about the other party involved rather than about their own feelings, and this is an innate instinct they can't escape. 

That's why the natives of the balance sign will make clear that being civilised is perfectly compatible with break-ups, and that negative feelings such as rage or hate have no free range when it comes to love. Thus, what Librans will do is send all the love they have inside to their loved ones and focus on their needs to feel like they're useful, even at their lowest point.

scorpio logoSCORPIO: A hit against confidence

Even if it doesn't seem like it at times, Scorpios have a deep inner world that will tumble upside down when it comes to a situation as extreme as what a break-up can do. In fact, their extreme emotionality will make them tumble and fall into a spiral of darkness and toxic feelings that could seriously hurt them in the long run. 

One of the pillars that will break the fastest is confidence, and the worst thing is, it'll take a long while before they recover. In fact, it's highly likely that all their relationships will suffer the collateral damage of their inner distress, because Scorpios will start mistrusting anyone around them, and that'll bring a sense of complete introversion into their life. The support and help of their loved ones will then be essential so that the process progresses as quickly as possible.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS: Flitting from one lover to another

Sagittarians' fire keeps their heart temperature always up and makes it hard for heartbreak to tumble the life of someone born under this sign. This doesn't mean that they won't hit rock bottom, but the truth is, their recovery is much more believable than that of other signs.

How will Sagittarians react to such a big issue? The archers won't make things any more complicated when they are left to fend for themselves. Although it's obvious that travelling would be a good answer, there's a saying that'll be mighty useful for their newly-single status: one nail drives out another. Therefore, Sagittarians will try to get their life back together as quickly as possible, although this will be nothing more than a patch and won't help at all to completely heal their wound.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN: Whistle while you work

Even though they appear to be cold and running a little short on feelings, Capricorns also have a bit of an emotional side that won't like facing heartbreak. A great part of this is to blame on their pride, which will be gravely wounded and will bring part of the goats' ego into the ground. 

When analysing this sign's reaction at coming out of these situations, we don't need to think too hard to get an approximate idea of their escape path. Like with almost all other things in life, Capricorns will heal their wounds by focusing more than usual (if that is even possible) on their work. They'll do overtime, and they will want their work shifts to fall into the weekend as well. All in all, they'll try to keep their precious minds busy to avoid thinking about something that can't give any more benefits.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS: Where are you?

It seems unlikely that brilliant natives like Aquarians might have a hard time at facing heartbreak. But their great originality won't be too much help, because the great kindness in their heart will transform their struggle into a battle that can wear them seriously thin.  The good news is, they won't take as long to feel healthy and healed again. 

Still, while the process of emotional grief is going on, their life will experience a completely extreme makeover, and they'll practically go off the grid until their mood improves a little. This mutability will even affect their technological selves, because among the extreme measures they take, there might be closing down all their social networking accounts.

pisces logoPISCES: No Eden without love

You don't have to be too much of a visionary to see how bad it'll be for Pisceans to become victims of heartbreak. Their already exaggerate tendency to drama will be alarmingly increased, and they won't even feel like getting out of bed. Besides, their constant moping will force anyone who wants to help them to use all their patience to avoid losing their mind. 

Yes, friends. Pisceans will pay homage to their element and symbol, and will transform their life into a hurtful, affected sea of tears, and it'll be extremely hard for them to find one single reason to smile. Their life will fade into black, which will be the only colour with some character to it in the days (or even months) to come, and when it seems they're escaping darkness, they'll be at a risk for relapse. Why has life made you such impressionable, affected beings, Pisceans?