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Learn about Candle Color Meaning, and Flame and Wax Shape Meaning

Find out how to use and interpret all aspects of candles, as well as their historic use as a divination method

Candle color meaning
Learn about Candle Color Meaning, and Flame and Wax Shape Meaning |


The use of candles is closely linked to all kinds of beliefs and religions. They are sometimes used to give light to the deceased or to attract good energies in rituals of white magic. The meaning of candles changes according to their color (even their composition) and in the next report, we will show you everything you need to delve into the interpretation of candles, flame and wax. 

Aromatic candles: interpretation of candles

Candles help us create a close connection with the spiritual and mystical world by illuminating our thoughts and auras. Scented and colorful candles are widely used in rituals, prayers and petitions.

In addition to candles, it is also important to keep an eye on the message conveyed by the flames and the shape of their wax when they melt.

What does each candle color mean?

Do you want to know the meaning of candles? Take note!

  • Red candle:  To protect yourself against your enemies. Used for the magic rituals of Fertility and Love.  Passion, physical strength and courage.
  • Burgundy candle:  Increases the power of other candles
  • Pink candle:  Awakens tenderness and love, consolidates relationships, allows to solve emotional problems.
  • Lilac candle:  Purification of your surroundings. It acts against diseases of the body and mind and elevates psychic potential.
  • Green candle:  Promotes new economic beginnings, business. It also allows you to recover financial assets.
  • Blue candle:  Protection, support, success at home, solve administrative problems and the tests that bring your life. Navy blue protects from bad influences.
  • Brown candle: Allows you to find a lost person or object. Develop telepathy.
  • Grey candle: Neutralizes evils, eliminates spells.
  • Black candles: They are linked to disenchantment. Black candlesticks are also used for communication with the afterlife, and are used to ward off negative influences.
  • White candles: Means purity, fertility. White candles foster creativity and imagination.
  • Gold candle: Attracts positive cosmic influences.
  • Honey candles: To open roads. They bring money and love to life.

Meaning of candles according to your zodiac sign

Each of the twelve zodiac signs has a specific colour.

Aries: red.

Taurus: green.

Gemini: yellow.

Cancer: white, silver, blue, purple.

Leo:  golden, orange, dark yellow.

Virgo: brown, dark green.

Libra: blue, phosphorescent colors.

Scorpio: dark red, grey.

Sagittarius: purple, dark blue.

Capricorn: dark green, dark brown, grey.

Aquarius: pink, blue.

Pisces: green, purple.

And the meaning of the candle flame?

When it comes to rituals and spells of white magic, many spiritualists attribute meaning to each type of flame, such as a certain response to a request or  prayer. Here we collect some of th most common meanings of candle flames.

When you light your first ritual candle

If the flame is bright and loud, it means you're a magic driver. If you have difficulty lighting your first candle, the meaning is that  the negative energies are close  to you and that you must do a purification ritual.

When the flame is normal and stable

The meaning of the lit candles that keep the flame stable is positive: there will be harmony in friendship and happiness in love.

A weak flame

The meaning of candles that have a weak flame throughout the ritual is clear: there are negative energies that blocked your magic. There's instability, obstacles, loss of energy.

When the flame goes out

If the flame goes out clockwise, the meaning of the candles points to you  having elements and deities with you. If the flame turns in the opposite direction when it is turned off, the power is lost. If the flame goes out on its own, suddenly, problems are expected.

When the flame has a particular color

A rainbow-colored flame  interprets the presence of an angel a higher entity. The presence of a ghost is detected if the flame turns blue.

When the flame points to the sky

You are fortunate: there are higher entities that are with you and observe your ritual with interest.

When the flame goes up and down after

There will be ups and downs in your  life, whether family, professional or both.

When the flame dances in all directions

Problems of any kind should be expected.

Meaning of candles when melted

We have already explained that the flame and wax of candles have succinct meanings, and we’ll look at the meaning of candles when they melt. For centuries, people have tried to see the future through the zeroing,   which is a divinatory technique in which we ask a question and then drop melted wax into a container of water. Once it has solidified, we proceed to analyze the meaning of the candles when they melt and interpret the answer.

To do this it is necessary to leave the candle for an hour on so that it accumulates enough wax. Ask the question, and with the flame off (so as not to burn) place the wax in a container containing very cold water,  or with ice, so that the wax solidifies quickly.

The shape of the wax should be examined from all angles while it is still in the bowl. You have to be imaginative, and you can observe with your eyes squinting, or even from afar. As with all divination methods, only the formed symbols matter.

Sometimes it is easy to interpret if it looks like a letter; in others, it is more complex and wax can be removed from the water for closer analysis.

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