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13 Cancer Celebrities

Find out which celebrities are from this sign and the way their horoscope affects their career

Selena Gómez
Selena Gómez | GTRES

A summer sign, cardinal water, feminine, and with the Moon as its ruling planet. According to astrology, this is Cancer, the horoscope that includes those born between 22 June and 23 July. Emotional and sensitive, those Cancer natives are also cold and wet,  capable of making unstable anyone who thinks is very brave. 

We know about a lot of celebrities that are Cancer, and this is what the stars point out about their personality.

13 Cancer Celebrities

Check our list out!

Selena Gómez

Young and tireless music and interpretation star, who gave her first steps in the Disney Universe. Selena Gómez (who curiously has the same name as the Cancer's ruling planet) proves that either in her professional career or her private life she has a great creative facet.  In fact, her talent is so big that she has won a lot of prizes as an actress, as a singer and even as an influencer, due to her excellent management of social networks!

Tobey Maguire

Known for starring in the trilogy of the Spiderman films, among others, Tobey Maguire is another one of the 13 celebrities that were born under the sign of Cancer that has developed his talent in the interpretation side (and many more to come!). He is an example of how  the natives of the crab have a utterly visual imagination that makes him be able to capture in his memory intense emotions  and retain them for a long time.

Pamela Anderson

A model and actress that marked an era in the world of television more than 20 years ago, primarily as a result of her role in the Baywatch series, about lifeguards in the beaches of Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Pamela shows that Cancer can make money and multiply  it  because it is also an excellent administrator. In addition, she also shows her deep and lasting feelings as an activist in defense of animals.

Tom Cruise

Another Hollywood star, the main character of the films of Mision: Impossible and who has worked with the best directors of the last 30 years: Kubrick, Spielberg, Ron Howard, Francis Ford Coppola, Oliver Stone…Cruise, also included in our list of 13 Cancer celebrities, shows the desire for  the growth  of  Cancer,  because they never feel safe enough, no matter how much money they accumulate (and no matter how much love people give them. Love hasn't really gone well for Tom).

Elena Anaya

This beautiful Spanish woman (and better actress) is an example in her country, being one of the few celebrities that doesn't hide her homosexuality. A star who has worked with Pedro Almodóvar and who made the leap to Hollywood with several titles in the movie world.  One of the characteristics of Cancer that we can see in this actress is the importance of  love because she is very demanding. She can spend years in flirting without transcendence until she finds the partner she considers optimal to be by her side.

Tom Hanks

We continue this list of 13 Cancer celebrities with another Hollywood actor, Oscar winner several times for films like Forrest Gump and Philadelphia. Tom Hanks, due to the influence of the horoscope, is a man respectful of traditions, of the education that has been transmitted to him. His childhood occupies an essential place for him, and he has a slightly nostalgic look at his life.

Sofía Vergara

The Colombian actress is also Cancer, and her sign gives her the need to share romantic moments with her partner. So, Sofía is an optimist and has a simple but ideal vision of love, although as a woman born under the sign of the crab, when she feels that the relationship is strong enough, she can be capricious  and annoying like a little girl.

Lionel Messi

Another star from the Cancer sign is Messi but in this case not a film star but a football star. He is cautious because of the influence of the stars, and he has a great need for points of reference and security.  Discreet and worried about his image, Messi, as a Cancer man is very afraid of ridicule and hates feeling uncomfortable.

Elsa Pataky

Another Spanish actress who started working in small productions and with effort and perseverance leapt to Hollywood, the summit of every actor. Her partner is Chris Hemsworth, another successful artist. Attending to what the stars say about her way of being, Elsa Pataky wouldn't always be a very independent woman, and sometimes she may be quite a jealous person;  if she doubts her lover's fidelity, she will be discreet and carry out her particular research.

Meryl Streep

What about this Cancer, famous actress with decades of successes and experiences? According to the horoscope,  Meryl is very close to her inner world, full of a sweet reverie and a delicate sensitivity, although she had to learn at a very early age to protect herself from the outside world.

Harrison Ford

What is the first thing that comes to your head when you read his name, the universe of Star Wars or the Indiana Jones one? Harrison Ford is another Cancer celebrity, and although he is a tireless worker, he likes spending some time at home, with his family, and he's not afraid of routine; in fact, it makes up his balance. 

Raúl González

Another successful international footballer born under the sign of Cancer. This Spanish footballer, who played in Real Madrid for years, has been married to Mamen Sanz, a model, for years, and his sign says that he is someone very close to his family  that prefers spending time with his relatives that meeting new people. 

Pau Gasol

We finish this list with another elite athlete that proves the gift of Cancer for sports. Born in Spain, his career has developed in the United States basketball, in teams such as the Chicago Bulls or the San Antonio Spurs. As a native man of this sign, it can be pointed out that he is looking for a balanced woman, who has the sense of family  and, like him, the desire to build a stable and even fusional relationship.

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